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Science (84)
18-Year-Old, Self-Taught E-Commerce Entrepreneur Proves the ...Jared Curry , 13. September 2020It isn’t every day you meet an 18-year-old who has read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, let alone one who read the book and discovered his life’s purpose. But, then, Jared Curry is no ordinary 18-year-old.  Read More

Active Mental Health InitiativeIshaan Sachdeva, 05. January 2019In today’s society, we are focussing on complex solutions to the issues that our society faces everyday. One of the biggest challenges today is overcoming the mental health crisis in schools and universities in Canada. Research has shown that physical activity offers a simple solution to this global problem. This is the goal of Active mental health Initiative, a student run national organization in Canada.  Read More

A logically impossible process of learningValeriia Tsytsyk, 14. July 2018It is a commonly accepted fact that people use memory on a regular basis for memorizing and learning necessary information. In case of learning languages, Nick Bilbrough stated that “we need to go through three processes in order to remember language: encoding, storage and retrieval. During these processes, we make sense of the received data, linking it to already existing knowledge, storage of the information into long-term memory, which plays a significant role and use it in case of necessity”(Bilbrough 2011).  Read More

Anti-Breast Cancer activities of Dietary PhytonutrientsSuccess Eko, 11. May 2020Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children after accidents (Joanne et al., 2000) and the second most leading cause of death in the world after cardiovascular diseases (Jemal et al., 2008). Cancer is a transmutative process which advances from steady metamorphosis of genetic cells to the internal selection processes acting on the acquired phenotypic diversity. It usually develops when normal cells in the body grows rapidly.  Read More

Antibiotic ResistanceAbdelrahman Elaraby, 22. June 2019Humans developed antimicrobial drugs to destroy diseases caused by microbes. The most common known antimicrobial is antibiotic which targets the bacteria. At the beginning of the 21st century the antimicrobial resistance has become very common, so we have to understand this phenomenon scientifically to prevent it from becoming a fatal disaster later.  Read More

Antibiotics their use,misuse and mode of actionSohaib Hassan, 29. August 2018Antibiotics are effective against bacteria because they work to kill bacteria by stop the growth and reproduction of different harmful bacteria but in certain cases useful bacteria may also effect..  Read More

Anxiety in a NutshellValeriia Tsytsyk, 24. August 2018Since creation human beings have been given a whole set of emotions and feelings. Disregarding whether the feeling is bad or good has its own reason and design. In an article published by Barbara L. Fredrickson titled “The Role of Positive Emotions in Positive Psychology. The Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions”, there is a report on detailed research into the roles and effects of positive emotions.  Read More

A Real-Life Motivational Story Portrayed In ‘Mission M...Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, 04. September 2019ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is the official space agency of India. Recently, ISRO launched the Chandrayan 2 which is bound to be a successful mission and is one of the biggest space exploration missions in ISRO’s history. Another famous and one of the biggest missions that defined the brilliance of ISRO was the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).  Read More

Are comma splices always wrong?Mohamed Emad, 17. February 2019Comma splices, one of the most frequent mistakes in English and a horrid sight to any English teacher out there. However, very few are aware that there are types of comma splices that are perfectly acceptable.  Read More

Are we still sleeping?Kenechukwu Ugoh-Ezepue, 05. August 2019Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world -Nelson MandelaThe above statement credited to the iconic figure of the world is not just a beautifully crafted sentence but a timely reminder!  Read More

Best time to restart is when you are on boot mode.Omkareshwar Jha, 20. September 2018Booting the system our body is not in our hands. What we can do is to take advantage from it instead of being depressed. Well it's hard to say to feel good when you are not physically or mentally fit. But I can say that it's possible I was victim my self. Fell frequently ill in my childhood but it also gave me something new to explore either.  Read More

Bilingualism.Abdelrahman Elaraby, 22. February 2019"Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise" Simple words were said by a man thinking so logically that anything by continuous use will improve. Learning new languages is a good brain exercise that doesn’t only have tangible effects on one’s personality, but it also does wonders to the brain structure and the wiring among the neurons.  Read More

Bitter nature of life.Omkareshwar Jha, 30. September 2020So many times the harsh lessons of your life are learnt by acting wise bitter. It hurts and that is what sometimes teach more then any way of compassion or love. Bitterness if it is present it can be use as stimulus or an agent.  Read More

Blind Dolphin- The second most endangered freshwater dolphin...Bisma Shamsi, 13. February 2019The Indus River dolphin, locally known as “Bhulan” or the “Blind dolphin” is one among the South Asian River Dolphins and is one of the world's rarest animal that is the second most endangered freshwater dolphin species in the world.  Read More

Blood Donation and MisconceptionMd. Imroz Shahriar Shaik, 01. July 2019Voluntary blood donation is a great service. The great step of a blood donor can save a lot of dying life. The practice of donating blood came up as a great hand for patients of the world. But in our society there are some wrong concepts on blood donation. Removing the wrong concepts, as much the people will come forward that much the world will be benefitted.  Read More

Can you sit still?Omkareshwar Jha, 17. July 2018Sit still without doing anything. Try that with closed eyes and in alone. How much time you can still. Try to observe. Is that you or anyone else. Can you stop your own private world with closed eyes that most of the people suffering or just like a play they use to or allow the imagination to run a movie & emotional and mental trap.  Read More

Contribution of fisheries and aquaculture to the employment ...Bidika Subedi, 05. September 2020At present, 143,241 people are directly involved in aquaculture and 421,345 people are involved in capture fisheries in Nepal. Some ethnic groups such as Bhote, Darai, Majhi, Gurung, Kunwar etc depend on fisheries for their livelihood. At present, fisheries contribute 1.13% to Gross Domestic Product and 4.18% to Agricultural Gross Domestic Product in Nepal.  Read More

Contribution of fisheries and aquaculture to the employment ...Bidika Subedi, 05. September 2020At present, 143,241 people are directly involved in aquaculture and 421,345 people are involved in capture fisheries in Nepal. Some ethnic groups such as Bhote, Darai, Majhi, Gurung, Kunwar etc depend on fisheries for their livelihood. At present, fisheries contribute 1.13% to Gross Domestic Product and 4.18% to Agricultural Gross Domestic Product in Nepal.  Read More

Coronavirus: Blessing or CurseMahd Sheriff, 16. December 2020While the world views Coronavirus as a lurking monster looming around globally threatening lives and escalating fear and panic, there's another face of Coronavirus hiding amidst all turmoil that we don't clearly see.  Read More

Does the Soul Exist? Pranav Mohla, 08. July 2018Have you experienced the whisperings within your being? Unbiased, Unprejudiced, Unpreprocessed! To examine subtle connection that reflects the presence and mysterious activity of consciousness in the world that there will be structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events that engage our minds and hearts. Trying to change, social, national or global realities without working on human consciousness means there is no serious intention.  Read More

Education System Malak Majeedullah Khan, 22. October 2018Education is to learn the techniques to be applied in practical life rather than memorizing the formulae and long complex mathematical equations. The fault in today’s education system is that the student do work of computers as well as of a human. Hence affecting their educational carrier and grades.  Read More

Electronic health records: a diamond in qualitative primary ...Evbodaghe Omo-Imafidon, 24. June 2018Health records are the most important database of health treatment of the patient. Consistent recording by doctors, nurses and other staff is proof of proper monitoring of the health, planning and treatment. Initial health records were used to describe individual processes. Today, health records are a much broader concept than in the past because in the past, it was the doctors and nurses alone who recorded data.  Read More

Family planning and women empowermentRajesh Sharma, 12. June 2017Family planning refers to the factors that may be considered by a couple in a committed relationship and each individual, involved in deciding if and when to have children. Family planning involve consideration of the number of children a couple wish to have as well as the age at which they wish to have them.  Read More

Fundamental RethinkingNiroj Bhandari, 02. December 2017From the time we are born we are ascribed with certain ideas and identity regardless of whether they are true or not, logical or not...  Read More

Girl’s education needs SustainabilityFrancis Ametepey, 05. June 2017Being born as a girl into this world seems to be a curse. Women have and continue to suffer various degrees of injustices and inequalities spanning from cultural, social, economic, religious, and political matters.  Read More

Girls Education in Pakistan: Solutions for impedimentsZulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 30. January 2019Educating a child has always been the main issue in Pakistan. And to educate a girl in this country, the most difficult one. In Pakistan, education is given the least importance. And those who have access to it, get the benefits.  Read More

How Memory Impairment Is Related To Age NowadaysMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 27. July 2019Thinning of hairs, overgrown beard, and a bulging abdomen are some common signs of aging which do not cause much discomfort. Most men learn to accept some deficiency in physical strength, energy, and sexual desire. In fact, men learn to compensate for these gradual changes and spend years of creative and joyful years of aging. But one of the greatest Traits of aging is the combination of experience, judgment, and memories. We call it ‘wisdom’.  Read More

How to quit Lethargic lifeOmkareshwar Jha, 22. December 2019Winning a cup or simply waking up all you need is to quit your lousy nature. What it all takes to be active like a child is enthusiastic to play. Its the science of understanding your body type and where you want to be at.. Let's get together with your better self.. So let's began our roller coaster ride...  Read More

Humans Vs HumanoidsSiddiqa Magar , 03. December 2018Artificial intelligence is one of humankind’s truly revolutionary endeavours. As AI becomes more sophisticated and its ability to perform human tasks accelerates exponentially, we're finally seeing some attempts to wrestle with what that means, not just for business, but for humanity as a whole.  Read More

If it wasn’t for reading Books there would be no imagi...Madhav Manoj Vachali, 01. May 2020If it wasn’t for reading Books there would be no imagination and no creativityDo you like reading stories? Well, I love reading.When you’re reading stories, you can go to places you never imagined. And the thing is that when you read many books you get so many ideas that you’ll naturally start writing a story.  Read More

Illusion Of Knowledge Haamid Ali Shah, 16. June 2018"This superficial knowledge gives one an impression as if one knows all. But reality is that we rarely go deep, we rarely try to deliberate and use our brains to add to the existing set of information that we already possess."  Read More

International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition 2019: P...Julia Berens, 09. February 2019The Qualification Round 2019 of the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition has opened! Use your skills and astronomy knowledge to win certificates, awards, and prizes. The IAAC gives you the unique opportunity to show your knowledge and astronomy skills! The IAAC is the biggest online astronomy competition for students from all countries. Win awards and cash prizes worth over 700 USD or become official IAAC ambassador in your country!  Read More

International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition: Result...Stefan Amberg, 09. August 2020The international and national winners of the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition 2020 have been announced - this year's edition of IAAC was a great success despite the ongoing global crisis.  Read More

International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition: Winner...Stefan Amberg, 23. June 2019The winners of the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition 2019 have been announced: The first three prizes of this year go to India, the Philippines and Bangladesh, however, several other outstanding students received awards and recognition.  Read More

International Youth Math ChallengeFabian Schneider, 22. September 2017The IYMC is the biggest online math competition for students from all countries. Every month we publish a new math challenge for you online. You can win awards for excellence and join the international IYMC network for outstanding students - take this unique opportunity and participate today!  Read More

International Youth Math Challenge: Winners of 2018Fabian Schneider, 30. December 2018The International Youth Math Challenge of 2018 was a great success with about two thousand participants from all around the world! The interesting math problems of the qualification, pre-final and final round have been challenging: Nine students have achieved awards for their outstanding performance and additionally, nine schools have received special awards!  Read More

Internet Governance in KenyaMaulline Gragau, 29. July 2018The term ‘Internet governance’ is used in international discourse to describe a wide variety of issues, which includes: Internet-specific technical issues, which are largely determined by Internet professionals working within Internet specialist fora (such as, at global level, ICANN, the IETF and W3C).  Read More

Interview: Unlike Nigeria, India celebrates academic excelle...Alfred Olufemi, 22. April 2019Emelife Chinelo Stella, who recently won 20 medals for her outstanding performance in the University of Mysore, India, spoke about the poor attitude of Nigerians to academic excellence in an exclusive interview with IYJ's Alfred Olufemi.  Read More

Is time travel possible?Tajdar Adil Ali, 27. November 2018The world is mostly dependent on time ,and every action is done or rejected in accordance with time.Resembling this the main thing concerned with it ,that is being focused is all possibility of Time travel. Is time travel possible?  Read More

Lie of 24 hours in a day!!Omkareshwar Jha, 02. January 2019We all don't have 24 hours. It's a great myth. We all have two clocks out of which one is mechanical and the other one is biological. And that's what makes it different.  Read More

MathemysteryOmkareshwar Jha, 30. August 2019This will going to be a series of unsolved problems in science & maths. Some are that simple as a child of 7 or 8 can understand the problem & some are insanely hard yet no one ever be willing to touch.Enjoy the article & have fun Asking and teasing your friends with that.. haha  Read More

Maximizing the human abilities.Omkareshwar Jha, 04. September 2018It all starts with our birth. When we born by the time we learn emotions, to crawl, to observe, expressions, demands, requirements of survival is inbuilt in our system or dna from very moment we got birth. Then one day comes and crawling baby tries to stand on feet may fall many times but efforts to stand makes enough courage & strength and we walk.  Read More

Meet the Award Winners of the International Youth Math Chall...Fabian Schneider, 04. January 2020The International Youth Math Challenge of 2019 was a great success with about four thousand participants from all around the world! The math problems of the qualification, pre-final and final round have been challenging: Nine students have achieved awards for their outstanding performance, and additionally, eight schools have received special awards!  Read More

Me, myself but I (Borderline Personality Disorder)Anujin Saruul, 04. April 2020One day, you will be the most attractive person on earth. Everyone seems like looking at you, some of them get jealous in you. Some of them look afraid to talk to you. You are the queen and the king. And the other day, everyone seems like hating you. You feel like you are not enough pretty or not enough smart to them. Those feelings changed everyday. One moment, you are angry, one moment–you are calm. This is what people with BPD deals in life.  Read More

Mental Health: You and INandira Xavier, 30. May 2020The science behind mental health: Mental health is full of misconceptions, the most common of which is that mental illness is rare when, in fact, one in four people in the world are affected at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. This is an article account of an experience anyone can encounter.  Read More

Nigeria's First National Conference on Adolescent Health: Im...Victor Oyelade, 24. May 2019History was made, in April, 2019, specifically 11th to 13th - Nigeria had her first national conference on adolescent health, courtesy of the Society for Adolescents and Young People`s Health in Nigeria. This in no doubts has set up a new rhythm for adolescent health and development in Nigeria which hitherto had yet to receive the attention that it deserved from stakeholders in Nigeria. Indeed, we can now say we are on the road to progress.  Read More

Our Energy Production and Its Daily RequirementViral Lol, 09. September 2020The energy we get from food to fuel our bodies is quantified in kilojoules. Fatsfats, and carbohydrates, within the foodstuff, give strength.The primary energy usage of their human body is just four kJ / kilogram of body weight per hour every day. Therefore, the Principal energy consumption of an individual can be computed as follows:  Read More

Plant Breeding And Food SecurityKushal Naharki, 17. September 2017With the increasing food and nutrient insecurity, plant breeding has a major role to provide security by forming high yielding and environmental suitable varieties.  Read More

Proposing a practical approach in responding to future pande...Meshach Idoko, 30. September 2020This is a very important topic that should not be taken for granted. As the saying goes… “The best time to prepare for war, is when there is peace.” It is not bad if we start preparing in advance for any future occurrence of another pandemic.  Read More

"Medical Laboratory Science" and "Science Lab...Meshach Idoko, 23. June 2018Over the years, the course "Medical Laboratory Science" and "Science Laboratory Technology" are two different courses studied in higher institutions of Nigeria that Students are still confused about. Many Nigerian Students do not know the difference between this two courses. This write-up aims to educate undergraduate about the differences between the courses.  Read More

"Simple Common Sense" is lacking in today's scienc...Omkareshwar Jha, 25. November 2018Well a big trouble right, simple Common sense is lacking in most of our organizing bodies. The basis of hungry thrust and survival instincts forces us to hunt and the same we are doing right now.  Read More

Resolving the 5G phobia: What Big Tech can doChukwudike Ukeje, 16. December 2020The emergence of 5G technologies has brought a sort of unprecedented phobia across the globe. While many people may have little or no knowledge about the modus operandi of the technology, this article looks into some of the ways big tech. companies can help to salvage the situation.  Read More

Rise and Fall of BitcoinEsimaje Michael Onoseme, 29. September 2018Although the popularity of bitcoin has grown over the eight years it has been in existence, still, there are a lot of misunderstanding about what it really is and how it is transacted. This lack of knowledge has led to some people relating it to Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, while others regard it as a mysterious currency for a secret society.  Read More

Rising HPV in west africa`s largest city: research unravels ...Victor Oyelade, 12. November 2019Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa held their annual conference at Golf Course Hotel, Kampala Uganda, 14– 16th, October (2019) during the 25th year anniversary of the “University of Makarere”. One highlight of the conference was a presentation by Aderonke Akinyelure (a public health practitioner from Unibadan)“Knowledge of Cervical Cancer & Willingness to Uptake HPV Vaccine among Female Artisans in Ibadan North LGA, Nigeria”.  Read More

Role of women in agriculture and its allied fieldsNisha Meena, 28. June 2018Women are the backbone of the development of rural and national economies. They comprise 43% of the world’s agricultural labor force, which rises to 70% in some countries.In Africa, 80% of the agricultural production comes from small farmers, who are mostly rural women. Women comprise the largest percentage of the workforce in the agricultural sector, but do not have access and control over all land and productive resources.  Read More

Scientific temperament in IndiaSurender Ponnalagar, 09. August 2017In the youngest Scientific temperament & Scientific thinking of young people  Read More

Seismic MethodsJoshua Oyeshola O., 17. September 2018Seismic methods are the most commonly conducted geophysical surveys for engineering investigations. Seismic refraction provides engineers and geologists with the most basic of geologic data via simple procedures with common equipment.  Read More

Simple Positive PsychologyAyesha Shaikh, 29. June 2018Some people worry too much leading them to think a lot, and in some way, these are the ingredients of stress and sadness. Let the things settle down. Whatever happens, try to find a path to your inner peace. What’s life?  Read More

Solid State Devices: From Jagadish Chandra Bose to The Moder...Hamidur Rahman, 02. September 2019The billion-dollar modern solid-state device industry that we see today, it all started back in 1901 with a Bangladeshi 42 year’s old scientist patenting the use of a crystal rectifier for detecting the radio waves. In 1894 he was the first person ever to use a crystal as a radio wave detector. This is a brief history of the revolution of the solid-state device and its involvement with great Bangladeshi scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose.  Read More

Speciation Of Soluble Titanium And Vanadium In Agricultural ...Meshach Idoko, 28. June 2018This work was carried out to check the concentrations of Titanium (Ti) and Vanadium (V) metals in agricultural drainage water and aqueous soil sediment extracts from Tony farms limited Koton-karfe Local Government Area, Kogi State. The average concentrations of Ti and V were 19.88µg/g and 12.99µg/g respectively in the aqueous soil sediment extracts and 25.98ppm and 25.25ppm respectively in the agricultural drainage water. This result showed that the drainage water and soil sediment of this area is heavily polluted.  Read More

Students: Brought Nearer to the Industry Abednego Ishaya, 13. August 2018Being a student, one tends to imagine how the work force will be for him or her, when the person finally comes towards the climax of completing his or her studies. Though, programs such as the student’s Industrial Training (IT) have been put in place, there lies the need for other avenues where the industry can be brought nearer to the students. This is evident in the various Workshops, Conferences etc, that are been organize by various professional bodies, for student’s engagement with the industry.  Read More

Technologies changed our lives Hamid Ali Shah , 19. July 2018 Science and technology dares us to dream the impossible to make possible. Every human being aspires for serenity. If serenity is the end then the technology is the mean through which one can achieve the ultimate goal. Technology gives us the courage to venture into unknowns, and challenges us to be determined when we are doubtful.  Read More

The analysis of Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashDickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 18. March 2019Lost in space, the 737 Max 8 Jet took a nose dive as Capt. Yared tried gallantly to savor the flight control situation. It was at this time the Ethiopian Airline 302 disappeared away from control radar as all communication channels were apparently lost. Sadly, at exactly, 01:44 ET approximately 08:44 am local time, the brand newly acquired aircraft came crashing down near the town of Bisshoftu 60 km (37 miles) south east of the capital killing all 157 on board airliner.  Read More

The Argument on Which of the Engineering Fields is the Best....Abednego Ishaya, 08. July 2019The field of engineering has been described as of that where the knowledge of mathematics and sciences, gained by study, experience and practice is or are been applied, with key judgment bend on developing ways towards an economical usage of materials and natural forces, for the benefit of mankind.  Read More

The Beauty of MathFabian Schneider, 15. August 2017Mathematics is beautiful: From equations that express hidden relations to highly elegant proves! By combining algorithms and mathematical principles it is possible to generate images that impress through their stunning colors, shapes, and patterns, as well as the deep underlining mathematical secrets they reveal.  Read More

The Bottlenecks of Telecommunications in Nigeria - The Call ...Esimaje Michael Onoseme, 23. December 2018The Far Cry for change in Internet sustainability has gone beyond words in Nigeria, Individuals and Companies are loosing data and money due to the scourge of Telecommunication inadequacies.  Read More

The effects of data collection in improving SMEs and Busines...Chukwuemeka Benedict Osondu, 20. September 2018Issues of competitive advantage falls within the context of applying information and improving information. The use of data collection can not be underestimated. We need data and this helps us to evaluate our innovations, recreating and improve our businesses. SMEs has about 80% of our business community in Nigeria aside the unreachable parastatal.  Read More

The fate of the Universe: Today and TomorrowSantosh Bhandari, 08. January 2018Universe, a term most of all signifying the sense of unify or a whole, has always been predicted as a vast space with no beginning and no end. A structural frame of an atom may represent a galaxy which in fact may be demonstrated as such electrons making their way around a mass of protons.  Read More

The Global Pandemic and the New NormalZulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 16. December 2020Many pandemics around the globe had taken lives of millions of people in the past. In the age of globalization, lives of people all over the world are interconnected which made the current pandemic grow relatively at a fast pace than was ever imaginable,and it will take some time for people to adjust themselves to the new normal.  Read More

The Impact of Technological Change on Labor Market in Develo...Simona Kovachevska, 08. July 2018The technological advancements and inventions change not only the work processes, but the everyday life too. Because of the increased access to education and opportunities, developed countries are more likely to use modern technology. Those countries can easily adjust the labor market and the whole economy to the changes. On the other hand, developing countries find some difficulties in the process of implementing modern technologies.  Read More

The One Thing That We Should DoMuhammad Attique Shah, 23. June 2018Youth in Pakistan has an underestimated unending power and courage to move ahead and stand out among very few handpicked unique characters in the world, but because of having less or no dreams they are seen facing a stagnant growth in their personality, social circle, or any other aspect you count. So, this article aims to solve the issue and is intended to attract attention of the world.  Read More

The Role of Cooperation in the World of Solitary GeniusesValeriia Tsytsyk , Zulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 06. July 2018In order to understand the link for cooperation among different people and issues in it, it is necessary to know what the reasons are. Is it due to social interaction a society has with the individual, or by a person's himself? What are the causes of possible problems in cooperation process and what effects do they have?  Read More

