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Can you sit still?
17. July 2018 at 22:58
Sit still without doing anything. Try that with closed eyes and in alone. How much time you can still. Try to observe. Is that you or anyone else. Can you stop your own private world with closed eyes that most of the people suffering or just like a play they use to or allow the imagination to run a movie & emotional and mental trap.
Only peoples having high depth in their selves or in depression in sever depression can only experience & know how to shut down the system of yourself. For other peoples it's even difficult to experience. So to prove you i would like to do an experiment. So are your ready my friend!
Okay take a deep breath deep but slow and exhale it in same way you inhale.

Now time for the challenge "Stand on your one leg" and try to balance with the other feet on the ground. Haah, so it might be difficult but most of us can manage and say it's just the matter of practice. So now my friend "Close your eyes with one leg in air". You can try any or both leg one by one in the air and try to keep the balance. One leg will surely perform better than other depending upon your working or most used hands. As we know Brain have two hemispheres divided from the centre vertically in the direction of your backbone. It controls our left and right side respectively. Right side of brain controls the left part of the body and left side of brain controls the right side of the body. So is the balance. We mostly practice developing one hand more than the other consciously. Like when we learn to write we use our one hand. Well i love keyboards they engage our both hands may be that's why computers get creatively developed few bits more than any of the other such field.

Okay so many of us find great difficultly now to balance our selves one leg up with closed eyes. Because your mind is not stable or focused. I can't say that this is the only or any best way to focus your mind but still it's good point to start. But i called you friend so you must try that now pause reading of article. otherwise you are just wasting your time reading this. "Do that now" Stand up and let's do it it will take few moments only.

So now you are done now and know what i am saying. I simply want to say that try to understand the most complex machine you have your body in which your brain is there. Well if you practice what i said you can clearly notice one thing that while in the attempt to make a balance there is no distraction or any thought that disturbs you. You noticed it try one more time. Then observe. okay three two one now. Stand on one leg up and close eyes try to observe. Well this observation is for everyone but the focus of this observation is for those who feel they can't focus or asking how to overcome the distraction. Well i wanna say that if you really did the experiment by pause your reading for few seconds. The focus is in you rest the secret of balance with open eyes is by practice but not necessarily with closed eyes.

So what with Closed eyes. Now this time imagine that there is something you are holding like pillar near your both hands while your stand on one leg closed eyes. Or like someone is holding you. This must not be physical just imagine and feel that support or hold and try that your hands are holding that pillar of something. Now try to make the balance. Pay attention to your imaginary pillar you are holding try to hold that and now make the balance. How much you try to make that still that much better you can focus.

You can try this as many times you want. When you start getting stable you can proceed with other such things in parallel & your focus will increase for sure but not the only or the best. Just it was a quick experiment so that you can have some evaluation of my words and it comes in your realization. Now let's proceed with our very heading: "Can you sit still" ??

Yes you can and it's necessary because to love from everyone you need to love yourself and be complete master of your incredible machine you have your body and brain. Just imagine that you have such a powerful computer and you just only know how to use ms office is that enough. You are missing with the entire internet world. You are missing the entire sense of it. How un-complete is that isn't it.

What if even there is some internet and your device is not ready to perceive it's signal. So is you. You need to make your self tune up with the nature and the entire knowledge is there in the Universe the eyes and sense and your inner-self to notice, observe or think. How much you think your problems is. I can still bet the size of the Universe is even greater than any of your problem. If you make that your teacher, mentor, Guru & friend. Your life's all the problems will get resolved in a flash. Don't believe me or any text don't even follow anyone just try that evaluate if that seems to add some worth to you and your life then do it only when you find it relevant you find and do understand that it is even important for you.

There must be no regret of past mistakes and that's not my motivation that's what is required to transform your life. And one great Person said that transformation doesn't means change it means new creation out of self. No residue of past remains.

Now let me tell you something my friend. If you ask me any solution of your problem the first could be my opinion like everyone and Second one is sit alone with eyes closed in relaxed form back straight in any comfortable position and relax up yourself. Your incredible "YOU" will get all the solutions totally verified by yourself and evaluated by your own. That is the best one. My recommendation is to do some YOGA. It's not exercise so don't feel like so. Yoga means union. Union of self with the Cosmos. Surely it provides health to your body and mind.

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Can you sit still?." International Youth Journal, 17. July 2018.

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