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16. May 2019 at 00:07
Balochistan is the biggest region of Pakistan, Consisting around 44 percent of the region of the state. It is likewise the most unfortunate and least populated. It is wealthy in mineral assets and the major provider of petroleum gas after Sindh. One of the world's greatest copper stores have been found at Reko Diq in the district Chaghi of Balochistan

Balochistan's shore additionally lies opposite to the Strait of Hormuz, which is an essential path for worldwide oil supplies. Therefore, it has the perception to develop into a center of international trade. Although the planned location of the province creates its importance in terms of large-scale trade, energy, gas, and oil pipelines, it has over the last six decades, not been provided its due share in terms of local budget allocation, developmental projects, road and rail infrastructure, education and health amenities.


This lack of interest operates Balochistan's tactical place because of numerous foremost causes leading being the tribalism in the Baloch culture. One more crucial reason that is avoiding mainly by politically, troubled with the objection of the Baloch people from the federal government, which has in the past carried out some main military operations in opposition to what is called to be as "Baloch nationalists" led by tribal leaders. These operations have set increased to approach for a Free Balochistan.


Obviously, things are going from awful to terrible. Balochistan remains backward in connection with socioeconomic growth as measure up to other provinces. Nowadays, the key challenge facing Pakistan is the exchange of its strategic resources in Balochistan into economic opportunities and the option of opening the province to international trade and investment. Even with the reality that it is wealthy in term of resources, capital assets and has a strategic position, Balochistan has frequently been neglected by consecutive governments that would assure development in the circumstances in their election plan while zero existing would appear on the ground.


Furthermore, the Sardars and Nawabs, who are the part of government and important members of the province, have also been condemned for blocking educational improvement and empowerment of the Baloch people for their own ends, as a way to uphold their predominance control and power in the area with the help of the establishment and their enormous influence in the area, the Sardars have controlled the people and the lower administration of their districts. If any progressive funds are fixed to the region, corruption obstructs definite improvement and prevents them from being used for planned expansion projects. The state apparatus in Islamabad has been secretly supporting pro-establishment tribal notables to contest elections against committed representatives; getting those elected who are not the true representatives of the people


There are many examples which led Baloch people towards deprivation, one of huge and rare example is the gas field in Sui which was established in 1952 formally. It supplies an estimated 40 percent of entire Pakistan, Even as excluding Balochistan with a meagerly 6 to 7 percent on. Out of the thirty-two (32) districts in Balochistan, nearly Twenty four(24) districts deprived of Sui gas, whereas 80 percent of gas has been supplied to Punjab. The total percentage of gas royalty that the Balochistan collects from the government is just 12.5, a rate that is the lowest in the globe. The issue need to resolve so that to remote the dispossession of Baloch's in the region.

The current government under the leadership of Prime Minster Imran Khan need to take Balochistan issues seriously to pull out province Balochistan from the flames of the fires. Otherwise these flames may burn the entire territory of beloved Pakistan. 

Cite This Article As: Engr Saeed Ahmed Jattak. "Balochistan." International Youth Journal, 16. May 2019.

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