The state of Non-Communcicable Diseases in The GambiaZermen Bojang, 02. November 2017A healthy society is an inevitable asset for any country's political, socio-cultural and economic development. More specific is the need to put non communicable diseases at the center of National Health Policies. The Gambia does not have strong policy guideline and framework to effectively tackle the NCDs as much attention and resources are channeled to reducing infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB. Consequently, there is a growing number of annual NCD-related deaths due to poor health systems, lack of awareness and little budgets for interventions areas.Crippled by low funding from International agencies, there is need for the government in consultation with all stakeholders to explore quality, cost-effective and sustainable policies and programs that is geared towards preventing and controlling high incidence and death rates on NCDs in the country.  Read More

The Virtual Hygge Generation: One Pixelated World to be inFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 24. July 2018How often are you using your social media accounts? Have you ever experienced seeing unsavory posts or news online? How do you respond to it? All these questions and more are mind-boggling rhetorics that we often flip and twist inside our minds hoping to understand what the role of the digital world is in real life. Are we simply users of technology or being used by technology?  Read More

Time and SpaceChaima Baztami, 19. June 2017150 million kilometers is the distance between our Earth and the Sun; 8 minutes is the time needed for sunlight to reach us. The Sun is among the closest stars to our “obscure grain of sand called earth” (Giacomo Leopardi) and every time we observe its light, we are looking at how it was in the near past of 8 minutes ago.  Read More

Top 5 Global Youth Science Entrepreneurs 2017Lilli Nguyen Phirun, 24. August 2017The world faces a tremendous amount of issues that have to be solved. Although it seems as if the educational level and the scientific understanding of the general public decreases more, we observe a hand full of inspiring youths that use their scientific knowledge to achieve great successes.  Read More

Towards the improvement of science in KenyaMaulline Gragau, 10. November 2018At the basic level, we all envisage a transformation from a backward, superstition-ridden to a progressive society using science and technology as instruments of social change. After 55 years, one expects tremendous physical growth in the scientific community in Kenya. However, in the spheres of social behaviour, scientific attitude is at a discount. In the case of national commitment to the development of science and technology, it is a paradoxical situation.  Read More

Uplifting Nepal's rural smallholders farmersSantosh Bhandari, 19. November 2017Nepal’s skewed land distribution has always been an unavoidable obstacle for infrastructural gain up in the lands of mid-hills. Besides, government seems unable to address the people of rural communities for participatory appraisals. Mid hills of Nepal owes above half the physical land however, agri-able land is pathetically and unstoundingly low. This conditions have led to subtantial increment in problems over rural smallholders in Nepal.  Read More

Using Innovation to transform Sierra LeoneJeremiah Thoronka, 27. August 2017Sierra Leone has been known for their civil war, Ebola out break,corruption and more recently the mod slide that climb hundreds of life.But their is much more to be happy about, young boys are engaged in innovative works that aims in transforming their citizens life. The world was like wow! When Kelvin Doe built his own radio station using garbage materials to do so. Now their are others who are aiming to do more than he has done.  Read More

U.S. Transportation Department Probes FAA's Certification of...Maulline Gragau, 29. March 2019New reporting claims that engineers involved in evaluations of the plane -- a Boeing 737 Max 8 -- knew there were flaws in the original report used to certify the model before it was approved to fly. Following the Indonesian Lion Air Flight 610 air crash in October 2018 that killed 189 people, the U.S. Transportation Department launched an inquiry into the Boeing 737 MAX.  Read More

Wanna Cry? How simple hacking in today's time truly isFabian Schneider, 18. May 2017Hospitals out of service! Companies losing millions! Memories of people destroyed! - The world was under attack in the middle of May 2017. "WannaCry"? That's not a question, but the name of the "virus" that infected millions of computers in over 150 countries.  Read More

What are the causes, initial symptoms and treatments of cerv...Mansi Chhikara, 16. December 2020Cervical cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix in the lowermost part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection, play a role in causing cervical cancer.  Read More

What is text neck?Anand Vaghasiya, 26. January 2019Text neck is a Modern term describing repeated stress injury and pain in the neck resulting from excessive watching or texting on handheld devices like Mobile, tablet, Gaming Consoles over a sustained period of time. Nowadays Children and younger people are more prone to this phenomenon, because of excessive use of handheld Mobile Phones and other equipment in the wrong Posture. It is also often known as Turtle Neck posture.  Read More

Who controls your inner mechanism?Valeriia Tsytsyk, 13. July 2018Have you ever wondered about the uniqueness of the world? What is that tiny part of each human being that makes more than 7 billion different? What makes us fall in love, hate, change our inner world, simultaneously changing the world around? Eventually, what is that force that pushes us to ask such questions?  Read More

Environment (170)
Robertobess Kivaobesscd, 01. January 1970  Read More

15 Nigerian students reportedly lost to suicide cases in 8 m...Alfred Olufemi, 24. August 2019Asides the two cases from FUNAAB, checks by this reporter revealed that over thirteen suicide cases amongst students in various tertiary institutions were reported between January till August 2019. However, while the mysteries for the causes of some are yet to be unraveled, this reporter's analysis showed that most of the students took their lives owing to depression from poor academic performance, failed relationships and financial...  Read More

1948Rohit Puri, 03. October 2018Should Sexual education be taught in public schools? Don't you think that Sex is like a game? When two beings play ,they lose their energy and get pleasure as they get from other physical games.  Read More

21century University: Is Nigeria Worth The Standard? Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi, 01. December 2019The article is all about the 21-century universities In the world, who exposed simultaneously to an easiest way of running academic system In running their education sectors. Nevertheless, The article also itemized the ways how Nigeria Universities are running theirs which is not In-line with this century educational development. And it discussed the way out. The way they can make it to the top.  Read More

21st century feminism: an unnecessary and evil misleading co...Kawthar Salahudeen, 07. June 2018Since time immemorial, before man took his fellow men to attest to the social contract theory, life for them was brutish, nasty and short. Today, the actions and words of men has left the world in chaos and aghast.This expository write up provides us with an insight of the dangers posed by feminism. This article is to further broaden our horizon and cure our myopic vision and showcase how responsible women are to the society.Again, this article is not aimed at corrupting the views of others who have contrary opinion but to reveal to us where the women movement should be directed in exchange for radicalism, lousiness and bossiness accrued to the 21st century feminism.  Read More

5A2206GJT yandex.ru5A2206Gjt Yandex.Ru 5A2206Gjt Yandex.Ru, 01. January 19705A2206GJT  Read More

A Brave Woman Who Rescued Her Family From Recent Punjab Floo...Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 11. September 2019Punjab recently faced and is still fighting with what is being called as Punjab’s worst flood in 30 years. According to the news on the channel NDTV, the ministry of home affairs sent an inter-ministerial central team to eleven flood-hit districts excluding Punjab.  Read More

A Broken WillJeniya Jufi, 15. April 2019Since the adoption of the WESA and the discretion this legislation has given courts to cure deficiencies in a Will, there has been a rise in challenges to Wills by people trying to validate documents as Wills.  Read More

Agenda 2063 and The Africa We WantMaulline Gragau, 11. July 2019“The window of opportunity to harness the demographic dividend is time bound and requires immediate investments,” - Dr Babatunde Osotimehin, Former UNFPA Executive Director. For a long time, Africa has been described as a poor colonised region. However, since colonisation, a lot has changed.  Read More

Agriculture: a major source of pollutionSamita Paudel, 17. September 2017The history of human civilization started with development in Agriculture. Agriculture provides food, raw materials and employment opportunities to very large percentage of population. No matter, how much we get sophisticated, we can’t ignore the importance of agriculture.  Read More

Agriculture in our livesJubilee Floren, 30. January 2019"once in our lives we need a doctor, once in our lives we need a lawyer, but everyday in our lives we need a farmer"  Read More

Agrobiodiversity and climate changeSantosh Bhandari, 08. October 2018'There's one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate.' Apart from the bulk of fussy words, this quotation by the former president Mr.Barack Obama depicts the current issues and impacts of climate change.  Read More

Agroforestry in Nepal: Farming with Resilience and Multi-out...Sachin Gahatraj, 17. October 2017It's essential to focus on Agro-forestry system (AFS) instead of focusing on intensive modern Agriculture and Forestry separately in order to achieve sustainable food production, forest products harvesting and sustainable socio-economic well being of small farmers in Nepal and developing countries.  Read More

An African Boy’s DreamsNana Kwaku M Asamoah, 14. June 2019As a devoted young African, with an insatiable desire and perpetual drive for the prosperity of the African people, I regularly dream about our status in the world and our common destiny as one people.  Read More

Analysis: Despite reduction in admission quota, OAU unable t...Samad Uthman, 20. May 2019In the past four years, the Obafemi Awolowo University admission capacity has been a piece of discourse. observations over the years with the yearly rise in the number of matriculated have shown that the institution is admitting more than the available infrastructures interms of lecture theatres and hostels. This report chronicles into the effect of the increasing admission figures over the years, the effect of the new accommodation policy and the sudden fall in the number of admitted students during the just concluded matriculation ceremony.  Read More

A Scientist's Perspective on Human Rights and ResilienceMaulline Gragau, 09. June 2020What are human rights? Do citizens, migrants, legal and illegal aliens, and minors have the same rights? Should individuals all over the world enjoy the same rights? Human rights are universally accepted as the equal and inalienable rights of any person, inherent due to the sole reason that they are human.  Read More

ASUU STRIKE: OAU students risk “carryover” as in...Alfred Olufemi, 13. February 2019With the indefinite postponement of some examinations in a Nigerian university, Obafemi Awolowo University, Alfred Olufemi can evidently report that some students will have to carry over some courses to the next session because of the ideological disagreement between lecturers.  Read More

Bisaya I amFebeto Potutan Jr., 25. August 2018When a dialect is spoken by many, it'll eventually become a language as Bisaya in the Philippines.  Read More

Brace up and move on Ovbokhan Okuonghae, 19. November 2019Life is in stages. Every stage requires time, patience, commitment, hard work and determination. The beginning of every stage is not always easy and exciting but it is always demanding(afterall, nothing good comes easy).  Read More

Business as unusual for Sustainable developmentHenry Kazula, 05. June 2017Our planet Earth is facing number of unprecedented environmental challengesscientifically diagnosed as “global sickness” resulted from environmental degradation grounded from human activities for self-interest to profit-making in business etting. Tanzania, among the other developing countries, is at higher risks of facing the negative impacts from various forms of environmental degradation as it makes every effort to alleviate poverty, as is a close relationship between the latter and environmental degradation.  Read More

Capital Flight: An Impact of Corruption and Political Instab...Muhammad Basorudin, 24. May 2018The phenomenon of capital flight has become a trending topic in almost every country in the world. This issue became popular especially among developing countries after two biggest financial scandals, Panama Papers and Paradise Papers.  Read More

Childhood cancerSundeela Syeda, 10. March 2019Asma was worried about Ali, as usual today he has gotten up with headache and is feeling nausea.Asma and Asif are witnessing this worsening condition of Ali from last 5 days now. She asked Asif to take an appointment from the doctor.  Read More

Climate change and its impact on Nepalese AgricultureKushal Naharki, 27. August 2017Climate change being one of the issue of global concern has intense role in agriculture of Nepal.  Read More

Climate Change An Undeniable RealityKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 14. June 2019Seas are becoming warmer, and sea levels are increasing. More prolonged and more severe droughts endanger crops, wildlife, and freshwater supplies. From Marine turtles off the coast of Africa to polar bears in the Arctic, because of changing climate, the diversity of life in our planet is in danger.  Read More

Climate Change Awareness CamapignKushal Naharki, 02. December 2017With Nepal facing huge impacts of Climate Change already and more likely to further increase in future, it is necessary to aware people about the causes, impacts and measures to adapt and mitigate it.  Read More

Concretization is a big disasterOmkareshwar Jha, 26. September 2018We can make such storage tanks that are made of concrete without a small leak of water from it. Also in prospect of underground water level and flood are a big matter of concern & we are somehow lacking to understand why this is happening a big picture might have more than one parameter. But atleast I wanna share one big parameter of our development is making roads but it becomes disaster without knowing proper science & management.  Read More

COVID 19 AND THE CHANGES IN SOCIETY. Harshitaa Ashish, 16. December 20202020 has been a very unexpecting year and the world has been attacked by a pandemic. People from from different backgrounds and conditions in the whole world are affected and are still suffering. In spite all the difficulties, people did not give up and are still fighting!  Read More

Dada: A community buried in its own deathAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 26. November 2018One could begin with the flies, smells of rotten food, remains of emptied bowel or a community hounded by questions of abandonment. Like the hustle and bustle of Lagos tripartite statue , its mightiness welcomes strangers and bid farewell to residents; its overpowering stenches of treachery debar the community from unraveling her potentials. Such is the plight of people living in the rural part of Nigeria where open spaces receive the blessings of the bowel, and culinary waste find solace in the open field at the backyard  Read More

Despite being outlawed, Female Genital Mutilation Secretly P...Alfred Olufemi, 01. May 2019Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) includes all procedures involving the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia for cultural and or non-medical reasons. Although prohibited by the law, the act is secretly practiced in Oyo state, a recent report revealed.  Read More

Develop effective environmental education, Stay below 1.5 de...Maulline Gragau, 04. June 2018On 1st March 2018, Kenyans woke to the bold headline “Heatwave a sign of bad things to come” carried by the Daily Nation. The story brought to the fore the devastating effects of climate change and cast a grim future unless every person learns to appreciate and embrace environmental conservation. While Kenya is not a direct contributor to global warming, the effects of climate change which are bound to worsen calls for concerted efforts from all sectors in the country because it concerns each aspect of the economy. The starting point should be listening and learning from the people expected to conserve the environment because we don't have the financial muscle to fund the cleaning up of polluted air, water and soils and litigation and medical costs.  Read More

Digital Entrepreneurship TodayEsimaje Michael Onoseme, 01. October 2018Digital Entrepreneurship is the way to go at the moment. A Properly Developed Digital Entrepreneur can survive the Harsh Scotching Effect of Job Insecurity Across Africa.  Read More

Dismissal, suspension of lecturers causes uproar in Nigerian...Alfred Olufemi, 14. March 2019The disciplinary action resorted to by the management of the Federal University of Oye, Ekiti state against allegedly ‘erring’ staffers has generated an uproar among members of the university community in recent times.  Read More

Does Facebook or other forms of social media create isolatio...Rohit Puri, 13. April 2019“Facebook lets people connected meet new friends, yet some argue people spend so much time on social media that they lose contact with real life and may even become addicted.”  Read More

Do’s and Don’ts in a Writing CompetitionTochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba, 21. January 2020Why do people enter a writing competition? Few enter to practice. Some enter to motivate themselves to complete their stories. But there is a reason why everyone who enters a writing contest needs… Win! As an editor, writer and a proofreader that have been judging a hundred writing contests during those times, I have discovered what it entails to ruin chances and win an entry.  Read More

Do this when you feel sleepy at workMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 16. August 2019Everyone gets sleepy while working once in a while. Although it’s not that big of an issue, it can land you in trouble at work if a senior or even worse, the Boss catches you. In today’s busy and competitive world, we need to be the best version of ourselves and that can only happen when we are wide awake and active. This means that staying attentive while working is very very important.  Read More

Drop It Youth - Fight against Plastic PollutionSainath Manikandan, 08. February 2020We live on a blue planet, with oceans and seas covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. Oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and generate most of the oxygen we breathe. Oceans are facing threats as a result of human activity.  Read More

Echoes from a Small Town of ManesarVallary Gupta, 27. June 2020The heritage structures need to be enveloped and encompassed within the newly created precincts. They are the lifeline of a place, the storyteller of the reason of our existence that hides beneath the layers of stones and traditions. Man must progress and move. Modernization and urbanisation are the keys to the lock that opens up the gates to growth. Though, the price that we pay is inhumane.  Read More

Ecosia: A Few Clicks for a Better FutureSwetha Tandri, 09. May 2020The internet is regarded as one of the best innovations of modern society, providing an endless supply of information. But our supposedly harmless Googling actually releases as much carbon dioxide as the entire aviation industry, poisoning the air we breathe. What if there was a way to reap the positives of the internet while simultaneously replenishing our atmosphere? Step aside, Google. Ecosia is now our best bet.  Read More

Effect of Childbirth on the Pelvic Floor And Physical Therap...Anand Vaghasiya, 25. September 2019Treatment of pelvic floor impairment has become more visible and accepted in the physical therapy community over the past 10 to 15 years.the specialty area of Women’s Health was recognized on a national level at Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), at which 60 newly certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialists (WCS) were acknowledged for their achievements.  Read More

Empowering Children For Better FutureKushal Naharki, 14. October 2017Youth Innovation Network conducted an "One day motivational program and stationary distribution" to empower better future for children.  Read More

Empowering Youth to Protect Mother EarthVivek Modi, 12. July 2017Raise For Sustainability is an initiative of a team of young change makers that works diligently to enable youth to comprehend the importance of the environment and environmental sustainability, makes concerted efforts to conserve it and tries to make the world a better place to live in.  Read More

Environmental Benefits of a Roof GardenNisha Meena, 29. June 2018A roof garden is any type of vegetation established on the roof of a building. Apart from the decorative benefit, roof garden serves the purpose of providing architectural enhancement, temperature control, recreational opportunities, habitats for wildlife and food.  Read More

Environmental issues in FilmsSainath Manikandan, 23. April 2020Plastics are not our body's best friend. We have been using the plastic materials for over 5 decades now. There are millions of tonnes of plastic that we produce year after year. And the number keeps on increasing at a drastic year every year. Our marine environment is facing a huge threat due to these plastics and so do our environment.  Read More

Environmental Pollution: Crisis for EarthNisha Meena, 27. May 2018Environmental pollution has existed for centuries but only started to be significant following the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Pollution occurs when the natural environment cannot destroy an element without creating harm or damage to itself.  Read More

Evaluating the performance of OGDCL-NTHP ProgramMuhammad Attique Shah, 16. December 2020As we all agree on this little stance that education is backbone behind development of any nation. So this article tries to evaluate the performance of OGDCL-NTHP Program that is being run by Sukkur IBA University. Till now, more than 1200 students are pursuing free education in one of top ranked business schools of Pakistan.  Read More

Examining the Environmental Laws in Africa: Nigeria as a Cas...Tochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba, 28. November 2018Environmental Degradation has consistently resulted to undesired obstacles for economic and health development in Nigeria. Some of these challenges entail pollution, deforestation, improper pesticides and Global Warming. Despite the Environmental laws aimed at minimizing these challenges, the condition in Nigeria tends to degenerate as a result of the fact that these laws are not enforced effectively.  Read More

Female child education: a wastage resourcesYasir Ibrahim, 14. February 2019In our society today, it is believed that a male child will eventually be the head of the family. Therefore, educating the female child is not really compulsory and prevailing to that of the male child. Why is female child education a waste of resources.  Read More

Finding local solutions to the global problems in Climate Ch...Zulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 01. July 2018Climate change is happening and it is going to change adversely in the coming years. And one has to find the best possible solution for this. But it cannot happen, if one person or an entity is held responsible.  Read More

Forests: To Tackle Climate ChangeAnjila Lamichhane, 09. August 2017Planet for today and tomorrow. Lets' save it for the future generation.  Read More

Ghanaian Youth Advocate represent Young Reporters for the En...Francis Ametepey, 10. June 2018 Achieving these ambitious Goals(SDGs) requires a profound transformation in the way we live, think and act. The role of Education in achieving all of the 17 SDGs cannot be ever emphasized.  Read More

Gift A TreeKushal Naharki, 19. November 2017Celebrate "Green Birthday" by gifting a tree on your beloved person birthday and lets fight together against global environmental issues locally.  Read More

Global Climate Change Impacts on EarthNisha Meena, 10. July 2018The global climate is changing: the impacts associated with the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities–changes in mean temperature, shifts in seasons and an increasing intensity of extreme weather events–are already occurring and will worsen in the future. Millions of people, particularly those in developing countries, face shortages of water and food and greater risks to health. Adaptation measures that reduce vulnerability to climate change are critical, especially in many countries where the risks are here and now.  Read More

Go to the woods it will teach you more than booksNithin Valsamma Rajan, 24. June 2018Every day can be a working day to learn from nature. Nature is a store house of wisdom and the lessons she teaches us are powerful. Great philosophers in the world have been students of, learning from nature. The style of learning is by observation and the process can be really interesting.  Read More

Harsh Realty Highly Neglected - Child Abuse in AfghanistanAbdullah Abed, 01. July 2019Me and my generation who were born in 1980s, then as children and now as young men/women can’t recall but war, bloodshed, hardship, immigration and plenty of the miseries still Afghan struggling with. As war's nature applies no exception in harming to people from any walk of the life but children pay much higher price than any layer of community.  Read More

Holliston Health Agent in Hot Water AgainHksolution Sol, 15. August 2018The Massachusetts Attorney General has been asked to investigate the Town of Holliston after receiving numerous complaints against a town employee. Reports indicate that on multiple occasions, Holliston Health Agent, Scott Moles, entered residents’ property and illegally seized personal items. According to sources, Moles told any resident who resisted to “get a lawyer”.  Read More

How far-reaching drought forges lives in Afghanistan Abdullah Abed, 14. January 2019While Afghanistan continues hitting the headlines for its decades long lasted armed conflicts, the misery has recently coupled with a severe drought harshly taking toll on people who are already known to the hell of loss. To picture the scale of the mishap, official entities, term the ongoing drought in Afghanistan unprecedented since 1971. Sake of severe lack of rain and snowfall in recent years, 20 out of the all 34 provinces, where roughly 15 million people depend on farming have been struggling with exceedingly strict drought.  Read More

How people's health, businesses suffer from abandoned projec...Alfred Olufemi, 09. April 2019The uncompleted road project in idi-Ape- Iwo road area of Ibadan, Oyo state capital, had so much endangered lives of residents, passersby and motorists. Alfred Olufemi chronicles in to the health and business effect of the neglected project on the people.  Read More

How To Deal With Rejection A Little Better?Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, 10. March 2019Rejection can be hard and it is something which happens to everyone. But it is a chance for improvement and self-growth. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh shares some ways to deal with rejection a little better.  Read More

How we were coaching fellow inmates for WAEC - Students' ord...Alfred Olufemi, 27. July 2019Meanwhile, in different interviews with this paper, three of the seven, Messrs Ezeimo, Owhonda and Nnamani shared their experiences and thoughts on the welfare state and challenges in the Akwa prison.  Read More

ICT in AgricultureKushal Naharki, 27. August 2017With the development of science and technology, information and communication technology has wide scope and importance in the field of agriculture.  Read More

I don`t need YOU!Mary Joy Orola , 16. January 2019Have you ever heard or said things like these:'You can do whatever and go wherever you like, I don't give a hoot 'cos I can live without you!' 'I have had it up to the neck with you. You are an eye sore and I don't ever want to relate with you again!''Leave my life alone! I don't need your friendship, neither do I need you. Go your way and I will go my way!'Why should they be said? I wonder...  Read More

I have done a small effort from my level. Have you?Anjila Lamichhane, 18. September 2017Youths are the voice of the earth. We have to speak for this green planet. Now the time has come to act for its protection. Lets’ do from our level to create a sound environment.  Read More

