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Child sexual abuse malediction of modern society
18. June 2018 at 19:48
by Ibrar Ahmad
Human being’s life is array of multiple facets. Major phases of them consist of childhood, adulthood and old age. Every phase has got specific sequels and problems depending on the vulnerability of the individual in respective phases. To me the most liable phase of human life is childhood.
Vulnerable Phase of Child’s life: On one side In This phase he masters all the basic behaviors of his life on the other lateral he is inclined to a lot of problems pasturage from health to social issues. Because his exemption and sinew is not of such level so that he can buck those intruding issues. The most prominent issue to which children are prone in this so called modern society of nowadays is Child Sexual Abuse. This is the very nut which makes the child on hand to rest of problems. When they go through act of bully. That occurrence populate his mind for the rest of his life and which further leads to a lot of psychosocial and social issues. I will try to take over what is basically child sexual abuse, what are its impacts on psychology of the child and how could it be combated?

Child sexual abuse also called as child molestation is form of child abuse in which an adult or older person uses a child for sexual stimulation either by touching or involving completely in sexual activities. It’s a debatable issue a lot of research based discussing could be done on it. But I will confide my essay to its psychosocial aspects. It may range from non-touchy and touchy. The first consist of physical touching to the child sexual organs for sake of sexual pleasure. Or either insisting the child to touch adult’s genital organ for sexual glad. One type of it consist of insist that child is compelled to have sex with elder offender. This malediction is completely demolishing lives of many children.

This is the time of their gladness but these incidents are accordantly annihilate their joyful stage of their lives. And in after adulthood lives they have anxieties and depressions. The undiscussed type of child sexual abuse is child marriage: Along with the aloft cited types of sexual abuse. One form of sexual abuse is child marriage. According to UNICEF it is one the most prevalent form of child sexual abuse and exploitation of girls. It’s sort of official child sexual abuse. It’s time for her to go school but she gets married with some elder person in the locality. Still her body in growing stage and is still physically, mentally and sexually immature. And in this vulnerable stage burden is put on her in the form of marital responsibilities ranging from keeping care of domestic works to sexual intercourse with their husbands. They even don’t know the basic about sexual activities. Which suppress them mentally very wretchedly. So we should aware the society about this malfunctioning they are practicing.

Why is it so? Who is responsible for it? What are its major causes? How could it be combated how the tender kids could be saved from this emotional and physical disintegration? I will try my best to put my blood into pen.

Causes of child sexual abuse
Incompetent mothers: It is the instinct of the child that he needs and seeks attention of his parents and mainly mothers. But unfortunately most of the mothers are heedless and incompetent that they don’t care their kids, they don’t take look of them, don’t give attention and time. It’s their natural demand to seek immersion and care so for that they bird-dog outside of their home in other relatives, neighbors and elder friends. Child trusts them as their close ones. But really they fall in wrong hands and in lion’s share cases lead into children molestation. Which trail on their minds for the rest of their lives.

No proper Guidance of our kids: The earth-shattering cause I would like to catch up is that we don’t guide our kids in proper way about their bodies. We should properly guide them about their body parts. If he wants to know how he came to this world we make them wordless by saying that you should not utter such evil-minded words again. Here we keep ethics but when he suffers and his whole life is devastated then we catch on we should guide them on time.

Sexual strain of offender
Day by day sexual tension is breeding in adults of the society due on hand of sexual content on the internet which is accessible in every country. Watching such content create sexual tension. When another person is not available to them so at the end kids suffer. Because they are easily available and those tender creature have no way to defy them. And in this way stories evanesce and the child suffer inside from emotional pain.

Misconception about sexual child abuse
Majority of the people of society think that only adult male abuse female or male kids. But its true fact that female adults also sexually abuses male kids. But as long the child sexual abuse is concerned overall very less cases are reported. So the ratio of females abusing male reported is might in cheese. Which is not reported to the respective authorities.

Location of the Incidents: child sexual abuse can occur in a diverse settings, including home, school. Or work place (mostly places where child labor is common). Children are sexually abused by those who trust them the most. Mostly family members, school teachers and elders in the surroundings.

Statistics of Child Sexual Abuse
Females: 19.7%, Males 7.9 %, 60 % offenders are acquainted with their victims, 30% are relatives of the child, and Strangers % age is 10%, Females abusing males 14% to 40%.

Effects of Child sexual Abuse
Psychological Effect: child sexual abuse has both short and long term effects on the on psychology of the child. It leads to guilt in future and abused kids are prone to further sexual abuses in upcoming future also. It leads the child to depression, anxiety and ADHD (attention deficient hyperactivity disease). This incident colonizes his mind for the rest of his life and on each point of his life. This reckons in his mind again and again leading his life to a fragile fragment. He loses hope day by day with feeling self-guilt. Even he was not responsible for this incident. And the end leads to suicidality. Most of the study of the reported cases of suicide revealed the history of abuse in childhood.

Low Self-esteem: After this trauma their self-confidence and self-esteem falls down to very low level. And literarily they are unable to perform basic task of their lives.
Social Effects: He becomes socially impotent and phobic. He reduces meeting with his friends in the neighborhood which ultimately leads to loneliness.
Physical Effects: injury: depends upon the age and size of the kid and degree of force applied child sexual abuse may cause internal laceration and bleeding, in
Some cases damage to internal organs may also occur which depending upon the severity may also lead to death.

Eradication of Child Sexual Abuse from Society
Tough legislation: There is need of tough legislation in this area. If a case is reported to respective authorities. Make example of the offender in front of the society in such harsh penalty so that other may not have courage of doing so. We humans are mostly oriented to laws and its implementations.

Responsibility of Parents: Parents should be more responsible with passage of time because things are changing very quickly. They should have eye on their children. With whom they play? Is there any sudden behavioral changes in them? What are their tendencies? So that they have insight of their activities of their kids.

Proper Guidance of Children: It’s the natural right of kids to about their bodies and themselves. So in proper way male kids should be guided by male elders of the family and female kids should be guided by female elders about their sexual parts. That these are your private parts no body is allowed to touch it.

Reduce Communication Gap between Parents and Children: The wrath of modern society is that most of the kids are busy with their smart phones and laptops. And have very substantial communication gap between each other’s. So when they endure. They are unable to communicate things with their parents because they feel guilty. So if communication gap is demote kids will be able to discuss the issue with parents at right time.

Society of every age had got some of its curses and maledictions. And malediction of the very society is sexual abuse or child molestation. Which are destroying lives of thousands children in our surroundings without being reported to executive authorities. It’s my humble request to all the organization governmental or non-governmental to come forward for eradication of this curse from the society. So that ratio of depressions, anxieties and suicidality could be reduced in the society.

Cite This Article As: Ibrar Ahmad. "Child sexual abuse malediction of modern society." International Youth Journal, 18. June 2018.

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