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Be happy
14. December 2018 at 09:02
by Mahmoud Fakhry
If you were looking for sadness then welcome to my world, if want fake smiles then welcome to my world, if you are looking for any un-honest, non-coming from the heart then hello to my damn world. Is that a little aggressive? I don’t care.
For every moment I spent sadly I write to you hoping you a great life. I don’t care anymore, every moment I spent sadly is because of you, don’t act like innocent cause you are faking my friend. Don’t make yourself as society’s victim cause you ’re not either me, we are ourselves, victims, we are the one who’s killing ourselves. And you know what.

I am not blaming you, my dear friend, the only one I am blaming is myself that had believed in the existence of good. No there is no in this world to be more specific no one is making the life good for you, you are fighting alone, in your life’s battle and in others battle. Even if you were 60 years old and you don’t know the truth of human being, then you are a kid.

So, listen to me kid you are the reason of your sadness and your happiness all the other factors are being done by you, you have the choice to be sad or to be happy if you are brave enough to get rid of all of the things hurting you and depressing you. Take a step now and call everyone who had been a reason for your sadness, people that you gave love and they gave you sadness in the opposite.

Don’t lie you know the reason of your miserable life and your mixed feelings. Please take a step trying to fix what’s left from your life. Do the thing that has to be done now instead of regretting later. An hour of sadness is better than a year of regret.

Cite This Article As: Mahmoud Fakhry. "Be happy." International Youth Journal, 14. December 2018.

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