Importance of Clean Water in our LifeNisha Meena, 11. June 201871% of the earth surface is covered with water. It is vital to all forms of life found on the earth. It is found below the ground, oceans, large water bodies, and small water reservoirs. Water is also available in many forms like vapor, clouds, precipitation, surface water, glaciers and polar ice caps.  Read More

Indonesia’s Deforestation: One Map Policy and Transpar...Dinda Dewinta, 21. May 2018Protecting forests means saving the lives of our future generations, slowing the effects of climate change, and letting the earth keep breathing.  Read More

Information about the new generation environmentBalram Gupta, 23. May 2018The environment is defined as the surroundings in which the organism lives. The environment may be the physical environment, the chemical environment or the biological environment. Thus, the environment has two components - abiotic and biotic. The abiotic environment includes the air (atmosphere), water (hydrosphere) and land (lithosphere). The biotic environment includes the plants, animals and the microbes abiotic and biotic are the types of environment.  Read More

International Youth Day CelebrationKushal Naharki, 03. September 2018Youth Thinkers' Society Lamjung conducted Panel Discussion on "Safe Spaces For Youths" on the occasion of International Youth Day 2018.  Read More

Investigative Studies.Omkareshwar Jha, 06. June 2018Its a new way to learn with great engagement & creative ways.  Read More

iOS App DevelopmentNaina Gupta, 12. March 2019 In a blend, huge amounts of iOS applications accessible on the App store. The applications profoundly fluctuate in the quantity of portions. Be it, gaming, news, stimulation, or online business, everything is accessible on iOS.  Read More

Is Life Simple?Mandy Sharma, 01. May 2020In these times of pandemic, the life has retarded from pace to slow! we all were running here and there trying to make adjustments with the speed and at the same time cope with the stress and anxieties endowed with it.  Read More

Kalabagh dam and its controversyEngr Saeed Ahmed Jattak , 02. October 2019It is never late if it has been realised that it would be the time to do it. Kalabagh Dam is among the controversy of politicians only for their unplanned policies not trying to provide the benefits to the nation. We have to change our thinking to a well planned solutions, opposing every good for the survival of politics can destroy the whole nation physically and economically.  Read More

Kinda KindChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 16. April 2020"If you were presented with the option to choose between being right and being kind, choose kind - Unknown. Growing up in the Westlands of Africa, where "Every man for himself, God for us all" is the anthem on the streets and within the four corners of homes, the picture of empathy is as blur as the dotty stars and light bubbles we see after rubbing our eye balls to an itch. Mum says do not go when a stranger beckons in aid. Daddy adds " Everyone is wicked and wants to kill you."  Read More

Lamjung Model United Nation 2018Kushal Naharki, 11. July 2018Youth Thinker's Society-Lamjung organized Lamjung MUN 2018, national level UN simulation as the third iteration of the Lamjung MUN, with EIMUN (Everest International Model United Nations) as it strategic partner in Beshisahar, Lamjung from 23rd to 25th of June, 2018.  Read More

Let's walk the same stepArmand Eklou, 29. May 2017It all started three years ago when two years after my Baccalaureate second part, I followed a documentary HOME of Yann Arthus-Bertrand who presents the state of our planet, the causes and consequenses of the overconsumption of Its resources by man and his unconsciousness. I was then a student in Biology and Animal Physiology at the Lomé Campus. So touched by the facts, I immediately turned my jacket and oriented myself towards the environment and the preservation of Mother Nature.  Read More

Life at the African Leadership UniversityJeremiah Thoronka, 28. January 2018I have experienced the African Leadership University approach to the 21st Century education in the fast growing innovation hub of Kigali,Rwanda. The unique learning model in ALU have delivered an immersive and a transformative student experience in class and through the ALU Alive programme (ALU, 2016).  Read More

Life is beautiful with Black and White keysOluwadamilola Adigun, 14. June 2019Life is beautiful with Black and White keys. As much as I love music, I have found it pretty difficult to learn a musical instrument. Maybe I will learn it in some years to come. Anyways, while in the church listening to the melodious sounds, I saw the skillful pianist fingers running through the piano.  Read More

Logistics Apps: Potential To Mobilize The Entire IndustryRitesh Patil, 16. April 2020Uber-like app solutions are already popular in the transportation and cab industry with growing number of taxi businesses investing in their own white label taxi app to stay competitive and grow their businesses. Not to be left behind, the logistics industry that covers trucking and freight businesses, cargo delivery companies, pickup and delivery services, etc., are also embracing mobile apps like never before. The driving force is clear.  Read More

Love: Beyond An Act 2!Mary Joy Orola , 14. June 2020Tyler: I like you. You are a very bold girl.Girl 1: Thanks so much....Girl 2: Uh uh! I heard when Tyler said he likes you.Girl 1: Yes! That isn't a big deal. I stood up to the bully and he likes me for it. It's normal.Girl 2: Really?! You must be daft. No boy likes a girl like that. He wants you.''Girl 1 wonders why Girl 2 is taking the whole thing beyond what it looks like.''  Read More

MaladyFebeto Potutan Jr., 01. July 2018This poem depicts the current situation of our Mother Earth where humans, who are supposed to be the caretaker of the planet, ended up as the destroyers. This piece intends to be as a wake-up call for everyone that before it's too late we have to make an action and a change that will begin from us.  Read More

Maturity & ExperienceOmkareshwar Jha, 26. June 2018There is always a question that arises that how some peoples handle complex things with ease and few peoples complicate everything. The experience is the gift of everyone's life but the maturity is the willingness to learn out of that experience. Experience is simply means the events of the life the peoples have seen very much in their lives by the passage of time. They seen more situations and that comes by the time that are actually teachings of life.  Read More

Maximizing your default in-built human capacityAbednego Ishaya, 26. July 2018One problem being faced by most students is; the understanding of how they can build capacity for their future through maximizing their in-built human capacity. But first, the discovery of your potentials is paramount, which will then land you on the route towards maximizing your default in-built human capacity.  Read More

Measure Air Pollution with LaserBen Schaefer, 15. May 2017We want to install a Laser construction in different cities to measure air pollution. To accomplish this task we need YPPO member that want to help us in installing these constructions in their cities. The measured date will then be used to rank different cities regarding air pollution and transparency!  Read More

Message or Emotion?Valeriia Tsytsyk, 17. June 2018Have you ever had the experience of buying something or doing something, feeling so excited and later, wondering why you did it or actually, what was the force that pushed you to do what you did? The truth is more than simple: 95% of our decisions are made emotionally and unconsciously, and rationalized later, consciously. That is the reason why emotional advertising has made many companies successful ones. Hence, does the message play any role at all, or has it has been irretrievably replaced by emotions?  Read More

Message to Newly Admitted StudentsOmoyemi Ogbe, 01. July 2019Nigerian students both in Universities and Polytechnics often desire to graduate with distinction, but most of them usually finish with 2.1 or 2.2. Their inability to actualize their academic desires can be attributed to lack of determination and plans in their academic pursuit.Apart from the excuse that the Nigerian academic environment is hostile, a lot of students only want to graduate with first class without shedding a bead of sweat.  Read More

Million Drops of LoveEdrell Cabatbat , 19. January 2019Every drop that falls from the heavens splashes God's unconditional love. In fact, He disguises Himself in the form of raindrops to overflow His million drops of love.  Read More

Monsoon Rainfall: A Necessary Evil in NepalSachin Gahatraj, 06. November 2017Shift in time and erratic pattern of monsoon is exacerbating rice production and eventually, food security in Nepal.  Read More

Most popular Pheromone trap in Bangladesh controlling Insect...Md.Abdullah Masum, 23. October 2017 A pheromone trap is a type of insect trap that uses pheromones to lure insects. Sex pheromones and aggregating pheromones are the most common types used for controlling insects in absence of the collector and without the direct use of any toxic pesticides or chemicals.  Read More

Mounting Prevalence of overlooked Mental Health Issues in Pa...Zainab Ali Asghar, 19. December 2018In this article I want to make the topic of ignorance in Pakistan as the topic of complete importance and consideration. Moreover, it's a small step towards enlightening those narrow minds and alarming them with the best of what deadly disease mental conditions hold in them and how devastating it can be for an individual. Hence, to overcome these mental issues some solutions are also discussed which requires attention in Pakistan.  Read More

Multiple intelligence versus Inflexible TeachersIsiaka A Kromah , 27. July 2019At certain point in life we have all in one way or the other feel marginalized or probably believed we are not up to a specified task based on how we relate to it or handle it . Well this is about how people whom we see as our heroes and future builders (Teachers ) failed to adjust to our different conditions and capabilities of learning . This is about how creating a conducive environment for us all will held a better outcome to our Nation.  Read More

Must I Push?Oluwadamilola Adigun, 17. April 2019When I was pregnant, I never knew I will have to PUSH hard  Read More

My Anxiety and IChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 12. July 2018No, no, no, no, you have it all wrong. You twisted the whole and branched to a rather sharp exit. My horoscope forbids me to explain myself after I spell out all the necessary preambles like a good old quizmaster. Too bad there was no hint of coffee in the air- it would have jerked your mind to the words I spoke. Or to the countless gestures I howled and hiked, hoping you'll dig the signals and save me from myself.  Read More

My Kind of GirlChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 22. January 2019"Who is your kind of girl?" I get this question a lot. Not because I am oh-my-god handsome or holy-smokes charming, no, no, no. Far from the 'charm of hands' and the 'smoky gods'. It is elementarily because I am single. As if that's the worst disease that can ever happen to a young man like myself, everyone goes "Why art thou single?!" Such questions do come in many translations-- the King James as well.. haven't come across the Revised Standard Version yet though.  Read More

Need to unite for the common problems of the world Aditya Kumar, 03. June 2018Our Need to unite for the common Problems of the world. We live in a global village today. People from the different country could get anything of their interest which they are deprived of due to variation in climate, culture, style, language and so on. Earlier the things manufactured in one country could be used by the people of that country only but now everything has changed.  Read More

New Year New CommitmentsKushal Naharki, 08. January 2018Lets make a new commitment this new year to stand together to protect our environment and planet Earth  Read More

Nigeria Presidential Elections: A spectacle of honesty and c...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 02. March 2019A spectacle of fair scenery was largely acclaimed given the credibility of polls as obvious reality checks from within and around the world indicates remarks to a nearly perfect electoral conduct devoid of illicit misconduct, citizen disenfranchisement, and political muscling of opposition. It turns out to be an electoral process where the vast majority of Nigerians were allowed to vote for their choice candidate through the ballot on account of their free will without fear or favor, duress’s or dogmas  Read More

Nothing About Us Without UsAbednego Ishaya, 24. October 2019Each time I hear of various complains made either on the newspapers, magazines, television, radio, social media, etc; it grieves my heart so much, such that it puts me on the thought towards finding a key and vital solution to the problem(s). And, in my quest towards answering for the above, I had an encounter with the Leadtots 2019 Youth Civic Engagement Program, which granted me the understanding that there is “nothing about us, without us”.  Read More

Ocean Acidification : An emerging threat to environmentSantoshi Bhattarai, 17. July 2017LETS SPEAK FOR OUR OCEANS COZ THEY CANT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. RAISE VOICE FOR THE UNSPEAKABLES.  Read More

Of Domestic Violence And The Youths Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi, 22. December 2019This article tackle domestic violence, that's affecting the world over. This problematic situation has damaged many young people's lifestyle. Due to the fact that, they have lost inventing caring from their parents. After they're no more living together, because of an effect of domestic violence. It talks about its side effect also.  Read More

Of Nigeria and her seesawAbdulwaheed Sofiullahi, 18. February 2019Who knows, mayhaps a soothsayer had forseen what would be the fate of Nigeria after Independent? Like Ola Rotimi's 'The Gods are not to blame' where a great seer of supernatural ghoul sees the pregnancy of the snail in the shell. A semblance of it as the playwright portrayed, King Adetusa of kutuje land placates the oracle to forsee the destiny of his new born baby. The oracle speaks, and the vulture was present for the atonement -- the rest is history. The analogy is of this country, we play the pattern of fiction but non-fiction happening to Nigerians from then till date.  Read More

Of Social Vices and YouthAbdulwaheed Sofiullahi, 27. November 2019It's an article that tells the tale of a notorious Nigeria burger, who developed his inevitable interest. It shows the way of this inevitably inevitable problem in the society. The article also treats different things that causes social vices in our society.  Read More

Of Students’ Victimization and My Parents in the Unive...Alfred Olufemi, 20. April 2019The success of some policies and reformation in the past is not unconnected to the support of the students’ union structures and the vibrancy of the student leaders in protest for a better society. The Ali-must-go protest of 1978 against the 50 kobo increment on the cost of students’ meal was spearheaded by the leadership of the National Union of Nigeria Students (NUNS).  Read More

On Hip-Hop’s Birthday: Some Inspiring Quotes By Great ...Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, 01. September 2019It was hip-hop’s birthday (August 11, 2019) and I know I should’ve written this article yesterday. Well, better late than never! Hip-Hop took birth in the harsh streets of Bronx, New York on August 11, 1973, at the “Back To School Jam” hosted by the man deservingly considered as the father of Hip-Hop: DJ Kool Herc. Since that day, Hip-Hop has experienced a growth that changed music forever.  Read More

On the Binary Concept of PoliticsJubilee Balonkita, 09. June 2018The Philippines is currently in a state of political divide more prevalent than it is has been for so many years. It is a battle of reds versus yellows, but this time, the reds are not leftists but the supporters of the president himself. What future will this bring for the Philippines? -- And what more can it take?  Read More

Our Forests Crying For HelpDawda Jallow, 21. July 2017Trees For Life  Read More

Over-Cultivation: A big problem for environmentNisha Meena, 14. June 2018Over-cultivation is an action that has brought about a lot of devastating effects on the globe. Just as the terminology suggests, it is the practice of excessive farming on a piece of land to the point of degradation of the soil as well as the land itself. Farmlands are desired for their rich base in nutrients especially for the soil, in order to provide the necessary nutrient to the crops. Rich soil means a priced land.  Read More

Pakistan AgricultureAsfand Ali Goraho, 05. October 2018Agriculture is a vital sector of Pakistan's economy and accounted for 25.9 percent of GDP in 1999-2000, according to government estimates. The sector directly supports three-quarters of the country's population, employs half the labor force, and contributes a large share of foreign exchange earnings.  Read More

Parliamentary Elections; another Test for Afghan Precarious ...Abdullah Abed, 14. November 2018I am submitting my article about Afghanistan's upcoming parliamentary election which has been dated for October 20 exclusively for International Youth Journal. it is my pleasure that you are taking it into consideration for publication.  Read More

Philippine Tourist Destinations: Mini Boracay cases?Francine Beatriz Pradez, 12. November 2018Following the foreclosure of Boracay, should other tourist destinations in the Philippines undergo extensive improvement to meet international standards  Read More

Planet of earth: reinvigorating to planet of beastsMuhammad Attique Syed, 08. June 2018The Earth is being taken to a wrongly prevailed path; where every person is tilted towards self benefit rather than rethinking on current policies which could be beneficial for entire humanity. This article touch the crux of such dilemma and ask humans to rethink on it; where they are moving the Earth.  Read More

Rainforest Live: rainforestcam.orgSimon Krus, 15. May 2017We want to set up a webcam in the center of the Amazonas rainforest, which enables the public to realize the beauty and activity inside the forest through an online platform. People could be encouraged to take action!  Read More

Rape/Pedophilia In Nigeria: The Way OutMuhammad Gambari Aminah, 11. February 2020It's about the consequences of being a gender casulity of rape. In the society where social Violence is allowed and permitted by the citizens which is not allowed in the world over. This article treats the ways how to be left of being a casulity of sexual harassment.  Read More

Red Panda In NepalAnjila Lamichhane, 08. September 2017We, the youths have to speak for those who can’t raise their voice………….Lets’ protect the habitat of the wildlife….Today we are lucky enough to have them but are our future generations this much lucky??  Read More

Reflection of a Young Sierra LeoneanJeremiah Thoronka, 16. December 2020Growing up in Sierra Leone was filled with hope for a better future. We sang the national anthem pouring out our hearts, we pledged, we happily sang about the then 12 districts and the 7 major rivers of Sierra Leone.  Read More

Reflection of emerging roles of Nigerian Youths to build a v...Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 07. June 2018The roles of youths in nation building cannot be over-emphasised in any part of the universe as exemplified not only in the growing participation of youths across every sector of the society but also their roles in pre-colonial Nigeria societies -security, economy, political- which thus, help to maintain stability before colonial adventurism in Africa nay Nigeria  Read More

Rethinking city planning after a pandemicDinda Dewinta, 05. August 2020Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed many things in human life today, especially in urban activities. The city will never be the same again and the journey to the new normal begins now.  Read More

Rice-cum-fish farming: opportunities in NepalSamita Paudel, 08. October 2017The practice of rearing fish along with paddy is as old as paddy farming. In the traditional farming practice the rice cum fish farming was mainly on capture basis. Rice is an agricultural crop cultivated in the largest land area of the world after wheat. The rice cum fish farming is in practice in several countries including China, Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand, Korea, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  Read More

Rise in ZogolismIsiaka A Kromah , 03. September 2019With the increasing number in Zogolism ,if no preventive measure is taken , 2 out of every 5 young people will be a zogo in the next 8 years : A case study of Liberia .Based on much research and investigation done.  Read More

Safeguarding the Future of the Younger Generation: A Lesson ...Chukwudike Ukeje, 08. April 2020The world is advancing at a fast pace. It is beyond doubt that human race has made significant achievements in the last few decades. Child mortality has been reduced drastically, and we have succeeded in almost eradicating polio from every country. As well, Communication barriers have been broken down through the invention of the internet, mobile phones, and the computer; thereby creating a more globalized and inter-connected world.  Read More

Safety Regulations and Liability Schemes in the Civil Aviati...Dejen Yemane Messele , 13. March 2019Ethiopian Airlines which offers African world-class air transport services faces a shocking aerial accident on 10th March 2019. The accident become the top breaking news and headline of the major global media (here, here, and here) and different speculations are given as to the causes of the accident. This fact forced this author to explore the safety regulations and liability schemes in the international civil aviation laws.  Read More

SAYING NO TO RAPE IN NIGERIA: SOLUTIONSVictor Oyelade, 14. June 2020A popular Girls' Welfare Advocate on my facebook timeline advises girls to stop visiting guys for now so they don't become victims of #rape. It’s a sad development – True. However, emotions only aren’t enough in solving this challenge at this timeIn my opinion, girls putting a hold on visiting males will only be a temporary solution, if it is at all.The solution...  Read More

Scope of Biodiesel Production in BangladeshTanmoy Kumar Ghose, 08. October 2017Environmental pollution is the major problem we are facing in this modern era.Diesel and other petro fuel operated vehicles (car, bus, motorcycle, trucks etc) usually emit a huge amount of toxic gases such as CO2, SO2, CO etc which are breaking down the ozone layer and we are facing green house effect.  Read More

Seeking Education in Pakistan Seems Quite Doable NowMuhammad Attique Shah, 11. June 2018The article focus on seeking education in Pakistan as it seems quite doable now. Looking at the HEC ranking; IBA Sukkur University is at 4th best business schools in Pakistan but few elements, which one might not know, makes it the best business school in Pakistan.  Read More

She is familyJubilee Floren, 02. October 2018It is between the granddaughter, the grandmother and the daughter. Wherein the granddaughter was being molested by the second husband of the grandmother. And the granddaughter planted some hatred to her grandmother and the daughter wanted to take one side but the daughter understand every side of the story.  Read More

Small Area Estimation: Study of Poverty and Income Distribut...Muhammad Basorudin, 13. June 2018Small Area Estimation (SAE) is the popular techniques to estimate population in small area which need for availability auxiliary variables in area level and unit level.  Read More

Some Quotes By Elon Musk That Will Motivate You To Follow Yo...Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, 03. September 2019Elon Musk is one of the biggest names in the world today and he deserves to be. He is the founder of Tesla (an electric automobile organization) and SpaceX (a space exploration organization). Elon Musk is a real visionary who just wants to work for changing the world. He even released the patent of electric vehicles that he had for Tesla cars and said that anyone can use this technology.  Read More

Stop Polluting The GambiaOmar Malmo Junior, 18. May 2017Our marine resources are dwindling at an increasing rate yet no solution from the men and women at the helm of affairs. Before sacking technocrats and experts, sack the foreigners (Chinese) from our water body for their bad fishing nets and waste dumping culminating to a high pollution potential in our water body.  Read More

Strengths and Weaknesses of Zimbabwe as viewed by Sustainabl...Mthandazo Khumalo, 05. June 2018Zimbabwe is a low income landlocked nation, situated in the southern part of Africa. It has a population of 15,6 million people. Despite Zimbabwe’s economic downturn in 2000, the latter has enjoyed increased growth and a booming economy and was once called “the breadbasket of Africa”. The launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals created a new trajectory for Zimbabwe. The year 2015 meant that Zimbabwe had to join other countries across the spatio- temporal divide in conducting the unfinished business relating to the SDGs. The SDGs are a core component of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted in September 2015. It is the purpose of this article to clearly analyse the strengths and weaknesses of Zimbabwe as viewed by the SDGs.  Read More

Student Mental Health CrisisIshaan Sachdeva, 03. January 2019Canadian schools and universities are facing mental health crisis. All mental health organisations are focussed on complex solutions to this burning issue. While doing so, the simpler solutions are being overlooked. One such easier approach which promotes mental health is physical activity and promotion of the awareness of physical activity mental health connection is the goal of Active Mental Health Initiative, a Student led National Organization.  Read More

Sustainable AgricultureRanjana Chippa, 09. August 2018Sustainable agriculture is the production of plant and animal products, including food, in a way which uses farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, communities, and the welfare of animals without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The key to sustainable agriculture is finding the right balance between the need for food production and the preservation of environmental ecosystems.  Read More

Taste Success With These Quotes By Bill GatesKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 21. October 2019Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is the second richest person in the world and there are a lot of reasons for that. And if you have seen such immense success in your life, it’s normal for you to be wise. Bill Gates is also known for inspiring a lot of people with his legacy and the things he says. While being one of the richest, he is also one of the most quotable people in the world.  Read More

Thai Consumers Behavior towards Fast FashionNi Putu Maha Lina, 15. June 2018Clothing has always been regarded as one of the primary needs of human being. This concept can be reflected in current clothing trends for teenagers. Teenagers aware of the latest fashion trend, what update is and what will be upcoming. They are addicted to follow the fashion trend that is growing over time. Teenagers’ intention to follow current fashion trend has captured by a retail store.  Read More

The African ChildMary Joy Orola , 05. June 2020Ever heard of the saying, ‘Your root determines your walk’ or ‘No matter how far and wide you travel, you cannot forget your root’? Whichever saying you are accustomed to drives home the point that one’s life in its entirety – may it be lifestyle, speech, mannerisms, attitude, and the likes – is a product of wherever one originates from. This is usually portrayed when one behaves in a certain manner.  Read More

The Agricultural Sector: Path towards achieving a wider rang...Abednego Ishaya, 01. September 2018In a world of diverse needs (that calls for different actions to be taken by various corporate organizations), for which the government alone might not necessarily meet up to. There appears to be a gap between the understanding the community needs and what the corporate organizations take of their view.  Read More

