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Best time to restart is when you are on boot mode.
20. September 2018 at 17:51
Booting the system our body is not in our hands. What we can do is to take advantage from it instead of being depressed. Well it's hard to say to feel good when you are not physically or mentally fit. But I can say that it's possible I was victim my self. Fell frequently ill in my childhood but it also gave me something new to explore either.
Well it's sad for anyone when you can't eat what you like, can't go anywhere out of your weakness. Somethimes pain hurts most we think it's our bad time. But my friend if are enough willing & can show some courage to be conscious you can explore a completely new dimension of yourself. Well I don't wanna say that you fell I'll to explore this dimension I pray you stay healthy. But the one thing is there I wanna tell you that you are closest to yourself and when we fell ill our body demands rest our mind demands silence and peace. And that's best time to stay with yourself.

Just be conscious of yourself. When you feel sleepy during your weakness you lie on the bed or sofa. You have the complete access to your sub conscious mind. It's the real healer & science proves it that whenever something happens to our body or we fell in adverse situations like fear.

Our natural system wakes up and saves us. We get more aware our senses and mind works more faster then ever before. Even time slows down. That's miracle right but that's true you can check by your self in life and death situation even small moments get enlarged so that we get time to take right decision to survive. If we learn how to keep this in control & learn to use other than survival situations. We get immense access to our mind & body chemistry. Learning how to control that chemistry will open a new dimension of learning and experimenting. It seems as super human like ability because we are designed to access it but we never prepare ourself for it.

When we fell ill our body's reboot system is active. And if we still manage to be conscious. We access to our mind there we can learn to restart our life again. I don't know but there is hardly any guide or manual to operate the mind machine. And we have 20 page manual for our cell phones and devices. Decision is yours !
Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Best time to restart is when you are on boot mode.." International Youth Journal, 20. September 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/best-time-to-restart-is-when-you-are-on-boot-mode

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