The Call of NatureJubilee Balonkita, 07. June 2018The status quo of the environment is a magnanimous issue today. Drastic change due to industrialization prevents all sorts of species to grow and subdue the Earth. We now live in a time where clean resources are scarce and spaces available are ironically less spacious than before. Even with a straightforward list of all the negative changes that can be spotted through comparing the then and now, humans tend to overlook the facts and operate in a way more convenient for them. Albeit the definition of conservation is well known and printed in various dictionaries, people seem to disregard putting it into practice. This paper will tackle the connection between conservation and human action.  Read More

The Changing Employment Scene in KenyaMaulline Gragau, 27. July 2019There have been massive changes within the sphere of Kenyan Labour Laws especially in the issue of the worker’s rights and it is essential for every employee to be aware of these changes. These massive changes include the enactment of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the scrapping of the pre-existing labour laws for more comprehensive statutes and the creation of new policies and case law.  Read More

The dangers of plastic pollution and its harmful effects on ...Sundeela Syeda, 27. February 2019My article is on the dangerous affects plastic is causing on human health or you can say on the whole environment.we should reduce the use of plastic for our better tomorrow.  Read More

The Deaf WorldAnna Baklytska, 22. January 2019Have you ever seen a deaf person dance? I have. I watched this person with delight and pride… Yes, with pride (or admiration), that they hadn’t given up, but had learned to enjoy the music of silence, not considering themselves deprived and regardless of the absence of their hearing- they amazed people!  Read More

The Deserted LifeDeepak Lal, 29. August 2020Life is nothing but an unending, sometimes dreadful, and sometimes beautiful, journey of person where one faces lots of hardships so as to be concocted rightly. This article is a story during Covid-19, a poor student who overcomes all the hindrances comes in a way, his family faces the problem of poverty, his father cannot go outside to earn because of a virus, but He struggles to earn money from Home. He starts freelancing.  Read More

The Effect of COVID-19 on the Youth Population and Youth Org...Abednego Ishaya Wakili, 23. August 2020Leadtots and Human Development Services to launch a rapid response funds, with support from National Endowment for Democracy (USA), to help young people who were beneficiaries of the Leadtots projects (inclusive of the Youth Civic Engagement Trainings, DE-Watson Leadership Academy or members of the Youth Political Hotspots in Bauchi, Gombe, Yobe, Taraba and Adamawa states) to lead projects that addresses community impacts of COVID-19.  Read More

The Emptiness of Heart - The Buddha Deepak Lal, 19. January 2020The emptiness of the heart is what makes me remember the Gautama Buddha. It is the feeling of nothingness when you own nothing but yourself. Buddha tried to know the secret of happiness, death, life, sufferings. and how to escape from these all.  Read More

The Fate of Girl-child and EducationAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 09. August 2018“Education has in its characters a formation of character, but to deny certain individual access to it on the basis of sex is a crime against humanity. The education of a girl-child not only exorcises the society but also makes the world a better place to live”  Read More

The Fruit Mingled Tradition & Innovation: the Story of A...Tiancheng Xu, 05. June 2018A story comes that a master’s student in eastern China has taken the mission to modernize traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to a whole new level by building a robot that can perform acupuncture, called “Acubots” which means the acupuncture robots. Using a digitized map of acupoints — spots on the body believed to correspond with certain tissues and organs in TCM— the robot can identify where to correctly place a needle after measuring the height of any patient.Which won Top 36 of the 9th Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition.  Read More

The impact of customer relationship management on organizati...Abdisalan Ahmed Hussein Fidow, 29. September 2019The purpose of this study to investigate the impact of customer relationship management on the profit of organization In Somali. The study used the domestic theory to analyze data by applying statistical package for social science (SPSS version 20.0) special regression model tool was used our study.  Read More

The inception of 4th Industrial Revolution: Technology&rsquo...Jawwad Shadman Siddique, 08. July 2019According to some experts, we are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. And, its one that will make those that came before it look like mere dress rehearsals for the main event! But what is it and why should we care?  Read More

The Love that Constrains!Mary Joy Orola , 04. August 2018"Why do I have to condone rubbish? I don't take nonsense! You step on my toes, I deal with you!'' These and many other like them are found on our lips at certain times of conflict. Conflict, as I have come to discover, is a great tool for development in all spheres if we can cultivate a welcoming demeanor at such times.  Read More

The Man, His Works, and His RuinsAaron Jay Quitain, 08. June 2018Over the years of our existence, we, as human beings, have proven our capabilities and witnessed the accomplishments of our brilliant minds. But are we on the verge to unleash our greatest breakthrough as the supreme species of our planet... or are we a few steps from our own downfall?  Read More

Theory of Self Sustainability of NatureVivek Modi, 17. July 2017"vasudhaiva kutumbakam” It is the ancient Indian principle which means the whole world is my family.As a family we live together and our lives are dependent on each other.  Read More

The Power of Our DesiresAbednego Ishaya Wakili, 01. May 2020How are your desires guiding you through the path which will lead you to the success of the life which you have been made to live for? When your desires are put right, the later story will be well said of.  Read More

The Rainforest Destruction CamSimon Govender, 15. May 2017The destruction of Rainforests all over the world increases dramatically. Since nations all over the world profit by the extensive amounts of wood the extent of the problem is being kept hidden from society. We will deploy multiple cameras at the borders of the rain forest that will live stream the situations.  Read More

There is Nothing Except YouDeep Solanki, 16. May 2019This is a article describing the different stages a person acquire, when he starts a journey to the enlightenment, knowing, and learning patience. I observed the thinking, behavior and the circumstance faced by the character. Article reveals truth about how a person reacts when he is learning a way to Infinity. This is a fictional work.  Read More

The Role of Business in Contributing to and Addressing to Su...Muhammad Athar Azad, 23. June 2020Education on sustainable development will promote the enthusiasm for the prudent and judicious use of resources so that future generations may also be able to use it. Education on sustainable development will lead to environment-friendly commitments and policies to design. The business also contributes to developing sustainable issues like climate change, water pollution, waste production, air pollution, deforestation and many more.  Read More

The Small Businesses in SomaliAbdisalan Ahmed Hussein Fidow, 17. July 2018There are many entetpuners in Somali , this study will argue the small business in Somali and so the main benefit of Small business. However the trade rose significant with the economic growth , since 1970 the Somali people crowed the cities and towns, They need Businesses after that grdual arise for export and import so the trade will have a positive impact on Economic growth in Somali.  Read More

The Source Of Poverty.Alhaji Yusuf Yusuf, 07. June 2018"ONE DAY THE POOR WILL HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO EAT BUT THE RICH."Poverty is a degradation of human dignity and the inability to make wishful choices and get opportunities. Poverty is a major source of worry all over the world and it has been a major developmental problem in Africa and Nigeria in particular.  Read More

The Struggle To Guilty A Powerful Man Against a Weak Woman I...Muhammad Bilal Tahir, 08. February 2020This article explains to aspects of structural violence in many societies. The first one is "Structural Violence Against Women" and the second one is about "Structural Violence Against Weak People by the Wealthy Ones"  Read More

The Urgent Need for Environmental Education in AfricaMaulline Gragau, 04. April 2020Following the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, several African countries created National Environment Authorities to increase environmental awareness among the people.  Read More

Travails of the girl childAbdulrahman Abdulganiyu, 18. April 2020Inside life, women or girls around the world witness challenges of their fundamental right. Discrimination, violence and harassment of female sex has dominated the four angles of the world and shaped the daily news in the media. Throughout the world, fundamental human rights has castigated the topic of gender inequality. Law of every nation has provided -in their constitution- clearly by treating the right of quality in no preference to any sex.  Read More

Trend of Building Collapse Poses Threat to Living in Nigeria...Alfred Olufemi, 07. April 2019However, while this reporter discovered that a few of these unfortunate incidents were unprecedented, many could be attributed to the negligence of the state governments, which could have been averted.  Read More

Unseen, Unloved and UnheardSafiullah Shaikh, 20. August 2019Transgender community are no alien creatures to this world yet the fact that no one wants to talk about them cannot be let alone. They are deemed as an intruder to this world and their peculiarity is still even and prevailing. Their unacceptability has posed a question mark on humanity. The time has come to phase out these stereotypical scrutiny, open arms for them and make the world a better place to live in.  Read More

UnshatteredMichelle Sayre, 02. September 2020Everything entails twinges of pain and immense emotions through the dim portal of life until the incandescence of hope.The attack of my poetry: unshattered, is to breathe new sonorous melody of mêlée- confusion, a battle of mind and of inner demon, the caricature of everlasting uncertainties.  Read More

Vesuvius: Everything about it ,and what if erupts in the nea...Mahd Sheriff, 04. October 2020Just imagine you turn on the news to find out several cities wiped off the face of the Earth, gargantuan coal black clouds of volcanic ash covering the "yon rich" sky , air traffic seized, power-lines cut and the climate is about change, the story of Pompeii has repeated, this is everything about Vesuvius and what if it erupts in 2020(today).  Read More

WANTED: A NATION WITHOUT POVERTY.Itunuoluwa Ajayi-Albert, 02. October 2020As Nigeria celebrates her 60 – year independence anniversary, the living standard of Nigerians calls for renewed official attention. Many Nigerians are still poor and hungry. Despite the government’s poverty alleviation efforts, a great number of Nigerians remain unemployed, homeless, and acquainted with the pangs of empty-belly hunger. Therefore, our celebration in the face of endemic poverty should be marked by creative solemnity cogitations.  Read More

Water Conservation: Challenge for coming generationNisha Meena, 10. June 2018Our ancient religious texts and epics give a good insight into the water storage and conservation systems that prevailed in those days. Over the years rising populations, growing industrialization, and expanding agriculture have pushed up the demand for water. Efforts have been made to collect water by building dams and reservoirs and digging wells; some countries have also tried to recycle and desalinate (remove salts) water.  Read More

We All Bleed RedChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 23. September 201824 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, time applies equally to all. The rich, the poor, the young, the old, the smart, even the young lady in the mini skirt who just roped her neck to a branch of the Iroko tree in her father's farm, has her fair share of time. Only that she wants to end her clock right about now. The newspapers stare silently from a telescope distance.  Read More

We can eliminate street begging and povertyMalak Majeed Ullah Khan, 18. April 2020Our aim will be to uplit these people up to level 3 or 4 or higher level and then we will hand over them to the other foundations. If these are children we will send them to schools, and if unfortunately, these are of adults age and have missed their schooling time, we will help them by giving some technical education or skills and will polish their skills a so that they can get a job or will arrange a stall for them at the least.  Read More

We Only Try To BeGavielle Gerico Cruz, 10. May 2019In the light of the environmental situation of today's world, it is a must that we go ahead and bring about awareness in our own unique ways; for in reality, we are not aware, or at least, we only try to be.  Read More

What life has in stock for meFuad Aliyu, 04. June 2018Life isn't easy, we just have to know some basic things in other to live well. What life has in stock for me. First and foremost, I will ike to tell you if you haven’t realise that life is more than waking up in the morning, getting dressed, being punctual to your place of work or as a student being punctual to your class of study.  Read More

When the Oceans rise and the Thunder fallsFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 24. May 2019This explores the often complex yet linear connection between the extensive flood crisis in the city of Dagupan which is situated in the quaint province of Pangasinan nested within the Philippines islands. It aims to give a rational insight on the cause of the crisis as well as how the local government unit is handling it amidst backlash.  Read More

When value beats connection Ovbokhan Okuonghae, 28. October 2019Nigeria as a country has positioned herself in a position where if you don't know 'top men and women who are well placed', you go nowhere irrespective of your qualifications. This has made millions of Nigerians to conclude that school is a scam! Hence, they're not going to school again. Is this the solution?  Read More

When you fail, don’t give upOluwadamilola Adigun, 10. April 2019When you fail, don’t give up, don’t stop attempting again, chart a new path to success and put in extra effort.  Read More

Youth, Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentKushal Naharki, 08. October 2017Achievement of environmental sustainability through sustainable development is talk of town around the globe as we are already facing damage to our lovely environment in which we reside, with many more effects to occur in near future. A active involvement is required to promote environmental sustainability and youths; a group of active age individuals can play a significant role in it.  Read More

Youth In Climate ActionKushal Naharki, 01. March 2018With World already facing huge challenges due to climate change, youths must act now, act together and act locally to bring us sustainable and resilient future.  Read More

Politics (146)
9/11 attacks- What has changed Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 18. September 2019An attack that claimed the lives of over 3,000 persons, injured over 6,000 persons with a damage cost worth in property over $10 billion must indeed never been forgotten lest, the world becomes prone again to the actions of terror groups. September 11, 2001, the world mourns the innocent victims, including the over 400 fire-fighters and 72 law enforcement officers whose blood was shed at the altar of patriotism. Never again.  Read More

Abolition of Capital Punishment.Abrar Ahmed Nawaz Qureshi, 03. June 2018Capital Punishment is the practice of executing a person by way of punishment for committing grave or heinous offences. The term ‘Capital’ is derived from the Latin capitalis, which means "concerning the head"; therefore, to be subjected to capital punishment means to lose one's head. Capital Punishment means, the infliction of the death penalty as punishment for committing certain grave offences e.g. Murder, Rape with injuries that may result in the death of a victim, waging war against the state, mutiny and its abetment, abetting the suicide of a minor, intoxicated person or mentally ill person, kidnapping for ransom, dacoity accompanied by murder, giving or fabricating false evidence with intent to procure a conviction of a capital offence.  Read More

Abortion Business Among Young People And The Way ForwardFrancis Ametepey, 07. August 2017As a campaigner with excessive passion for young people’s sexual procreative health and right issues draw my courtesy to share with you all my comprehension attracting young people on their sexual reproductive health and right  Read More

Achieving the Africa of my dreams: a healthy AfricaVictor Oyelade, 09. June 2018Africa is a region with at least 738 million amazing individuals, reputed as the richest continent on earth in terms of available mineral resource, notorious for being the poorest continent with respect to human “Standard of Living” and “Health Indices”. Even World Health Organization acknowledges that “Africa currently confronts the world`s most dramatic public health crisis”.  Read More

African leaders` role in financing continental developmentAbednego Ishaya, 14. October 2018Aside the roles that citizens play in attaining and maintaining a remarkable developmental stride, one other aspect that will bring to the actualization of a sustainable path towards the transformation of the African continent, is in the leadership structure and management. Hence, the place that leadership plays in bringing to bare, a long awaiting development in all ramifications in Africa, cannot be over emphasized.  Read More

After IYJ’s Report, Oyo state Resumes Abandoned Road ...Alfred Olufemi, 20. April 2019The Oyo state government has continued work at the abandoned road project in idi-Ape- Iwo road area of Ibadanl, two days after IYJ published a report on the health effect of the dusty road on the people.  Read More

Against what and how do people hold a meeting in Russia? Kristina Bebiakina, 13. June 2018It is fear and courage at the same time, it is pride and joy because you see infinite crowd of people who want to change the country. In Russia for the last year there have taken place at least three large meetings. And almost to everyone in big cities there were not less than 50000 people, on everyone there were detentions and arrests.  Read More

Analysis: How Buhari fared in 2019 election compared to 2015...Alfred Olufemi, 09. March 2019While the APC flag bearer won more votes in his opposition's stronghold, South East, than he polled in 2015, he could not meet up with the number of votes recorded in his home state, Kastina, and most northern states he won in 2015. Only Borno was an exception to reduction of votes witnessed in the northern states.  Read More

Analysis of EU Development Cooperation Agenda towards Pakist...Muhammad Attique Shah, 28. July 2018For more than a decade the European Union has begun to widen its relations with Asian countries, specifically with Pakistan, beyond being merely a trading partner. In fact, the European Union is Pakistan’s one of the major trading partners.  Read More

And my heart bleedsAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 23. December 2018There is rampage in the land; an ocean of grief flows beneath it. My heart bleeds, but the closest of friends dare not console. When the head of an household dies, the house becomes an empty shell; when the land becomes hemmed in throng of sickness, not even the chief-priest can cleanse it. A dialogue between deafs will lead nowhere, but immured in indecisive decision.  Read More

Anti-Semitism: A growing threat in today’s worldDickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 31. March 2019Contemporary anti-Semitism which has been argued as the new anti-Semitism stems out from the fact that newer technological advances have been positioned in a way that grossly promotes varied form of anti-Semitic attacks and movement through it media. This has indeed brought to the fore the growing trend of racial radicalization, gross indoctrination, and wider Nationalistic movement across every part of the aisle.  Read More

Anticoruption: Nigeria is leaving adolescents behindVictor Oyelade, 24. September 2018According to a UNICEF report, there are currently 1.2 Billion adolescents in the world, making up to 16 percent of the world`s entire human population. In Africa, there are presently 289 million adolescents (aged 10-19 years) who make up lump 23 percent of the entire African population.  Read More

Are apples red or green?Siddiqa Magar , 10. June 2020Journalism without fear. Honest Journalism is not a crime.World Press Freedom Day should be celebrated and practiced in spirit throughout the year. Being a insignificant part of this huge community, just tried to give a form to my obscurity about modern journalism.... Apples are red v/s Mostly apples are not green!!!No defence, no offence, nothing political, but surely practical... just a thought...  Read More

Are Lawyers representing asylum seekers “un-Australian...Maulline Gragau, 17. October 2018According to Minister for Home Affairs and immediate former Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Peter Dutton, Lawyers representing asylum seekers who want to stay in Australia are “un-Australian”.  Read More

Bad ApplesChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 05. September 2018I passed by 23 people in about 3 minutes. That is 23 different talents, at least; 23 different opinions, 23 different uniqueness and at minimum, 23 different gifts to the world. They all sure have something to say, an experience to share, an idea to materialize or a knowledge (no matter the depth) about a matter. Even the smoker has an advice under his nicotine breath. " Smoking kills, son. Don't even think of starting." one of their many counsels. Strange how wisdom sometimes lurks within the most guttered of corners.  Read More

BalochistanEngr Saeed Ahmed Jattak, 16. May 2019Balochistan is the biggest region of Pakistan, Consisting around 44 percent of the region of the state. It is likewise the most unfortunate and least populated. It is wealthy in mineral assets and the major provider of petroleum gas after Sindh. One of the world's greatest copper stores have been found at Reko Diq in the district Chaghi of Balochistan  Read More

Bangabandhu and Bangladesh Rubel Ahmed, 09. June 2018Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are two words but one name. One cannot imagine without other. Bangabandhu was the symbol of our Independence and national hero. There is no substitute for a parental role in the birth of a child, and there is no alternative to Bangabandhu in Bangladesh.  Read More

Better ways to help the poorLesath Samarakone, 25. May 2020There has been a recent surgency of income-equality activists that are vying for equality, in education, healthcare and income for the poor, and it would seem to indicate that there is real change is societal structure. There is strong indication that the quantity of charitable donations has increased over at twelve-year span, as the number of charities stay relatively the same, ⁽¹⁾ but the rate of poverty has stayed relatively the same over two decades ⁽²⁾ This suggests that the current systems to combat poverty, endemic healthcare an educational barriers does not seem to have the effect that activists would like to observe, and that the approaches that would wield worthy results are being swept under the political rug.  Read More

Between Yoweri Museveni and Bob Wine: The Uganda taleDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 14. September 2018"We are fed up of those who oppress our lives and everything that takes away our rights. Uganda seems to be moving backwards and this is almost making us hate our own nation. This is unfair for you to be misrulling us. Well, we know you fought a bush war. But imagine a child who was born when you came has also long became a parent. Somebody help us tell this to Mzee (Museveni)"- Bob Wine addresses the state of the Ugandan politics through a music titled "Freedom" released last year.  Read More

Brett Kavanaugh endorsement and the morality of the Supreme ...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 16. October 2018The argument for and against sexual misconduct rest solely on the outright jurisprudence of the court in interpreting wisely both within the framework of law and absolute morality. No one is better-off seeing that a clear case win both in morals and law is been thrown out the window all due to sentiment and emotional appeals. In this case, though, the Judge may have had his way, but in the long term, the society pays direly for this singular act of abuse of office and show of legal shame.  Read More

Citizen Diplomacy to the UN: an Interview with Patrick Sciar...Vlad Chevachin, 14. June 2019Patrick has gone through a fantastic life path: from a simple student and the creator of a rock band back in 1969 to a famous person and leader of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Following his goal - to benefit society - he continued to reach new heights, which the young idealistic Americans of his era always dreamed of. This article will inform you about an amazing person in capital letters!  Read More

Confused seperationBilal Abbasi, 27. July 2018I have been to Lahore my friends accompanying me and our last show which we were eager to be a part of was Wagah boarder .Yes we reached there accordingly and everyone was excited and slogans of ''Pakistan Zindabad'' all over and patriotic songs were played etc etc. But not so long the other side (indian) catches my attention and a boarde planted in between to demarcate (the two nations).  Read More

Corruption as a canker worm to development: Nigeria as a cas...Meshach Idoko, 10. November 2018The level of corruption is really alarming and many strategies have been put in place to curb it and all to no avail. This is really a major problem in Nigeria. Corruption is a canker worm to development. Nigeria is where we are today because of Corruption.  Read More

Crocs in the Philippine PopulationCarmina Cordero, 18. December 2018It has been a long and painful struggle for the Filipinos to obtain political equality and recognition not only from the neighboring countries but throughout the World. Even as of today, the struggle continues. The Filipinos are in a fight for democracy not with the other races but with their own brothers.  Read More

Dealing with Another Kind of PovertySimona Kovachevska, 08. February 2020The real question is not whether the education is a way out of poverty. The real question is whether alleviating poverty is the best way for improving the education. How does changing the point of view change the story?  Read More

Decline of the power of Pakistan People’s PartyMuhammad Attique Shah, 16. July 2018The article deals with the declining street power of Pakistan Political Party. The party had the honor of being a ruling part of the country but now they are just remained in Sindh province.  Read More

Decoding IndiaPranav Mohla, 18. July 2018The ills associated with Indians today, not just the leadership but we, the people, are not inherent, but instead a by-product of the six decades of atrocious leadership. That is not meant to excuse how we have become as citizens, but once the system of leadership changes, after a short lag, we'll all be far more worthy citizens too. The focus therefore should, at the moment at least, be on dealing with the fountainhead of India's problems until that problem is well and truly gone  Read More

Does Imran Khan is really Persistent on his previously given...Muhammad Attique Shah, 09. August 2018The article evaluates the commitments of PTI chairman done with his nation. Mostly, it has focused on what he said regarding Kashmir Issue. Both of his statements are compared, one given before election and one after the elections.  Read More

Donald Trump and Chairman Kim: Is this really about DMZ? Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 08. July 2019The epoch making events between the two leaders who operates very contrasting governments saw the US president defiling the odds as he crossed the DML at the truce village into North Korea in shook hands with Chairman Kim whose surprise was an expression made in ecstasy.  Read More

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You You’re Too Young Jared Curry , 06. October 2020There’s no doubt that entrepreneurship is challenging. You’ll need to build a diverse set of skills, work with a wide range of personalities, and often spend long nights building your brand. Can you do it at 16 or 18? Of course you can!  Read More

Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh: The heroic doctor who paid the ultimate...Eyinmosan Dickson Jnr, 20. August 2018She is known for preventing the Nigerian index case from leaving the hospital at the time of diagnosis, thereby playing a key role in curbing the spread of the virus in Nigeria. On 4 August 2014, it was confirmed that she had tested positive for Ebola virus disease and was being treated. Adadevoh died in the afternoon of 19 August 2014.  Read More

Education budget and our needs in PakistanAthar Maqsood, 19. June 2018Education is the most powerful weapon in the world by which we can conquer world even. It builds a nation and makes a nation civilized. The first word of the revelation deals with the importance of knowledge. In Sura Al-Alaq it is said, “Read: In the name of thy Lord Who created.”  Read More

Electoral transparency: a step towards strengthening Nigeria...Alfred Olufemi, 04. February 2019A comparative study shows that the 84 million registered voters as released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the 2019 general elections signals an improved level of political participation when weighed against the 68 million obtained in the 2015 polls. That is 18.6% increase in the voters’ register despite the fact that the country witnessed a 7% increase in its population. This increase, if sustained, is a step towards fostering democracy.  Read More

Endo contractualization: PH's ball and chain?Bianca Ysabelle Baldemor, 03. December 2018This debauched contractualization scheme is the country’s ball and chain, the burden and hindrance that ties the country down and prevents it from having a rather equitable work arrangement. It misleads not only the Filipino constituents, but also drives down the entrepreneurial worldwide competencies of the Philippines.  Read More

Era of ostentatious JamboreeAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 25. November 2018If a child did not witness a story, he would, with no iota of scepticism, listen to narrations. I might not witness the much appraised administration of Comrade Idris Maibasira, but the emblazoning of "God, thank you for blessing us with Maibasira" on the wall of most lecture halls depicts the efficacy of his administration; hence, the ennobling of his personae in a warmth compartment in the heart of many a student and the rising euphoria and demand for a continued legacy through one of his kinsman, one famed for his ubiquity - Aluta Radio, Comrade Ibrahim Shehu Kalgo.  Read More

Ethiopian pilots of the Boeing 737 Max 8 vindicated Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 14. April 2019Despite the hard-work and full compliance strength level with Boeing recommended and FAA approved emergency procedural measures, it was grossly unfortunate that Yared Getachew alongside his co-pilot couldn't rescue the Max 737 from persistently nose diving despite their ceaseless effort commanding the right sensors program.  Read More

Everything you should know about the Youth 2030Mohamed Okash, 29. January 2019The world is young than ever before since human history. It homes over 1.8 billion young people below the age 25. Most of these young people live either in conflict areas or the less developing world which makes their lives hard.  Read More

Evolution and development of the right of information in Ind...Stuti Aastha, 27. August 2018The Constitution of India has been around for 68 years now, and has since been amended a number of times to accommodate the changing mind set of developing India, and the interpretation of this document, especially of the Articles related to Fundamental Rights has been diverse.  Read More

Filter by FilterBianca Ysabelle Baldemor, 06. December 2018“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.” Media is pervasive, and as time progresses, it appears to infiltrate our ideology and mind-setting, thus leading to an increasing influence to a chunk of our everyday actions.  Read More

Formidable challenges to the upcoming government in Pakistan...Muhammad Zain, 04. August 2018People will choose a new government in Pakistan on the 25th of July, but there will be the serious problems, besides human development issue, which new government will have to face from the establishment of Pakistan and the ongoing tussle is likely to increase with the formation of new government.  Read More

For The Gambia My HomelandMuhammed Tekanyi, 24. May 2017Out on the western capsule of mainland Africa and at nose to the Atlantic ocean seats a nation with abeautiful strip of land buttered by a sooth river after which it was named and gloriously infested withsmiling people - The Gambia!  Read More

Free speech on economic freedom for a new deltaEsimaje Michael Onoseme, 26. September 2018The State of Progress and Development in the Niger Delta and Delta State in Particular is falling off the Grid, Hence a Call for leaders, Think Thanks, Stakeholders and Concerned Persons to Stand for Change  Read More

Gender discrimination an insidious menaceAusaf Hyder Sial, 14. June 2018After the dawn of international laws,woman segment of society is still ghettoized by the misogynist minors of the world. With the passage of time,the world has fostered its ebb and flow, but women are following the same principles of Dark ages extended through the patriarchal society. As a matter of fact,woman is always provided with a back seat in each and every field.  Read More

Gender Equality is Immensely Important for a Developed Pakis...Zulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 27. June 2018Gender discrimination is a vital challenge that our society has faced throughout the history. At present, this uneven situation is causing problems among people and it will continue to grow in the near future, if gender equality is not discussed. Gone are the days when women used to work in house, feed their children and carry out the everyday chores.  Read More

Generational shift is happening in AfghanistanAbdullah Abed, 13. September 2018People around the globe have been hearing for decades plenty of failure stories concerning to the ongoing violence, chaos and conflicts in Afghanistan; a country prone to a longtime war. Though the enduring deadly war making no exception to any segment of the society but it reaps young people in an extremely merciless manner.  Read More

Ghanaian YouthPower Advocate At OGP Global Summit At Georgia...Francis Ametepey, 21. August 2018Francis Ametepey, a youth advocate from Ghana represented Restless Development at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit (OGP) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Read about my reflections from the event and about how summits can act as springboards for youth involvement in policy-making.  Read More

Globalization: the effects on economy, culture and societyAnna Kontseba, 09. July 2018Nowadays globalization plays an important role in our society. What does it mean? What is the role of this phenomenon in the modern world? Is it good or bad?  Read More

Globalization: The Process of Creating A Connected World Wit...Muhammad Bilal Tahir, 12. January 2019Globalization is a process through which countries, companies and people interact across the globe. In the modern international system it would be really difficult for a state to stay stable without globalization. Globalization benefits the world by providing open economic opportunities, diversity in people and opportunities, cross-culture learning resources, to create a more connected world.  Read More

Global Solutions Summit: On Multilateralism, Trade and Parad...Jawhara Kanu, 01. May 2019This article builds on findings of the Global Solutions Summit on the pressing need for multilateral cooperation and solving the shortcomings of the current multilateral institutes. It specially emphasizes on trade and dwells into shifting into an approach that’s more considerate for developing countries.  Read More

Global War Against Terror: A Systemic and State Level Analy...Muhammad Bilal Tahir, 06. October 2018This article describes the systemic and state level of analysis. It uses those level of analysis to describe the war against terrorism in international system. Finally the article provides its opinion on which level of analysis is best to describe war against terrorism.  Read More

Government Shutdown, Trump Showdown Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 07. January 2019For the records, this is the 21st shutdown since it's first occurrence in 1976 when modern budgeting and spending appropriation act was approved. It is also the third shutdown in 2018. The third which is currently in place with no clear end in sight. The shutdown which began on December 22, 2018, if allowed to stretch through January 12 will become the longest shutdown of government operations in the annals of US political history.  Read More

Great Nations Win Without FightingZulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 12. June 2018A nation is defined by people having same objective, same ideology. For long,nations have been struggling to rise and make their ideology valid. Those who sustained, became great nations by constant struggle. And these nations did not win by fighting but other factors like social,political, and economical played more important part than violence.  Read More

Group Urged PMB to Appoint Youths in His New CabinetYasir Ibrahim, 14. June 2019A Civil Society Organization, under the aegis of United Youth Leaders for Development Initiative, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint young persons as Ministers, in some of the Federal ministries of government.  Read More

Gujarat Elections- A Gamechanger In the Long Run?Souryaditya Sen, 06. July 2018This article will be providing readers with a brief idea about the Gujarat Elections which took place at the end of 2017. The Gujarat Elections according to many was a gamechanger. And it may have a significant bearing on the 2019 Indian General Election Results. This article will give you just a sneak peek into the currrent Indian political scenario.  Read More

Happy 59th Independence NigeriaIdiongomfon Clement , 26. September 2019Independence, according to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary is freedom from political control by other countries; the time when a country becomes politically independent.  Read More

High Court of Kenya Declares Law Capping Bank Interest Rates...Maulline Gragau, 29. March 2019Over the last 20 years, there have been many attempts to reduce the interest rate spread by way of regulation. The Banking (Amendment) Act 2016 which was seen as a successful effort to address the issue has drawn mixed reactions from stakeholders.  Read More

History of Racism in MississippiAthar Azad Muhammad Athar Azad, 07. April 2020Uneducated Politicians, Followed By Racism Is The Curse In The Development Of Any Country. Racism, a creed that creates a sense of discrimination among humans of superior and inferior is a curse on the passion of humanity. Have you ever wondered who much ugly this spirit of racism for humanity? Racism is a catastrophe that kills the honor of humanity and promotes obscene. A belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance, and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. Racism should be eradicated from society and equality based on equity should be established.  Read More

How much economic freedom do we really need?Simona Kovachevska, 11. April 2020Imagine being a businessman in a high regulated economy, where the policy makers introduce the “staple right”. Now imagine you are a businessman operating on a huge territory, without any internal borders or obstacles. So, do we need only a free economy market, or we need the government interventions too? The basic questions here is how much freedom do we really need for a successful economy?  Read More

Impeachment Inquiry - Will president Trump escape?Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 18. November 2019Impeachment from time immemorial results more from a political undercurrent than any other smoke screen make-believe objective. However, according to the given specific grounds as stated in the constitution which includes treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanor, both the Senate and the House must state beyond every reasonable doubt that an elected official have fallen short of any of the listed grounds.  Read More

Information Technology in Education and New GenerationNisha Meena, 12. July 2018The information society challenges the education system. In recent years, the speedy, effective and global communication of knowledge has created a new foundation for co-operation and teamwork, both nationally and internationally. The increasing role played by information technology in the development of society calls for an active reaction to the challenges of the information society.  Read More

Iron Fists in Velvet GlovesBianca Ysabelle Baldemor, 02. December 2018Now that the similarities between the strongmen Ferdinand Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte are getting clearer, it is now the duty of the Filipino constituents to heed these lessons and raise social and political awareness before we spiral down to another probable doom.  Read More

Is it possible to liberalize world order?Muhammad Zain, 17. September 2018Though realism has prevailed over liberalism in international relations yet there are some features of liberalism that make it more plausible for the stability and prosperity of international order along with individual involvement in decision making domestically and internationally.  Read More

Jamal Khashoggi: A death scar unto the Saudi KingdomDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 12. November 2018The death of Jamal Khashoggi no doubt will forever remain a big scar unto the face of the Saudi Arabia authority who in recent past have continued to shy away from the truthfulness surrounding the gruesome murder of the Washington Post columnist. Most especially shocking, is the perceived complicity of the Kingdom most top hierarchy as it involve the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Nothing short of justice will exonerate this perceived complicity most especially in the eyes of the international community.  Read More

John McCain: The president America never hadDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 30. August 2018"We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentments and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind the walls, rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideals, rather than trust them to the great force for change they have always been". -John Sidney McCain  Read More

June 12: A kind reward worth a democracy day achievedDickson Eyinmosan Jnr. , 22. June 2019From activist to students unions down to the regular Nigerian citizen, all was set for an epoch making events that many believe will inadvertently turn the fortune of a Nation into a charismatic candor of gloom and boom worthy of emulation thereafter. But behold, event took a negative nose dive to the consternation of many as not even the international community was spared in this horrendous and torrential shock not even the greatest fortune teller of all time could ever imagined.  Read More

Kendrick Castillo- Heroism at its peakDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 20. May 2019While some may battle illness as a sign of their bravery even at the face of death with the intent of either dying or winning the battle to live again, others may have died on account of a good cause with little or no choice of their decision on such instances. No doubts, we have had cases of freedom fighters and activist who have died rallying a cause for the interest of others. However, very few have intentionally and purposefully died on the basis of altruism for others to live on account of their death.  Read More

KMC: The Most Corrupt InstitutionOmar Malmo Junior, 15. May 2017To say KMC is the most corrupt institution in The Gambia maybe an understatement but saying it is the most wicked institution to its employees on Bakoteh Dumpsite should be a statement in every Gambians mouth.  Read More

Knife crime and sharp object related instrument offences: A ...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr. , 27. July 2019In 2007, homicidal Knife related crimes was pegged at 272. It gradually pulled down to 186 in 2015, but geometrically increased to 285 from 2017-2018. Victims of these killings were largely older men within the age range of 18-24 with a disproportionate percentage being blacks and ethnic minority.  Read More

Kofi Annan: There was a manEyinmosan Dickson Jnr, 23. August 2018"These often unsung heroes understand...that poverty, disease and famine are just as deadly and destructive as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. Individuals ...are taking on these challenges in their communities, volunteering to make a difference. They remain the true champions of our work towards the Millennium Development Goals." -- Kofi Annan  Read More

Leadership: It is time to raise Farmers, not HuntersTosin Arebuwa, 28. August 2018As we are moving closer to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, thus, it is meet and right to civically guide my fellow teeming youths...A hunter. Who is a hunter?Simply put, a hunter is one who hunts. And to hunt means to pursue and kill, basically, for food. A hunter nurtures absolutely nothing, but kills what nature nurtures. He only thinks of himself and the immediateness and nothing more. He is really never empathetic, nor compassionate.  Read More

Liberians Leverage Peace to Ask Government for ChangeJanet M Kamara, 01. July 2019A mammoth crowd of Liberians had gathered in the country’s capital Monrovia holding a peaceful protest tagged ‘June 7 or Save The State’ protest, the demonstration was hosted by the opposition who rallied the populace to clamor for positive change in the economy and machinery of governance. The thrust of the march was to seek redress on human rights' issues and the economy that keeps traveling southward.  Read More

M5S - Lega Government at the end of the lineFiorenza Gemma, 01. September 2019Italy thrown into uncertainty by incompetence and personal aspirations. The most mocked country because of its ridiculous policies, is filled with shame and uncertainty because of the failure of the "Government of Change".  Read More

Mid-Term Elections: A win for Political LiberalismDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 26. November 2018Rather than argue to the obvious, it is best infer absolutely that the mid term election was a perfect score card expressing not just the views of the majority but also in every sense admitting the flaws of the present. By admittance, it clearly gave in to political liberalism predicated on the theory of equity, fairness, and justice among people. Abhorring racial bias, hate, bigotry, anti-semitism as well as alt-right principle.  Read More

Myanmar: Ann San Suu Kyi and the silence of war crimes again...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 09. October 2018To summarise the situation in Myanmar as an obvious reality of ethnic cleansing is to say the least why individual like the respected Ann San Suu Kyi has remained silent on this issue of war crimes against humanity in the Rahkine state of Myanmar been perpetuated by a government she presides over.  Read More

My Vision for AfricaMaulline Gragau, 23. June 2018There is no doubt that Africa is a crippled, but potential giant. For a long time, the continent has been merely reduced to a source of raw materials for the European markets and a dumping ground for sub-par products from the Asian market. Africa has never become a real game player in the game of capitalism partly because of her internal contradictions such as unscrutinised policies and institution of reckless political decisions.  Read More

National Anthem and Flag: Status quo or abrupt change?Francine Beatriz Pradez, 12. October 2018Two of the top legislators in the country are proposing to amend the lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem as well as add another symbol to the Philippine National Flag. What do their respective bills mean and what does it mean if the Senate ratifies it?  Read More

Need to consolidate our political partiesKenechukwu Ugoh-Ezepue , 10. May 2019As the 'Giant of Africa' and model of democracy in Africa, our democratization processes should be strengthened through the instrumentality of our Electoral Laws. By so doing, we can begin to deepen and propel the continent's democratic principles.  Read More

Negligence: The journey of West Africa educationFrancis Ametepey, 23. May 2017Prescribed education is essentially and culturally valuable in a society. A good school presentation is like a litmus paper which shows, future social success providing a wealthy bundle of knowledge.  Read More

Notre Dame: The fall of history most iconic architectural fr...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 30. April 2019For a Nation known for devastating terror attacks in major of her city epicenter, the Notre Dame Fire incident was a sad remainder of pain, anguish, and torment as Parisians watched with folded arms engulfed in hot tears seeing yet another tragedy befell a nation whose beleaguered history with terrorist knows no bounds.  Read More

N.S.S: An Under-Utilized Arm of Nation BuildingShashank S R , 12. November 2018National Service Scheme(N.S.S) is one of the largest student body in the world if not the biggest. It is a voluntary-student organization with 32 lakh volunteers spread across the country. This article emphasizes the need to re-visit N.S.S to suit the present day needs.  Read More

NYSC and the folks of new ageAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 03. January 2019As the literature goes, design is not making beauty. Beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration and love. Whatever comes around, goes around. Maintaining a solid phalanx has always been the surviving tonics of diverse entities.  Read More

Of Udus and the state of insecurityYasir Ibrahim, 20. October 2019Remorsefully, I remind you of the fear of students, especially those in the new city Hostels (Bakassi) and indeed all of the students, who still feel unsecured holding their laptops and phones; that's in addition to the fear of being assaulted on the way to our respective halls of residence.  Read More

One man can change the world - the Libertarian saga of Anto...Esimaje Onoseme, 20. October 2018We are the change we seek, We become the idealogy of the change we we've worked to achieve. How a Man Changed a Nation; One man can change the world. The year was 1945 a young man named Antony Fisher entered the faculty office of Friedrich Hayek at the London School of Economics.  Read More

One year after Charlottesville, has president Trump earned h...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 14. August 2018The city of Charlottesville remembers with fresh wounds the elevation of Fascism against absolute democratic principles clearly orchestrated by white supremacist Saturday 11th-12th August 2017. One year after, has president Trump earned his redemption?  Read More

Political System of India: Need to be changed for the sake o...Aditya Kumar, 14. June 2018It is very important for any country to have its political system so strong that it could deal with needs of its citizens efficiently. But do you think that politics means only to gain power through votes at the cost of few promises made during elections? Does politics only mean to speak about opponents and to oppose them even if they are doing something good?  Read More

Positive aspects of British Colonialism in Indian subcontine...Muhammad Zain, 30. July 2018British ruled the Indian subcontinent for about 100 years. Besides atrocities, there were significant developments by them which included the areas of politics, economy, education, and infrastructure. These developments are playing a central role in running both the countries Pakistan and India.  Read More

"Who is John Galt?"Maulline Gragau, 16. December 2020In the last few months, Ethiopia has witnessed internal strife that has led to internet shutdowns, demonstrations, and arbitrary arrests of citizens and journalists who have dared to challenge the government apparatus as it were. I recently had the opportunity to have a chat with one such journalist, who has been threatened and intimidated because of their articles.  Read More

Reasons Behind Rising Extremism Among Youth in Indian Occupi...Muhammad Tahir, 04. May 2019This article is a study case which researches the reasons behind rising extremism in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The article focuses on the actions taken by India against the Kashmiris on the civil, authoritarian, and governmental level.  Read More

Relation between political science and politicsAsfand Ali Goraho, 01. October 2018Relationship between Political Science and Politics!There is no real difference between Political Science and Politics. Political Science studies Politics i.e. all political relations and interactions in society. Hence it cart be called Politics. Modern Political Scientists do not make a distinction between the two. They reject the traditional view which makes a distinction between these two.  Read More

Rethinking Ethiopia’s Computer Crime ProclamationDejen Yemane Messele , 20. February 2019The Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression is an inherent and basic human right for all other human rights. This right, however, is not an absolute one as it may be limited upon conditions. Lawful restrictions and limitations may hinder individuals from enjoying their right to freedom of expression either temporally or permanently. Accordingly, grounds for limitations of freedom of expression are provided under Art 29(6) of the FDRE Constitution.  Read More

Robert Muller breaks silenceDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 11. June 2019The highly cerebral lawyer during a ten minutes long speech carefully and tactically sealed the coffin in relation to president Trump uncertain fate when he muttered these words in marble linings “If we had had confidence that the president didn’t commit a crime we would have said so”  Read More

Secret of Indian PMOmkareshwar Jha, 14. June 2019In India we got our new Prime Minister last month. We all celebrated world's largest democracy fest. That huge population came out from houses to celebrate the liberty they got. Our Prime Minister did really well & remained the face of leadership.  Read More

Should we be afraid of ISIS?Marton Jasz, 19. June 2018Nowadays due to several terror attacks in Europe, terrorism became a quite popular topic amongst European politicians and society as well. But are they really a threat to the public?  Read More

Six Nigerian governors in the rerun battle to retain office ...Alfred Olufemi, 20. March 2019The supplementary poll is perceived to be a second chance for the embattled Governors who lost in the first contest although analysts posit that the supplementary may not affect the earlier announced results.This reporter takes a cursory look at the political background of the six governors, their opponents and some events that shaped their fate.  Read More

Some thoughts on BuddhismNiroj Bhandari, 17. September 2017Are you a Buddhist? This is the one of the questions, I have faced multiple times. But before answering the question lets go into deeper what the word means. Buddha, a person who has attained spiritual realization or in Theravada or Mahayana practices nirvana; first a person who practices or is concerned something, or hold certain principle or doctrines.  Read More

State police: a panacea to security deficiency in NigeriaAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 01. July 2018Like a rock in the middle of a lake, forever cooled by flowing water, I do know the sun's hotness that burns and dries up the open land. With saddened pen I write to console the soul of those who have lost their promising lives and have had their lives at stake due to the security imbroglio and challenges facing the country like flies that failed to desist from the wound of its keeper.  Read More

Strategic Lessons from South Korea for the Development of Zi...Mthandazo Khumalo, 17. June 2018Korea’s success presents one of the biggest economic development histories across the geo-spatial temporal divide. It should be noted that Korea is an outstanding case because of its rapid development from being a poor to one of the most outstanding big economic powers in the world. Since Zimbabwe has been less successful in fast-tracking its development as well as integrating into the economy of the world, it is important for the country to draw strategic lessons of the remarkable success of Korea.  Read More

Teenage Pregnancy, The Way ForwardFrancis Ametepey, 17. July 2017Teenage pregnancy is defined as an unintended pregnancy during adolescence. This type of pregnancy takes place between the ages of 12 to 19 years.  Read More

The aftermath of "Mera Jism, Meri Marzi"Maria Makki, 11. April 2019In the aftermath of women's liberation march, which was termed by the masses as futile and unethical, Pakistan faces a dilemma when it comes to gender equality. We are faced with issues like child marriage, domestic violence, wage gap and harassment. Can we really brush of these crucial issues like this specially when we are going through an unprecedented economical and cultural shift? We need to acknowledge and resolve these issues first.  Read More

The Alabama Abortion ban vs. The Jane Roe historic judgments...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 24. May 2019Placing an outright ban on abortion and criminalizing the act with a life sentence penalty to health practitioners, the state of Alabama negatively and unkindly invokes the Texas abortion ban which contradicts the fourteen amendment as well as the Bills of Rights. This policy makes it even harder for women with little or no resources to have access to good Medicare in time of want.  Read More

The Argument against “Government Knows Best” - T...Nana Kwaku M Asamoah, 05. April 2019The free market with its demand and supply mechanisms interact with one another to determine the prices of commodities. However, now and then, the government may intervene in the market with good intentions but this more than often hurts the very people the government set out to protect.  Read More

The Challenge of FourMeshach Idoko, 07. October 2019Nigeria is considered a fast-growing country which has almost every type of resources necessary for its success; but for some reasons, we still are facing some huge economic problems in the country. Some of them seem like they can be solved easily while others appear to be tough. But there are no problems that cannot be fixed at all. In this article, we will try to focus our attention on four major challenges as well as proffer practical solutions to these challenges, which are ingredients lacking in our institutions today, including the health, legal, educational and economic institutions as well as the government. These ingredients are Leadership, Innovativeness, Teamwork and the Pursuit of Significance beyond mere success.  Read More

The Dividing Allegiance: A Never Ending Paradox of Geopoliti...Jawwad Shadman Siddique, 08. July 2019What do the Indian and Pakistani governments have in common? Both claim to love the Kashmiris. But the two countries that have fought three wars over Kashmir since partition in 1947 have a funny way of showing their love.  Read More

The Drive to a Sustainable World : 'Global Nation' Not Natio...Chukwudike Ukeje, 11. April 2020Often when I come across phrases like – "it's for our citizens alone", "the economy has been nationalized", "let's indigenize it", and the likes, I have always thought it worthwhile, after all, the citizens' get to enjoy the economic and social dividends that stem out from such nationalistic movements.  Read More

The Effects of Political Violence on Social Development in N...Tochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba, 29. June 2018In the present decades, Nigeria has been heard on News for its various unnecessary reasons of the unprecedented political violence which has transpired in various parts of the nation but with precise dominance in the Northern regions of the country. The current trend of social violent incidents was the mass killing of almost One Hundred security officials in Kwara State, Northern Central Nigeria by an Armed Local Secret referred in local jargons as “Ombatse” (entailing “we have come”) cult groups on Thursday May 7th, 2013 (Onwubuiro, 2013).  Read More

The Ethics and Politics of Climate Change Francine Beatriz Pradez, 04. April 2020Too often the discourse about rapid climate change and our collective goal for a better world is anchored on the scientific and technical aspect of the issue which often becomes an exclusive discourse that is accessible to only a select percent of the population. By analyzing how the advocacy of the climate movement affects society, the discourse becomes more inclusive and relevant to everyone.  Read More

The Golan: Peace in our Time?Matan Barak, 25. June 2017One of the major conflicts that have yet to be dealt with in the Middle East is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our readers most likely know how it is from the events in recent years, at the minimum through buzzwords; Hamas, Fatah, Gaza, West Bank, Israel, Defensive Edge, et cetera.  Read More

The Lavish Life Style and Distortion of Development PolicyMaulline Gragau, 26. June 2018Public Administration and development, like peace and war, are the opposite side of the same coin. They cannot be treated in isolation or separated. Responsive leadership and economic growth should be used as the means of promoting and sustaining human development.  Read More

The Leadership Scourge in Nigeria And Africa - A Push for a ...Esimaje Michael Onoseme, 20. May 2019The militarization of the electoral process is a disservice to our democracy and a throwback to the jackboot era of military dictatorship. In some areas of the country, such as, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Imo states, troops deployed for the elections turned their guns on the very citizens they were meant to protect. This is condemnable and should not be associated with our electoral process in the future.  Read More

The legality and morality of humanitarian interventionMarton Jasz, 20. May 2020The question of humanitarian intervention is still an ongoing debate, whether we examine it legally, morally or politically. The ambiguities concerning the responsibilities of states to intervene in another state’s domestic affairs in order to prevent any sort of human rights abuses seem to be evident, however the truth is different.  Read More

The media is putting a disguising mask on the feminist movem...Catarina Castro, 04. August 2020The feminist movement is being constantly marginalised by the media, causing young people to perceive the movement as non-efficient as well as toxic. Meanwhile, these same people see the first wave of feminism (the waves are described in the article) as inclusive and non-aggressive. This article contains a detailed description on how the predominating Western media platforms deteriorate the image of feminists through internalised sexism.  Read More

The Muller Report: What if Donald Trump is impeachedDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 30. April 2019"If we have confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction, we would so state. Based on the facts and applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgement.  Read More

The Obstacle of Indonesia’s Infrastructure Development...Dinda Dewinta, 24. January 2019Over the past few years, infrastructure has been the star of Indonesia’s economic growth. Decent infrastructure is an important element in development in Indonesia, which has more than 17,000 islands.  Read More

The Philippines In DenialGavielle Gerico Cruz, 03. May 2019The desolate truth about the Philippine's stagnation: "We blame it on our leaders. We continue to rally for a problem that we’ve caused all along. We continue to create that zone of comfort that’s been keeping us and will keep us asleep of reality longer than the colonial times of our country—our contentment without consideration of others and the future, our denial of the truth."  Read More

The politics of party defection in NigeriaDickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 09. August 2018The Nigeria political mileage dates back as far back as the historical fact file of the nation anchored greatly on noble ideals and sacrosanct premises. Her politics of defection and cross carpeting prior to her modern day practices hinges greatly on ideological based principles eschewed in nobility and standard best practices. However, the reverse now seems the case with the advent of an unwittingly political construct which invariably places individual whims over service and commitment to the people.  Read More

The Potential Benefits of African Continental Free Trade Are...Maulline Gragau, 03. August 2020The African union (‘AU’) is composed of all states within the continent. Within AU, there are numerous Regional Economic Communities (RECs) such as the East African Community (EAC) , the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) , the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) , the Southern African Development Community (SADC) , the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA),...  Read More

The Power of Volunteering For Sustainable DevelopmentFrancis Ametepey, 29. May 2017It takes giant to make decisions on volunteering at this era of unemployment crises.Young people can only make a life out of selfless devotion in volunteering than to be money conscious. The decision to leave your comfort zone and stay with people of Different background is a bold decision that only dedicated and passionate young people can make.  Read More

Theresa May and the Brexiteers Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 15. December 2018After several attempts with EU leaders and recent visitations to the Hague and Brussels, getting all parties on the table and reaching a positive deal has remained a hard nut to crack as she struggle along with her Brexit policies even among her own MP who now find it difficult to buy-in on her deal.  Read More

The Rhetorical LetterMuhammed Tekanyi, 14. July 2017The article is a rhetorical letter to the African leaders on the wrong prioritization of their national budget spending.  Read More

The role of food wasting on starvation-descriptive studyAdan Bulale, 05. July 2018Do you know that 1.3 ton of food is wasted every year across the world, the main reason behind it is that those who are wasting don’t believe that the human needs for it, the industrialized and developed countries waste more food than developing countries, and many agricultural lands across the world are turned into industrial lands, in addition, 1 billion people in the world use less food than the rate they required and other 1 billion people use more food than the rate they actually needed, unfortunately, these actions are causing acute starvation  Read More

The Saudi-Led coalition and the reports of war crimes in Yem...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 08. September 2018 “I was one of the first to arrive on the scene, seeking to rescue the wounded; I lifted a body and I found that it was Ahmed’s face. I hugged him, he was my son,” -.Hussein Tayeb. A parent who mourn the gruesome death of his two sons,14-year-old Yusef, 11-year-old Ahmed and nine-year-old Ali after a Saudi airstrike in Dahyan hit a school bus conveying children to school on 9th August, 2018.  Read More

The Seldom Heard Case for MutualismEwan Bolton, 25. September 2017We hear many labels chucked around the political arena these days -- Socialist, Conservative, Alt-Right, Classical Liberal, Anarcho-Communist etc. But one rather niche title goes unuttered:Mutualist. It doesn’t deserve this silence, because it is a great unifier of left (or perhaps far left) ideas, while still maintaining several key aspects of the current economic model.  Read More

The top 2%Omkareshwar Jha, 15. March 2019Well its interesting to note that most of us are interested in knowing about the top 2%. Do you know why?? Because top 2% are continuously reading about rest 98%. Yes, they do. They do show us the path of progress that we're going to follow for rest of our lives.  Read More

The Trumpian EthicsIdiongomfon Clement , 11. June 2018The United States is a federal republic in which the president, Congress, and federal courts share powers reserved to the national government according to its Constitution. The federal government shares sovereignty with the state Governments two political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, have dominated American politics since the American Civil War.  Read More

The uncertainty of BrexitDickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 25. January 2019The Irish back -stop is an insurance policy which prevents a harder border control on the Island of Ireland. This is meant to prevent a re-emergence of a harder border on the Island after Brexit. A contrary option will no doubt plunge the UK on a tight economy corner which invariably might hinder economy growth and fast pace social reconnaissance.  Read More

The United States and her gun laws Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 20. August 2019Barely thirteen hours later, just like a scary action thriller, there was a second shooter at Dayton, Ohio who opened fire killing nine persons with several injuries as mark on other victims. Indeed, both the city of El Paso and Dayton not only mourn their losses, they buried their loved ones in pain and grief as Millions of Americans joined voices together in calling for a strident gun laws.  Read More

The Untapped Potentials of Youths as Agents of Sustainable P...Dejen Yemane Messele , 27. January 2019Youths have been erroneously perceived as agents of violent conflicts, instability, chaos and insecurity since ancient epochs. Such pessimist views attributed for the less participation of youths in the peace building process of nations. Predominantly, the problem is ubiquitous in Africa and Middle East regions of the globe.  Read More

The Venezuela Crisis and the dictatorial rule of Nicholas Ma...Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr., 22. September 2018The Venezuelan situation has continued to grow from bad to worse since 2014 when the GDP growth decline to -3.0%. Indeed, it was a moment of gory like situation when the IMF projected an all time inflationary rate due to hit 1 Million % at the end of 2018.  Read More

The Venezuela Uprising Dickson Eyinmosan, 16. February 2019From hyper-inflation rate index to an absolute devastation of the Bolivar currency, the economy calculation on until 2015 have continued to be bedeviled by gross negative indices tripled by the unending political miscarriages largely responsible for the worsening state of the socio-environmental hardship. Venezuelan's have painfully and obediently endured series of political ineptitude, gross economic annihilation, social discomfort, and a debilitating state of leadership failure.  Read More

The World’s Largest Democracy?Muhammad Farooq Rasheed, 31. August 2019The recent developments in Kashmir are not only affecting the natives but are also raising questions on the entire democratic setup of India. A democracy that has been celebrated throughout the world but now is thought to have been gone in the wrong hands.  Read More

To FIGHT for peace does not mean to CREATE oneValeriia Tsytsyk, 26. June 2018If history teaches us to find and keep peace, and if upon reviewing all the terrible conflicts, battles and wars, we start to feel terrified and sorry for those people who were in the middle of painful events, why do we not stop? Why do we develop and create more and more strategies, new equipment, and greater means to deliver violence to harm each other?  Read More

Trump and the border wall security equals a govt shutdown Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 02. January 2019This is the third time the Trump administration will be presiding over a shutdown in 2018.The first government shutdown began at midnight EST on Saturday, January 20, 2018, and ended on the evening of Monday, January 22. A second funding gap occurred on February 9, 2018.A third shutdown began on December 22, 2018, and is still ongoing which definitely may drag through the Christmas holiday  Read More

Trump, Putin versus earthDickson Eyinmosan Jnr, 20. December 2018"Climate is not the only stressor on the Earth system—other factors, including resource depletion and ever-growing human consumption and population, are exerting enormous pressure on nature’s and society’s resilience to sudden changes"-NRC reports  Read More

United States of Africa: An African Elitist RevolutionNana Kwaku Asamoah, 16. December 2020The idea of a United States of Africa is curiously an African elitist revolution and Africans need to truly understand what it is.  Read More

Unleash the power of our mighty pensEdrell Cabatbat , 14. February 2019The public becomes a school of fish that devours the noxious bait of those behind the proliferation of these fakes that are crafted closely on the borderline of illusion and bigotry.  Read More

Wealth from Waste: Poverty-Environmental conservation nexusHenry Kazula, 17. September 2017As it has been stipulated in the Tanzania National Environmental Policy (1997) that; there is clear cause-and-effect relationship between poverty and environmental degradation. Environmental degradation is ascribed to widespread poverty-equally; poverty is habitual cause to environmental degradation as it undermines the capacity of people to manage resources wisely.  Read More

What is Sociology?Muhammad Athar Athar Azad, 05. June 2020Sociology can be defined as the systematic study of society and social interaction. The word “sociology” means “reasoned speech about companionship”. How can the experience of companionship or togetherness be put into words or explained?. Sociology explains the biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial developments.  Read More

What makes Kazim Shah stand out among all the candidates con...Muhammad Attique Shah, 13. July 2018The article discuss the criteria on which a candidate shall be evaluated. After reading the article residents of NA 212 will easily be able to evaluate each candidate. It answers the question and compares others candidates with Mr. Kazim Shah.  Read More

What youth unemployment could lead toDodou Touray, 24. May 2017Youths forms an indispensable section of the country's population. Despite such claims, this vulnerable group have continued to face the havocs of persistent unemployment, with serious neglect and underemployment. It was the time that such conquences led the youths to venture into actions best known to themselves, as a matter of meeting their desires.  Read More

Who Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow?Alhaji Yusuf Yusuf, 15. June 2018Every successful nation attaches more importance to the growth and development to its youths. The deliberate determination of a nation to upgrade the lives of its youths must be a major concern of the leaders, but in Nigeria, reverse seems to be the case, Nigerian leaders do not show concern for the well being of its entire citizenry.  Read More

Why do some countries remain poorer than others?Mthandazo Khumalo, 09. July 2018Some countries around the globe are in an economic condition that does not allow their citizens to enjoy basic services or satisfy their basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, education, healthcare and so on.  Read More

Why Is Somalia the Most Corrupted Country in the World?Ismail Hassan Mohamed, 17. February 2019Somalia has ranked as the most corrupted country in the world, with instability and restricted press freedom as factors hindering transparency in the Sub-Saharan African nation. Why Is Somalia the Most Corrupted Country in the World?  Read More

Why Ugandan Yoweri President Museveni is Here to StayMaulline Gragau, 16. May 2019Last week, I was intrigued when I read about a protest that had been organised by diaspora Ugandans in London with the support of two British Parliamentarians, Paul Daniel Williams, and Alex Sobel, who represent Stockton South and Leeds North West constituencies respectively. The main objective of the protest was to condemn Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and call on the British government to halt its support for Museveni's regime.  Read More

Why you should attend the Youth Connekt Africa SummitOkash Mohamed, 27. November 2018Youth Connekt Africa is an annual international summit which was launched in 2017 by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. Originally, the summit was on a national level to create jobs for the young people, change their mindset, provide training and mentorship opportunities for start-ups, to pitch business ideas, and to build a networks since then in spirit of pan Africanism, Rwandan young people and their Government realised to expend the scope of youth Connekt and build youth Connekt hub in Kigali for all the whole of Africa and beyond the continent.  Read More

Youth Agenda in Urban Planning in YangonAr Kar Htet Lwin Oo, 23. May 2017What is agenda for youths in urban planning? Youth section are losing here? Don’t ignore youth! Can't develop without youth. Give opportunities to youth, Cooperate with youth, that the best way in urban planning.  Read More

Youth As Leaders of TodayKenechukwu Ugoh-Ezepue, 25. May 2018The age-long adage which says "Youth are the future of tomorrow" is fast becoming obsolete in this our modern age as youth are championing a paradigm shift towards the way our modern society look at them.  Read More

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5 Natural Ways To Replace AntidepressantsMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 05. August 2019One of the most common mental health problems is anxiety and while most of you might not think of it as a huge problem, it can prove to be very harmful. Anxiety is excessive worry about day to day happenings. And it’s common nowadays because of the chaotic world we live in. Being a little anxious can be good as it shows that you are careful, however, the level of anxiety shouldn’t exceed to a dangerous level.  Read More

5 places which you need to visit to understand what Ukraine ...Anna Kontseba, 06. July 2018Every country has its own appearance, soul and habits. To find out country’s soul we can read books, watch TV shows or read its news. To know more about habits you need to communicate with people, understand their values and lifestyles.  Read More

7 Empowering Women Of IndiaMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 08. July 2019Women empowerment has become one of the biggest movements in India nowadays and many Indian women have proven to be the building blocks of the movement. With their pure passion for their work and their good deeds, they are very well a true inspiration for everyone.  Read More

8 Simple Exercises to Facebook Business ExplosionKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 23. September 2019Over 620 Million users are connected on Facebook. In the past, Facebook was a social site for teenagers. Now it's becoming a place for any type of business to dominate their field. Too many companies are struggling with their Facebook marketing campaigns. Numerous businesses do not even have a Facebook presence! And too many companies think Facebook is not worth the time and effort it takes to market their products.  Read More

A Bite of FriendshipMary Joy Orola , 14. July 2018It's an amazing world, ours, filled with diversified expressions that make us up, either deliberately or without notice. Relationship is one important live wire of humanity and friendship is a branch of it that cannot be underestimated, even with the hurts that accompany it sometimes, because in all everyone needs someone to call a friend!  Read More

A ConfessionApurva Mane, 05. April 2020 Ever felt like "why me always?" So, fresh year - fresh start? This is that kind of time. It can be, why not?  Read More

Active Euthanasia - A moral conundrumAshna D, 14. November 2018In the light of the recent judgement of Common Cause v Union of India, various opinions surrounding the moral debate on euthanasia were brought to the forefront. While holding that every individual has a Right to Die with Dignity, the Apex Court laid down the law relating to the legalization of the practice of passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia however, still remains illegal.  Read More

Add To Your Wisdom With These Quotes By SadhguruMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 10. November 2019Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, guru, and a best-selling author. Many people know his name and follow his teachings throughout the world. He is known for his wisdom and spirituality. Sadhguru is also known for the good things that he does for people and the advice and suggestions that he gives them. Many people believe in his teachings and many of them love reading his books.  Read More

Afghans Lost Life Builder NakamuraAbdullah Abed, 04. April 2020Addressing community elders in a far-flung rock-strewn neighborhood in eastern Nangarhar province, Dr. Nakamura echoed message of peace: “Life is valued not weapon…” addresses were nodding.  Read More

A Life Shared By Many, Noticed By FewAaron Jay Quitain, 10. June 2018It may seem common, since there are a lot of individuals who share the same lives but it is undeniable how absurd our society has become. Wherever you are in the world right now, have you ever pictured yourself living in a place that is a lot worse than where you are now?  Read More

All Our Mistaken IdentitiesFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 23. July 2018We wear the traditional costumes befitting a Filipino, we dine on gastronomic delicacies of our ancestors and yet who are we as Filipinos? Are we the nation colonized by Spain, the United States of America and Japan? Or are we the nation who withstood the oppression caused by Martial Law and ultimately inspired the world through a bloodless People Power Revolution? A national identity is as imperative as establishing who you are as a person; it is a motion brought forth by the entire citizenry to feel a sense of cohesive wholeness and it is high time that we start discovering who we are today.  Read More

A look at Christopher Nolan’s twenty Hollywood YearsMuhammad Farooq Rasheed, 08. December 2018Actors and singers having a global fan-following is a norm but if a film-maker is popular in the public domain, there is something to ponder here. Well, it is true for the British-American Hollywood director/producer Christopher Nolan who is among the most acclaimed and influential filmmakers of the 21st century.  Read More

American Culture And Female SexualityKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 04. September 2019American Culture impacts on different aspects of a person's identity. In its intentionality, it makes a sentiment of having a place and an interactive way of life among individuals, while it partitions the world into networks of regular traditions, values, religion, practices, and law. To women, sexualization is the act of making or becoming sexually aware predominantly, it means emphasizing their sexual nature.  Read More

Analyzing the impact of Peer teaching on Academic skills of ...Aisha Ansari, 17. June 2018Teaching is considered to be the responsibility of a teacher. But will it be helpful in learning as well as getting good grades, if a friend or fellow teaches? As it is known that University demands self-directed learners and being new in University environment requires an enormous struggle to survive. This study aims to address the impact of peer teaching on academic skills of beginners in a University of interior Sindh.  Read More

Artistic wonders in the Frari Church and the Scuola di San R...Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 01. July 2019Venice has abundant art treasures. Many cover the walls of the city's elegant gallery, the Accademia, but the best still remains in the places where they were painted: the churches and palaces of the Renaissance. This is an excellent guide to Whatsonwhen's favorite masterpieces, yet to be found in their original homes.  Read More

Be happyMahmoud Fakhry, 14. December 2018 If you were looking for sadness then welcome to my world, if want fake smiles then welcome to my world, if you are looking for any un-honest, non-coming from the heart then hello to my damn world. Is that a little aggressive? I don’t care.  Read More

Best Off Season Skiing Destinations In EuropeKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 06. September 2019Usually, by April, many people have shifted their attention to beach vacations. However, this is not the case for the die-hard skiers. While this shift is expected, what many people do not know is that there is still a lot of snow in April on most Alps. As a matter of fact, this is the best time; there are snowstorms and the days are longer and warmer. Additionally, the resorts are less crowded, and the costs are low.  Read More

Biblical principals of prosperityMeshach Idoko, 24. June 2018These biblical principles of prosperity are available to all, they are effective and work powerfully for every child of God. Knowing these principles and working by them gives you access to your prosperity here on earth.  Read More

Black is BeautifulChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 13. June 2018"Papa, the white kids in my school always laugh at me. They keep calling me blackie" She couldn't harbor the itch any longer. Her puppy eyes held at Papa with tears rolling down her cheek gutters. Her school bag, dangling lazily over her right shoulder as if it never cared- but it too was black.  Read More

Building People, Smashing StereotypesFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 03. June 2019Across borders, gender stereotypes still are a prevailing form of discrimination that belittles people and sets limits for them that prohibits them from reaching their ultimate potential in such a way that should be culturally unacceptable and nullified as we achieve a modern state of living. More than ever, gender stereotypes present a challenge towards achieving unity and understanding disparity which is what this article hopes to shed light on  Read More

Bullying as Dominance Behavior, or How to Run Away from the ...Valeriia Tsytsyk, 05. June 2018Go out at any time to any place and I am sure you will not be hard-pressed to find at least one example of people trying to have power over others. Regardless of how awkward for some people it may sound, our world is based on alpha male mentality. We constantly try to take power, beginning in childhood. However, sometimes this impulse may grow into something negative or even dangerous – bullying. What is bullying, and what strategy is best for getting rid of it?  Read More

Catastrophe Underlying Industrialization (The Rampal Project...Jawwad Shadman Siddique, 07. October 2018The government of Bangladesh has been trying best to take Bangladesh to greater heights. While doing that, they have undertaken some massive projects. The Rampal Power Plant Project is one of them. This project would provide a vast amount of energy and help to overcome the crisis of electricity generation.  Read More

Catching a glimpse of purpose (How I fell in Love with Adole...Victor Oyelade, 30. March 2019Sometimes all we need to catch a glimpse of our purpose is to travel to the extremes of the earth – those places most people will not go due to disease infestation, poverty and underdevelopment. You never know, your purpose might be right there, just waiting for you to come get it!  Read More

Chhichhore Is A Hilarious Movie With A Great MessageKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 14. October 2019Chhichhore is one of the latest Bollywood movies and it was released last Friday (September 6th, 2019). I went to watch it with my friends and we got a lot more than we expected. By the looks of the trailers and the songs, it appeared to be a Romcom tale of seven friends and their college and hostel life. We were expecting a funny and nostalgic movie. Well, I guess I now know why people say ‘never judge a book by its cover’.  Read More

Child Marriage cuts dreams short- The role of Education as a...Bhagyashree Saini, 07. July 2020Child marriage cuts the dreams short – Role of education as a game changer Child marriage is still pretty prevalent in our society and education is a possible solution. Here are a few reasons why your daughters need education.  Read More

Child Marriage in Indonesia : Do We Have To Support It?Agnes Kusuma, 28. May 2018Imagine yourself as a 16 years old girl who has a dream of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, or an engineer. But, suddenly you are asked to marry a guy who you don’t know who he is. You don’t have any choice. You should accept it, for the sake of your family’s condition. Or maybe for the sake of custom in your region. When you want to reject it, people will say that government has been allowing a 16 years old girl to get married. Again, you don’t have any choice but get married with your soon-to-be-husband and throw your dream away.  Read More

Child sexual abuse malediction of modern societyIbrar Ahmad, 18. June 2018Human being’s life is array of multiple facets. Major phases of them consist of childhood, adulthood and old age. Every phase has got specific sequels and problems depending on the vulnerability of the individual in respective phases. To me the most liable phase of human life is childhood.  Read More

Comfort zone. Do you need to go out it? Anna Kontseba, 11. July 2018What is the comfort zone? Why do many people affirm that you have to go out from your comfort zone? What to do if you can't go out it?  Read More

Comprehending Sexual Violence in Armed ConflictTochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba, 09. December 2018Sexual violence has been firmly placed in the internal theme of the humanitarian community. Regardless of the commendable advances in both practice and policy, there is still a continuous gap between the reality in the field and what is recommended.  Read More

CONCEPT The great new YPPO ProjectFabian Schneider, 15. May 2017CONCEPT aims to deploy probes in distinct ocean cycles to continuously measure various parameters possibly influenced by climate change. The measured data is transmitted daily to the YPPO server and visualized on the YPPO front page in real time. This publically accessible data will allow you to follow ocean dynamics.  Read More

Coworking And Innovation Hub: iCampus Liberia ModelJanet M Kamara, 27. July 2019The last few decades could be regarded as a digital dispensation of innovation and cutting-edge technologies in Africa. Africa's tech growth is inching north because professionals are not only attempting to learn and adopt new ideas on a rolling basis but are also finding intelligent ways to integrate those creative ideas across Africa.  Read More

Cultural Background of Indus valley civiliansTajdar Adil Ali Mahar, 31. August 2018A fascinating article that shows how old excavation records together with recent computer modeling techniques can be used to show how a constructed space changed over time, and how that evidence can speak to larger issues in a society. As the author puts is, "digital re-visitation of early archaeological datasets, enhanced with improved theoretical frameworks, can reveal the broad range of socio-political configurations that emerged among the world’s earliest cities and states."  Read More

Cultural exchange of Ukraine and Nigeria: interviewing Anna Kontseba, 24. June 2018Today you have an opportunity to learn more about Ukraine and Nigeria and values of citizens in these countries. You can also read what Nigerians know about Ukraine and what Ukrainians know about Nigeria. Moreover, you are able to compare two cultures and find out the feelings of Nigerian who has come to Ukraine.  Read More

Cyberbullying: the new global demon in public healthVictor Oyelade, 26. August 2018The advent of the internet in the 90s has been one of the greatest inventions of modern history, if not the greatest. E-commerce, Blockchain, E-banking, Social media have certainly improved our lives.  Read More

Difference between people because of the age: the problem of...Anna Kontseba, 17. June 2018What do you know about the problem of generations? Have you ever heard about quarrels between young and old people or encountered with them personally? Do you know what role this phenomenon plays in Ukraine? Find out reasons of this problem and how to avoid it.  Read More

Disability is not inabilityNasir Ali Khan, 21. October 2018In this world some people are born fit and fine where some people are born with disability. It is not in our hands that how to get birth without disability but it is surely in our hands to make our disability our strength rather to make it weakness. In this world, many disable persons have got success and many able persons are left behind.  Read More

Discrimination: A perspective on bigotry in BurmaEaint Wutyee May Moe, 27. July 2018“Daughter.” My twelve-year-old self glanced up from her phone, one hand on the doorknob. “You can’t wear that to tuition. There are men there.” I frowned, looking down at what had, until now, seemed like a perfectly fine dress.  Read More

Dive Into Inspiration With These Quotes By Steve JobsKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 31. October 2019Steve Jobs is known as one of the best businessmen in history and there are a lot of reasons for it. We all know that he was the chief executive officer, chairman, and co-founder of Apple Inc. Throughout his life, he kept inspiring a lot of people with the things he said and he also set a lot of examples for young entrepreneurs.  Read More

DivisionJubilee Floren, 17. September 2018Since we're kids we are taught by our parents of about the beliefs they had, and as we grow older we will meet different kinds of people with different beliefs through that our differences can't be denied.  Read More

Domestic Violence: Understanding the IssueZulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 19. September 2019Domestic Violence against women in Pakistan continues to make life difficult for women. Women continue to suffer from it, which is considered as a family issue, while, the state is not allowed to interfere. Unfortunately, the problem is spread across the country, and serious efforts must be taken to eliminate this menace.  Read More

Drug Addiction is Deadly Mohamed Okash , 15. January 2019 Humans love drugs because of its addiction; they sell their health, their souls, and their physical organs even their own children just to get to their beloved narcotics. Globally, 3.3 million die each year for the use harmful alcohol and some 31 had drug use addictions (WHO, 208).Putting place a restrict rules is inviable to reduce and prevent the growing number of the young people effecting the drugs. Accessible Drug tests should be widely used in Work Places, schools and college and many others places in order to limit the drug usage and its addiction. Drugs are dangerous and deadly.  Read More

Drugs as fashionNasir Ali Khan, 10. September 2018Drugs have spreaded in the nerves of most of our youth. Our youth consider drugs as a fashion. Most of the youngsters feel proud and overwhelmed while wearing Rolex, expensive clothes and taking drugs. No doubt drugs give the relaxation of time being but the consequences of forever. Drugs causes so many diseases like: mental illness, lungs cancer, mouth cancer and many more.  Read More

Ecstasy through EmpathyBianca Ysabelle Baldemor, 29. November 2018With all these grinning going on in the world, it really does beg the all-important question: Is smiling contagious? Have you ever wondered how you could make someone’s day instantly better? Do you think of doing extravagant things such as treating that person his or her favorite food or maybe as simple as cracking a corny joke?  Read More

Ecumenical BrothersNithin V Rajan, 26. June 2018Reading through the first book of the Bible, from chapters 25 to the end, we see the history of the twin brothers. Genesis 25:21 records “Because Rebecca had no children, Isaac prayed to the lord for her” God answered their prayer with a bonus of twin boy babies.  Read More

Effect of Political Instability on Entrepreneurship and Econ...Noor Fatima, 01. July 2019In the societies with poor democratic norms, i.e. in many countries of the world, political instability is the most horrible phantom that swallow up all business forecast, time management, targets, resources, encouragement, decision making powers of entrepreneurs.  Read More

Empowering People in the Academe to use Social Media on a Da...Francine Beatriz Pradez, 24. May 2019In light of the #Cancelled trend and the toxic environment that social media posits, how do we encourage educators and students alike to utilize social media and technology to aid in delivering and extending the kind of education that we envision from inside the classroom towards the confines of our own homes.  Read More

Empowering Youth Through Sports for Development and PeaceMaulline Gragau, 01. December 2019When I think of the power of sport in achieving youth development and peace, the infamous film Invictus comes to mind. Invictus is a remarkably inspiring true story of how the late former South African President Nelson Mandela joined forces with 1995 South African National Rugby team captain, Francois Pienaar, to unite a country divided along racial and economic lines.  Read More

Enable, inspire, influence!Pranav Mohla, 03. July 2018The impact of our activities run far deeper than the eye can see. What is it about leadership that makes it so much harder to define than the attributes so often associated with it?  Read More

Essay Writing Services: Unethicality in LegalityGavielle Gerico Cruz, 08. May 2019Essay writing services are online websites arranged by anonymous writers that offer a wide range of service. With just one click, you can have your essays made for you, and you can continue on with your normal life without having to worry about your paperwork. In today’s world, the usage of these websites have dramatically soared. But the question remains: Is the practice truly ethical?  Read More

Facebook as a symbol of Vietnamese Pop CultureAnh Vu, 06. June 2018All in three countries following the Communism, China banned Facebook under ist censorship policies, only 40% Cubans (in total of 16% Cubans have access to the internet) have a social account while not clear if it’s always active, While in Vietnam; in 2018 my country is ranked 7th (*) just after India and US with 53,72% citizens using Facebook and there’s no doubt to say that the young Vietnamese are now eating, drinking, sleeping, selling, buying and updating the information that they care just around the Facebook corners. In this essay, I desire to discuss some points about the idea that “Facebook in Vietnam now can become a symbol of Vietnamese’s dream to be rich and freedom of speech”. In another word, if you think about Vietnam then it’s better to recognize Facebook as one of the universal pop culture symbols of Vietnam  Read More

Face Reality, Need WipesCristian Jay PiÑOn, 09. June 2018“No, this can’t be happening!” The loudest scream furiously yelling inside my mind. The humble protest with the kind of life – POST. LIKE. SHARE, I got from a lot of users.  Read More

Family licenseValeriia Tsytsyk, 10. November 2018Even though the main topic of this article is parenting and issues connected with it, it is not dedicated to parents anyhow but, on the contrary, to those who are just entering “an adult” world full of traps and pitfalls. To those who will decide how the destiny of the following generations will look like. To those who are the decisive start point. To you, who with the help of own wise actions can change the chain reaction of the previous generations.  Read More

Fantastic Readers and Where to Find ThemFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 11. June 2019 This generation has everything at their disposal and yet are plagued by multiple matters and distractions all at once that makes it harder for them to sit down and focus on one thing. But if anything is a guarantee, it is the understated fact that this world has never ceased in its supply of fantastic readers , it is simply a matter of time to find them.  Read More

Fibres Of Nightmare Siddiqa Magar , 08. June 2018Afterwards, I just didn't sleep. Preoccupied with the cold sweat of a tensed content, trying to sort out and make sense of the silence and secrecy surrounding abuse. A muffled scream darted with an overwhelming sense of sadness, feasibly mingled with anxiety, guilt, exhaustion, and numbness. Undoubtedly questioning my own identity.  Read More

FlowersMalik Saad, 13. December 2018This article is based on the status of women in our area. The enchanting scene of flowers in the deserts is eye caching due to the blending and contrast of the colors. The Kaleidoscope of desert would never pass into nothingness because of fascinating and vivid colors of flowers. It is the mystic phenomenon of nature.  Read More

For God's Sake..!Apurva Mane, 29. November 2018 "He was not on the Cross of the Christians. I went to the Hindu temples. In none of them was there any sign... I went to the Kaaba of Mecca. He was not there. I asked about him from Avicenna the philosopher. He was beyond the range of Aviccena... I looked into my heart. In that, his place, I saw him. He was in no other place.."  Read More

From the Rock-bottomFebeto Potutan Jr., 19. October 2018Writers are made, not merely born. Others may see your flaws on how dumb you are at making sentence construction, how slow you are at understanding grammar and how poor you are at making imaginations but don't let them hinder you from glittering in doing what you can do— when your time comes to bloom, I'm pretty sure you're a beautiful one.  Read More

Gender equalityScholar Anayoezeh, 04. June 2018When men are accorded great respect, women should as well. Gender equality in Nigeria. The way forward.  Read More

Gender Equality and Women EmpowermentAnubhav Harsh, 11. March 2019Women empowerment is the ultimate need of the hour to witness the ideal notion of gender equality in the world. Gender equality is, first and foremost, a human right. Anyone in this world, is entitled to live life with dignity and freedom and without any kind of fear, regardless of gender.  Read More

Get Ready To Build Your Legacy With These Eminem QuotesKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 04. January 2020Eminem is one of the greatest rappers alive right now and there are a lot of reasons for the same. Marshall Bruce Mathers III took birth on October 17th, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was born in a broken home and his father left him when he was just a couple of months old. Young Marshall grew up without a father and with a mother who was addicted to the drug known as Valium.  Read More

Get the General Wellness and Care of Age-Related Issues with...Anurag Mehta, 13. April 2020All life, you might have been a jet setter and might never even have taken a break from work. But with age, your bones and joints might start giving you pains and aches. This is natural and yet with care, you can reduce the age-related inconveniences. Help is available online these days in the form of Seniority Pvt Ltd, the online shopping site.  Read More

Girls are the best gift for parentsAditya Kumar, 19. August 2018We often hear about girl’s struggle that how they are discriminated in society and family. But this is that side of the coin which we know and there is no need to describe the history of it. I would like talk about another side of the coin which may bring change in the mindset of people.  Read More

Globalization – Negative or PositiveTochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba, 29. November 2018What is Globalization? Globalization has become an overused expression. However; users of the term disagree violently at times of its repercussions. Many believed that it can potentially lift and that it has lifted a lot of individuals out of poverty completely.  Read More

God and our free willImran Ali Laulai, 15. October 2018God is the Creator of the universe who yearns for us to know Him. That is why we are all here. It is His desire that we rely on and experience His strength, love, justice, holiness and compassion.  Read More

Haiku CollectionMd. Imroz Shahriar Shaik, 27. July 2019A haiku is traditionally a Japanese poem consisting of three short lines that do not rhyme. A haiku is considered to be more than a type of poem; it is a way of looking at the physical world and seeing something deeper, like the very nature of existence. It should leave the reader with a strong feeling or impression. Take a look at the following examples of traditional and modern haiku poems to see what we mean.  Read More

Hatred Over Love: This is Our SocietyNandira Xavier, 07. August 2020The opposite of teaching hate is teaching love and appreciation - not blindness. If hate is ice, then love is warmth and blindness is a cold neutral. If we want to melt ice, we must be warm. Thus, if we want to combat hate then we must love with a passion. The following is an article account of circumstances one may encounter in today's society.  Read More

Having Trouble Staying Focused At Work? Here Are Some Things...Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, 02. September 2019So, there are two kinds of people, those who work their butts off (workaholics) and those who have trouble staying focused. And it’s sad to say that the number of the second category is higher. One of the biggest reasons for losing your focus is distractions. These distractions can be anything, people talking, social media, your crush at work, and many many more.  Read More

Here Are Some Quotes By Michelle ObamaKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 26. April 2020We all know that International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. It is a great tradition that does its job of honoring all the women around the world and thanking them for their undeniable contribution towards society. Women Empowerment is at an all-time high nowadays, thanks to a plethora of women who made an impact throughout history.  Read More

Hoax of equalityOmkareshwar Jha, 17. June 2020Our world we developed it & each time come up with a room of amendment in thoughts and by words. We make certain rules for Crime to Economics and for streets to grammer text. Then why and what's new in that?? Well i came up with something i was waiting to write from a little long.. wanna get dazzled with your habit??.. stick with me for few count of words i will reflect that to you.  Read More

How Boarding Schools Prepare Students for Studying AbroadMohamed Emad, 03. April 2019Go live with a complete bunch of strangers. Go leave your entire support system of family and friends behind. Go learn how to deal with a mountain of unfamiliar situations all by yourself. If you think about it, it’s not much different: Boarding school is just a mini-version of studying abroad.  Read More

How Great Thou ArtChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 14. June 2019How beautiful is the mind's eye? We connect dots with acrylic and canvas, understand the meanings behind the curves and crevices. Nod our heads to the smell of oil paint on the antiques at the gallery, but fail to comprehend that a white flag does not only signify victory, but an act of surrender too.  Read More

How incessant robbery attacks poses security threat to Niger...Alfred Olufemi, 24. January 2019Residents of Ile-Ife, Osun state of Nigeria, have been assaulted, sustained injuries and lost valuables to Incessant cases of robbery attacks. The menace has been on the high side in recent times, Alfred Olufemi can report.  Read More

How I Turned My Life Around By Not Giving UpKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 20. October 2019Today, I am an enthusiastic writer and an ambitious traveler, however, it wasn’t always like this. I was born in a poor house with a father who was struggling to find a high paying job and a mother who was a housewife.  Read More

How the three years of MasterCard service changed the lives ...Adan Bulale, 05. July 2018Somalia locates the horn of Africa, sadly to say, it is one of the poorest countries in the world, missed formal banking since the fall of the former regime 1991. Back in that time, the people of the country have been using informal banking.  Read More

How To Learn And Master The Art Of ‘Taking It Easy&rsq...Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 10. October 2019Just “take it easy”. It’s a phrase that many people say, however, only a few understand the true essence of it. There was a time in my life where doing what I love to do the most proved to be a burden for me. That’s when I learned a valuable lesson, even your passion can prove to be a burden if it’s overdone.  Read More

How to maintain a positive mindsetKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 07. August 2019One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s youth is mental stress. There can be a plethora of reasons for this stress such as problems at work, studies, peer pressure, and many many more. It’s very important to maintain a positive mindset in order to live happily without facing any stress. Keeping a positive mindset is not that hard and there are a lot of ways in which it can be done.  Read More

How To Make Your Job Interesting AgainKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 04. August 2019Getting bored with your job is a normal thing, however, keeping it that way can lead you to the feeling of quitting the job. Nobody wants that as a stable job is very hard to find these days. I can understand what you are going through as even I worked in a company for more than four years.  Read More

Humanity - a mere word or responsibility?Apurva Mane, 29. April 2018Most of us don't get that gravity of pain from which these girls and their families are going through. Religion was not their choice, being a girl was not their choice, being alone in that place was not their choice. None of it was their choice or fault. But the fact that we can give them a choice is on us.  Read More

I am More: Unheard Voices in the FGM StruggleMaulline Gragau, 22. December 2019According to UNESCO 2016 Statistical Report, more than 200 million girls have undergone female genital mutilation in 30 countries. Pursuant to the data, 44 million of those who have undergone the cut are aged 14 years and younger. With 56 percent, Gambia is one of the leading countries with a high prevalence of FGM within this age category and is followed closely by Mauritania and Indonesia.  Read More

I don`t need YOU! pt. 2Mary Joy Orola , 21. January 2019'No man is an Island!' This saying has been used and passed on from one human civilization to another. It is so because man was not meant to be an island because the world where in we are planted is relational and anything otherwise is regarded an aberration!  Read More

If diction and captions are hard to believe...Siddiqa Magar , 09. August 2018Initial struggles of amateurs overpowered by self belief and endless love for words.  Read More

I Follow These Simple Steps To Keep Myself FitMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 05. January 2020Many people go to the gym every day and still don’t get the results they want to. Eventually, this leads them to quit the gym. However, no one actually wants to quit. You started going to the gym because you wanted to get fit and it is a great thing. But lack of knowledge and improper training are the factors that make people quit.  Read More

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?Anna Kontseba, 22. June 2018If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Let’s find out what Ukrainians have answered. What has influenced on their opinions? Why is it important not to hurry up with vital decisions?  Read More

If you have fire learn to become the sun!!Omkareshwar Jha, 27. October 2018If you have the fire, learn to burn yourself and there the life wins. If you have the fire; learn to become the sun. So am I motivating today "yes" at some extent. Also I wanna make you aware that when you dream the passion comes in. We as dreamers have fire in our hearts, it beats and it beats inside you.  Read More

Image-actionChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 19. July 2018I see you don't trust me. No need to worry my head over that. You don't trust anyone but yourself. Maybe I'm way too honest- my bad, I am a Taurean. That's what gets me into trouble these days. Our past has the present looking like a fresh murder, a typical prototype of the scars we hide under our clothes. We pin the pains and dim the paints of our hearts and swear to never be taken for granted ever again; engraving marks on walls and soils to seal them.  Read More

Image-Action: FathersChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 03. June 2018If we understood that a man's actions are only a product of his mental image, we would not only heal the world and our communities but free ourselves from many insecurities. For a man of violence would forever communicate in anger and hatred, fighting off even the shadow that lurks on the walls but forgetting that he stands in front of a source of light. Only if we knew that a man's actions are but flesh to his mental imagery.  Read More

Income Inequality or Income Inequity?Suryansh Mansharamani, 20. August 2020Filling in the gaping hole of economic equality between the rich and the poor was never the, nor a problem, but rather further emphasizing economic growth along with tightening its policies. In summary, economic “equality” acts as merely an imaginative boundary line proportional to economic growth.  Read More

Influence of mass media on society: an islamic point of view...Yasir Ibrahim, 28. January 2019This article looks into the problem emanates from the mass media and how it affects our religion.Mass media is generally known as the channels through which messages are sent and received between the sender and the receiver. It involves the use of different technological processes that facilitates effective communication between large number of people. The mass media is a fundamental part of our contemporary life saddled with onerous task, as one of the agent of socialization.  Read More

In need of a Need!Mary Joy Orola , 14. May 2019A popular cliche reads, 'The need of man is insatiable'. As true as this fact seems, it is a gullible catalyst for unnecessary amassing of debris that will eventually kill man; only one thing is needful...  Read More

Introduction of Chinese Mandarin in Schools – Neo-Colo...Maulline Gragau, 30. August 2019“If you speak to a man in your language it goes to his head but if you speak to him in his native language, it goes to his heart.” In January 2016, South Africa cemented its place in history by becoming one of the first African countries to integrate Mandarin into its public school curriculum. This bold step by South Africa seems to have ushered in a new era of ‘Mandarin language rush’ with other African countries following suit.  Read More

Invest In Youth Capacity Building to get the Liberia we all...Isiaka A Kromah , 27. July 2019Youth people are very important in nation building . If we as people are to progress, we must invest  in young people capacity building which could yield a higher outcome .  Therefore, at the heart of Liberia's peacebuilding and development process and objectives must lay the ultimate and overriding goal of a youth-centered approach(investing in the young Generation )  Read More

I saw you againJubilee Floren, 14. February 2019Can someone notice a lonely Girl? Don`t lock yourself up in your room, open it and you`ll see the light you`ve been seaking.  Read More

Is "every child is special" a myth?Parthasarathi Kar, 22. September 2018Potential is a word which finds its mention in many of the books.As a physicist would define in simple words, Potential energy is the energy possessed by a matter because of its position. In layman term, potential defines the limit of any matter. In our day to day life we measure the potential of every substance but while doing so we get so engrossed that we start measuring the potential of a kid, a child, a man, a being.  Read More

Is Youth Really Derailing?Zirgham Hamid Zaki, 28. June 2018The Youth isn’t derailing from the mainstream rather it’s the mainstream which has changed its course. Calling Youth Derailed is a Sin and if I talk about it from the legal point of view, it is a Libel on human nature of Indian Youth.  Read More

Just don`t quitAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 20. June 2018No one is a loser for being defeated; everyone is a loser for quitting. Is life so frustrating that you navigate your mind towards the shore of quitting? Is it a long-term pursued contract you lost that make you look outworn and dejected which make you want to quit? My brother, you can do it, you can live far above expectations, just don't quit. The downfall of a man is not the end of his life.  Read More

Lamjung Climate ConvergenceKushal Naharki, 25. September 2017Lamjung Climate Convergence brought enthusiastic youths to discuss on climate issues and involve youth to initiate climate awareness programs from Local level.  Read More

Leading Across Cultures Requires Flexibility and CuriosityImran Ali Laulai, 18. October 2018When you go and visit people in the different cultures, you hear that they’re talking about the same common agenda, and beyond talking the same language, you get a real sense that this was happening spontaneously.  Read More

Learn The Art Of Enjoying LifeMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 26. October 2019The most basic thing anyone wishes for is a life filled with happiness and joy, however, most people find this quite tough. Nowadays, people take a lot of pressure on themselves and this kind of forces them to not enjoy their lives. No matter whatever they try, everything seems to fail or backfire in some way.  Read More

Letter To The Men and Women of Our Society Idiongomfon Clement, 14. November 2018Are young men feeling intimidated by the series of #MeToo 's? Conforming to the standards of the society makes as person less of a sociopath, having more of self-respect and respect for others, and especially in the contemporary society. The society has been so defined in a way that in fact, it dictates our very thoughts. Though it is often said, 'actions speak louder than words. Arguably, you can't act what you've not thought on no matter how quickly the response  Read More

Let the Sun ShineMuhammad Bilal Tahir, 01. December 2018Mental Illness is something greatly ignored. Lets use the art of poetry to expose the villains who cause mental illness. Lets use it to fight against mental illness  Read More

Life lessons with the help of some quotes by the 14th Dalai ...Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 15. August 2019The 14th Dalai Lama is one of the most famous personalities today and for all the good reasons. Not only is he famous, but he is also one of the most inspirational people as well. The things he says can prove to be life lessons for a lot of people. After all, he’s influenced by great and inspirational personalities such as Gautama Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi.  Read More

Love and compassionImran Ali Laulai, 28. November 2018A world with loving, compassionate people will make for a better, caring, and encouraging society. These acts of kindness can keep yourself, help you protect other people, and boost others and one’s self confidence. Evidence from Night, Flowers For Algernon, and The Fault In Our Stars can support that love and compassion are, in fact, necessities and not luxuries.  Read More

Meet Fatmata Bintu BarrieGandoh Jay, 25. September 2017Meet Fatmata Bintu Barrie a former pupil of The Annie Walsh Memorial School. She is gifted with innovative skills. Being born in a community where school going children had to stay up whole of the night instead of studying and in order to help their families fetch water for daily use.  Read More

Mental Illness Among Kids and Teenagers in South Asia - A Fi...Muhammad Tahir, 30. November 2018This article provides the author's point of view and observance of how mental illness grows in South Asian Society. It shares the background of mental illness and how it grows in South Asian society. Furthermore, the article suggests some solutions to fight mental illness in South Asia.  Read More

Mirror MirrorAnujin Saruul, 21. March 2019 In the past, whenever I had to go on a date or attend an important meeting, I’d usually spend up to 3 hours in front of the mirror. Once the make-up routine came to an end, I would proudly say, “Who can be prettier than this girl?” But my inner mind was like, “Kendall Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian are still prettier than you , HAHAHA”.  Read More

Mission HappinessBharti Kumari, 16. April 2019Our generation is suffering highly from mental disorders, low level of happiness, and high disappointments must be taken into account. Together, we can make right things happen to make this world better place for each other.  Read More

Moral decadence: trouble in labour, future in troubleAbiodun Jamiu, 30. August 2018The struggles of man begin at birth much as the ruins of a land and its people begin in their homes. The chemeleon is no food, it commands tears from eyes. Coming from the seat of the Caliphate, I thought my pen would be drown in the puzzle and buzzle of political campaign; the dilemma of old criminals in a duel with new saints.  Read More

Music As A Mechanism for Social Change in LiberiaJanet M Kamara, 16. May 2019There is a wave of social change sweeping across Liberia since the country ended fourteen-years of brutal civil wars through a comprehensive peace provision that was formerly synchronized by the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in 2003.  Read More

My Job is to feed a Hungry ChildNana Kwaku M Asamoah, 04. April 2019For a lot of Ghanaians, having an opportunity to give back to society and make a difference in the life of someone is too often imagined as a far-fetched activity, one that only well-off individuals could afford. But the reality is that, a little selfless act such as feeding a person who is hungry will directly impact the very people you interact with each and every day.  Read More

Mysterious pyramids of BosniaMarton Jasz, 10. June 2018Amateur archeologist claims that he has discovered the world’s oldest pyramids, along with an ancient and advanced civilazation. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with the Mesopotamians nor the Egyptians. But then who are they?  Read More

My suicide: destroying our planetOmkareshwar Jha, 12. February 2019"Me" when you read this 2 letter word you said yourself. Tell me how it feels like. It's a sucide "my sucide"!! Now tell me how it feels while you read. Who's responsible?? Aren't you too.  Read More

My VoiceBhagyashree Saini, 06. August 2020A girl and a child marriage survivor - “With a voice and for the voice of the voiceless.  Read More

Narrative of a Yali Beneficiary - A call for youth awakening...Esimaje Michael Onoseme, 09. January 2019My eyperienece as a participant of the Yali RLC Accra Program Online Chort 7 Experience.  Read More

Need Motivation? Here Are Some Quotes By Mark ZuckerbergMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 08. September 2019Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is one of the biggest names in the world today and there are many valid reasons for this. He is known for making the world’s biggest social network ‘Facebook’. Mark was driven with a passion to bring the world together by shortening the distances between people and he did it in the best way possible.  Read More

Netflix and privacy protection Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 22. September 2019For the past four years, I have been watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. Usually, I pay annual subscription fees that allow me to watch all types of movies. I find this approach cheaper and convenient as compared to buying movies every day. Besides, I usually receive notifications regarding the latest movies.  Read More

New Official YPPO Country Representative: IndiaPradeep, 24. July 2017These are my motivation to become the Country Representative of India.My next move is to form an YPPO community in India with co-ordinators from every state and to start designing and executing projects along with YPPO.  Read More

New Official YPPO Country Representative: KenyaZacharia Ng'Ang'A, 19. July 2017As the country representative of Kenya, he plans to unite youths by bringing them together to form a big, fully supportive, dedicated and passionate YPPO team that will eventually be running projects and facilitation concurrently. Zacharia believes that the youth have what it takes to make things happen and are creative enough to champion the right by pushing beyond limitations.  Read More

New Official YPPO Country Representative: LiberiaJames Gibson, 09. July 2017James Big-James Gibson is the new country representative of Liberia to bring change to the youths within his country and environment for the world.  Read More

New Official YPPO Country Representative: NepalRam Neupane, 10. July 2017As a country representative, my immediate plan is to establish a fully dedicated and dynamic YPPO team in Nepal. In the future, I have plans to launch various projects and events to meet the aims and objectives of YPPO.  Read More

New Official YPPO Country Representative: PhilippinesAmina Shayne, 09. August 2017Being the Youth Planet Protector Organization Country Representative for the Philippines, she aims to create a resilient network of youth advocate from the different parts of the Philippines.  Read More

New YPPO Country Representative: BangladeshTanmoy Kumar Ghose, 21. October 2017"Connect, Co-create, Collaborate" – I always believe in this theme. Youths are the most precious asset in the developing countries like Bangladesh. Youths have the abilities to bring progress and development to our country as well as to the global community.  Read More

Nigerian students and social media explosion - gains and los...Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 23. June 2018In a world of increased globalization where happenings in the sphere of human lives spree a boom. The human space become compressed in such a lane that far away seem like home and information travels at trajectory speed that brings human race into a village settings - this is all thanks to digital technology nay social media, a computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks  Read More

Nigeria Students: silent victims of ASSU strikeNurudeen Akewushola Yahaya , 17. January 2019The article is about the ongoing ASUU strike that disrupts the academic activities in all Nigeria universities and emphasises the effect of the strike on students.  Read More

No More Gender DiscriminationHina Anser, 13. June 2018I know that most of the people don’t think it as a problem and it’s quite normal for them this is not just the men but also the women’s. According to me, Gender Discrimination is the greatest ethical challenge facing by world today. Because of just someone gender we are getting the right to insult them and treat them like animals. Gender discrimination influences men and women. For the purpose of this article – gender based discrimination by men against women.  Read More

Not Another StatisticFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 13. August 2018A poem highlighting the problems encountered by teenagers and families within the Philippines.  Read More

observation of the day Omkareshwar Jha, 01. April 2019Equality is wrong way that is conceptualize in our heads. Equality in rights, duties. Equality of gender. Equality in education & service. Let's explore the truth....  Read More

Pilferers of fortune: of the girl-child and sexual predators...Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 18. January 2019It was a shocker. An incendiary bomb was at the verge of exploding. It was an unprovoked outburst of emotions; a spontaneous show of a value-impoverished society. To be sure, I zoomed the content of the news I was reading as I worked my phone through the Cyberspace.  Read More

PTSD - Here Are 5 Ways To Cope With ItMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 22. September 2019PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is one of the biggest and serious mental health issues nowadays. Many people fight with this menace daily and only a few manage to win over it. That is either because they take the proper medication or they know how to cope with it. And for those who don’t know how to, it can prove to be one of the most difficult things in the world.  Read More

Qualities of a good studentMeshach Idoko, 01. February 2019What makes a student good has to do with a lot of factors. But this article seeks to expound on the qualities of a good student. These qualities will improve every student learning capacity whether for a classroom or life.  Read More

Qualities of a True CriticOmkareshwar Jha, 12. June 2020(Well honestly to criticize and its true value is only elaborated when the  'Critic'  is having few qualities as usual for every post we consider qualification ,Well giving generalization to this is quiet difficult. But if you are going to criticize anyone you could set up  the qualifications as  a   true 'Critic' .. ) lets check this:  Read More

Reality is Stronger than ImaginationDodo Khan, 03. September 2018We are living in a world where a 7-year-old girl is raped on one hand and a girl was killed by his brother because she started working for showbiz while pets have equal rights to live a stable life on the other.  Read More

Recent Trends in Ponzi Scheme in NigeriaEsimaje Michael Onoseme, 03. July 2018In an economy where it’s so difficult to earn a living, many Nigerians and Youthful Africans inclusive of fellows from my region in Warri, Delta state Nigeria has opted to try out their perceived luck on current ponzi schemes or latest pyramid schemes, with the hope of making huge profit.  Read More

Remembering A Legend On His BirthdayMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 21. September 2019Dhyan Chand was an Indian hockey player and is known as one of the greatest players to ever play hockey. He was mostly known for his excellence in scoring goals and his thee gold medal wins in the Olympics. Dhyan Chand is often described as a person who dominated field hockey. He was so good at the game that he was given the nickname: The Wizard. Well, today is The Wizard’s birthday and it’s only fair to look back at his inspirational life.  Read More

Role of Mohit Bansal In women empowermentMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 08. March 2019Women are equal to men in every aspect. It is just that both have different bodies and different biological needs. But still she is not provided the environment to speak up about the sexual abuse. Mohit Bansal from Chandigarh is an active socialist who strongly believes in women empowerment. He inspires every women to step out from the shadow of people’ judgement and make choices in the light of their wisdom  Read More

Searching for God! Enas Enas Saad, 15. June 2018Where is he? How does he look like? Should I even use the term “he” while referring to him? Or even use "him"?! He is so complicated. How does he want us to believe in him? We know nothing about him! Wait for a second; does he want us to believe in him?! So, why doesn’t he just say that?! Why should it be so mysterious that way!  Read More

Self-confidenceRomaisa Ghous, 20. July 2018Self-confidence is the key to success. Self-confident people are admired by others and inspire confident in others. They face their fears and challenges with courage and determination.  Read More

Seven Ways To Deal With DepressionMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 03. October 2019There was a time in my life when I was depressed. The love of my life had just left me to marry someone else and it pierced through me like a dagger. It left me really sad, helpless, and lonely. I started living on my own and not caring about anything. I stayed home all day and had no interest in anything. So, here’s what depression means to me and how I dealt with it.  Read More

Six Ways To Improve Productivity At WorkMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 16. October 2019I’ve been working for more than 18 years and there are a lot of things that I’ve learned throughout the years. Nobody is perfect in the beginning and we learn and grow with time and experience. I believe in helping others with the thing that I’ve learned with my experience as an entrepreneur. As far as work productivity is concerned, the field of work doesn’t matter.  Read More

Social media bill: bad business for youth development in Nig...Victor Oyelade, 22. December 2019If you are Nigerian, news in town is that of the reading and debating of the Controversial Social Media Bill. The Bill has generated lots of attention within and outside Nigeria given that it has passed the second reading in the Nigerian Senate. It seeks “Jail” and “death penalty” for offenders for putting out false information or “Hate Speech” on Social Media. Here is why I believe such a Bill spells doom for Youth Development in Nigeria:  Read More

Social Media is unrealisticGlenda Huang, 12. June 2018I believe that social media is one of the biggest influences in the world, but if you think about it, does it really influence us teenagers in the right way? Are you aware of the risks and how it impacts your feelings? You say that it helps you keep in touch with friends and get online friends but you might not know it because it is in your subconscious mind.  Read More

Social Parasites Endangering the Survival of PakistanZulfiqar Ali Ramzan, 22. June 2019Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan has faced various issues from social inequality, political instability, to economic disparity. These issues have been and are still thwarting the growth of Pakistan. Unless social inequalities creating hindrance to the growth of Pakistan are eradicated, peace and prosperity cannot be effectively achieved.  Read More

Some Eye-Opening Osho Quotes That Will Grow Your WisdomKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 08. January 2020Born as Chandra Mohan Jain, Osho took birth in Raisen (a district in Madhya Pradesh) on December 11th, 1931. He was a great visionary and a religious movement leader who was praised and followed by many. His followers used to call him Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and later, Osho. He didn’t only have followers in India, but also in many other countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and many more.  Read More

Some Jeff Bezos Quotes That Are Gospel For Every Entrepreneu...Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 10. November 2019Jeff Bezos needs no introduction, but just for sake of it, here it is. Jeff Preston Bezos is the chief executive officer, president, and founder of It’s not a surprise that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world. After all, the business helped Jeff Bezos in surpassing Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world.  Read More

Some Life-Lessons With Quotes By Zlatan IbrahimovicKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 21. November 2019Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the biggest names in football today and he plays as a striker for the LA Galaxy soccer club. In this season of the MLS, he’s been in 16 matches and has scored 13 goals. With a height of 1.95m and an amazing leg work, he is a dominant force on the field. Along with the 13 goals, he has also given 3 assists to some of his teammates.  Read More

Some Miley Cyrus quotes on success that will awaken the achi...Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 16. January 2020Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular and successful people in the world right now and there are a lot of reasons for the same. Throughout these years, she has shown that you can achieve anything with sheer hard work and determination. From a young age, Miley started making songs with his father and she has said that her written song count is around 100 now.  Read More

Some more Buddha quotes to rejuvenate you with positivityMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 07. August 2019In addition to one of my previous articles, I decided to explain some more quotes by Buddha that are sure to bring peace to your chaos. Since there are a plethora of quotes out there by Buddha, it’s only fair that we take motivation from a lot of them. After all, it’s Buddha and we know that we can learn a lot from his teachings.  Read More

Some Motivational Quotes By Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Jo...Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 19. January 2020Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the most famous people in the world today and he has worked a lot for it. Since his WWE debut in 1996, The Rock has gained the popularity that many people strive for. From a multi-time champion to a blockbuster movie star, The Rock has literally earned it all. Just put his name in a movie, that movie will be a hit. Play his theme song in a wrestling arena and the fans will go crazy. Not even a single person will be heard booing this legend.  Read More

Some Motivational Quotes By Taylor SwiftKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 10. February 2020The artist of the year and the decade is an amazing singer and has an inspirational personality… here are some quotes by Taylor Swift that will motivate you.  Read More

Some Quotes By A Former Number One In The WorldMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 21. September 2019Serena Jameka Williams is a very famous tennis player and she needs no introduction. However, it’s worth mentioning that she has been ranked world no. 1 by The Women’s Tennis Association eight times between 2002 and 2017. This happened for the first time on July 8th, 2002. At just the age of 37, she has a record of 23 Grand Slam singles wins.  Read More

Some quotes by Mahatma Gandhi that can teach us a lotMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 08. August 2019Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a great freedom fighter and a Lawyer of India and he played a major role in the independence of the country. He wanted to follow the path of ‘non-violence’ in order to get freedom for his country. He is a true role model for everyone and we can all learn a lot from him.  Read More

Some Quotes By Stephen HawkingKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 28. September 2019Stephen William Hawking was an English cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and author. He was also the director of research at the center of theoretical cosmology at the University of Cambridge in his final years. The story of Stephen Hawking is very inspiring, motivational, and heart-touching.  Read More

Some Thought-Provoking Quotes By Albert EinsteinMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 10. September 2019Albert Einstein is one of the biggest names in Science, History, and the History of Science. Along with Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei, he is one of the three fathers of Physics. Throughout his life, Albert Einstein gave birth to many theories and conducted many experiments that proved to be some of the many foundation stones of modern-day Physics.  Read More

Sometimes, Going Easy Is The Right Thing To DoMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 04. August 2019We all know that hard work is important and dedication towards what you do gets you where you want to reach. Most of us function with this thought in the mind with our sight set on the ultimate goal of success. But, one of the biggest mistakes we all make is not taking a breather/break. And even if we do, we tend to go back to work quickly.  Read More

Songs Can Have A Positive Effect On Your LifeMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 08. July 2019Songs are more than just a way of entertainment. I can say this because I have experienced it and I want others to understand the same. Different kinds of songs have different effects, however, only if you listen to the lyrics and feel the music properly. The key is to try and listen to the lyrics of every song you come across and then decide which ones make you feel good and create a positive outlook for you.  Read More

Spill a coffee on yourselfParthasarathi Kar, 28. September 2018Corporate world has its own buzz around it.It is said that with cutting edge technology and cut throat competition the corporate world is becoming mean day by day but guess what we do have a solution to it.In order to diminish this meanness around us, let's make the work space ludicrous, cheerful and enthusiastic and all we need to do is take a moment to laugh.  Read More

Sports bettingAhmed Shalby , 02. July 2018Sports betting has a unique appeal to it. This appeal is based on the fact that you are not betting in a setting where the house as an edge and shaves something off the top of your earnings. Here, you are dealing with cold numbers, and are in a certain amount of control regarding the choices you make. The major question for those starring is whether this type of wagering can serve up a consistent kind of winning pattern.  Read More

Sports betting in Nigeria: the growing epidemicsAbiodun Jamiu Sulaiman, 21. June 2018Yes, I agreed, after consultations with heavenly consultants in a marathon Odyssey to pen inspired world, that the 21st century Nigerians has a great deals of potholes to avoid before alighting at their destinations. This generation, I concurred, has been infected with invectives that need immediate revival and exorcism from a diviner or bailout from the world beyond to break off the shackles and menace of social vices and neo-slavery.  Read More

Still The Way .... Fake Feminists Hira Naz, 29. November 2018The cold spell of the freezing winter was disturbed by the sudden erruption of gun shots at the far end of the valley. Irritated but not surprised I instantly knew a baby was born somewhere and obviously a boy. Celebrating the joy of having a new baby in such zelous way,as far my knowledge, has never been portrayed on having a daughter. When asked I recieved in one or the other way this same response;"this is the way things are, it is a ritual".  Read More

Still Virgin?! Enas Enas Saad, 04. June 2018Still Virgin? Have ever felt you hate your body? Ashamed of your Femininity and your charms? Well, I have, or I have to admit that nearly every Egyptian or Arabian girl also has felt that way. Every day, you wake up, put on some silly wide loose clothes that you were never proud of, and never expressed yourself. It is not a choice; you have to cover yourself with meters of cloth. As if, you were a puppet of the society. Moreover, let tell you something, never forget your headphones, they will protect you from the most aggressive sensual expressions.  Read More

Story of my Second Toothpaste!Omkareshwar Jha, 27. June 2018Well again an artificial day. Scheduled, systematic and planned. Buss bus kahhh , brushing my teeth is the favourite part of my day. It makes me fresh and alive me for few moments it’s because i look my reflection in the mirror. One great person said – When you consider your every moment ; then you actually live that moment of the life.  Read More

Stress: What it did to me and how I got rid of itMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 06. August 2019In today’s busy and chaotic world, it’s normal for everyone to get stressed out. While some people are able to cope with their stress, others might have some difficulties. The same was the case with me when I just started my career as a photographer. I think saying “do what you love to do and work won’t feel like work” is a huge misconception. I am saying this because the same wasn’t true in my case.  Read More

Strong foundation Omkareshwar Jha, 03. August 2020"I & You cant go for long with Chest in and head down with lower level of enthusiasm". What's cultivating you??Questioning this require a lot of inner data. What's going on in your mind. From how you react or directly respond. What's the difference??  Read More

Successful YPPO Nepal One Day WorkshopRam Neupane, 19. July 2017The program was a grand success as the large number of participants involved actively. We received significant amount of queries about the membership procedure for YPPO by non-YPPO participants. We have given them the link to YPPO website. This program was successful in drawing attention of scientific minds to YPPO and has given a new hope to them about the role of YPPO to influence the future.  Read More

Sustainable business development in AfricaBenedict Chukwuemeka Osondu, 18. June 2018This article is to expand our minds and business ideas on the importance of knowing what your values can do and how it can change things especially the use of information and data. Some business has failed not because of ideas but because of information and lack of proper information.  Read More

Teenage Pregnancy in Nigeria: Implication for policyVictor Oyelade, 11. December 2018According to a 2013 report by Demographic and Health Survey, in Nigeria an estimated 23% of women aged 15-19 years have begun child bearing, of which 17% have had their first child and 5% are pregnant with their first child.  Read More

That Night will passOmkareshwar Jha, 03. June 2019Nights are feared from aeons. What changed?? It's dark usually colder than the day. No experience ever will take its place. Darkness is the reality of closed eyes. But what it's hiding inside?? Is unknown...  Read More

That's "You"Omkareshwar Jha, 01. February 2019That's you. Me or anybody else can't tell you better then the mirror of yourself. That can see itself with closed eyes.... Come a little deep today & it will start something new from today!!  Read More

The 21st Century And The Church's Role.Idiongomfon Clement , 18. April 2020Misunderstanding what the Church is to do is misunderstanding God’s overall mission. The New Testament says we are ‘God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Read More

The Art of Living in the Present MomentValeriia Tsytsyk, 13. September 2018Where are you now? How are you living, right at the moment? What is this moment about? Are you really living it here and now? Too many questions to begin with: the present moment. However, the importance of it is more than one might think. The point is that the vast majority of our modern “all the time in a hurry” society tends to see life as a marathon, where every person is in a race for achievements, realization of plans, dreams and goals, etc.  Read More

The BreachChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 18. June 2018It is not that we are superstitious. It is not that tradition explains everything either. Truth is, we are only ignorant about the happenings; so we put up walls to things we barely understand. Masking our fears- playing it safe. The canker worm eats into our thick skulls. The virus spreads without contraception. Our children too become infected.  Read More

The Caged Bird Sings: What Freedom Means to MeFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 04. August 2018Our Philosophy teacher asked one question, "What does freedom mean to you?" And I spent a year discovering my own answer to an otherwise simple question.  Read More

The CallChristopher Tawiah-Mensah, 02. July 2018"Why don't you just go the normal way: sit at home, watch TV and trouble won't find you. You always have a seminar on your calendar, a music event to attend. There's always something to do with you."  Read More

The Cattle Wars of South SudanMaulline Gragau, 14. May 2019The story of a family of a South Sudanese lady demanding 250 cows as bride price from a prospective bridegroom went viral for all the wrong reasons. Many people on the internet were quick to judge the family for what they thought was a way to get rich by "selling" their daughter. Whatt they failed to understand was that it goes beyond bride price.  Read More

The Change I want to makeSafiullah Shaikh, 30. November 2018‘If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation’. Give them books and an open sky to fulfill their dreams and observe the revolution they will bring into evidence.  Read More

The Concept of EconomicsAbdisalan Ahmed Hussein Fidow, 13. August 2018Economic is the scarcity and choice, this study will argue main parts of Economics so the Economic dived Macroeconomics , Microeconomics , Economic growth and economic development.However the Economic of Somali is depend on livestock special Camals , Goats and Cows so the trade hight significant with economic growth .  Read More

The Dead of DawnZyra Cabugayan, 27. June 2018"...But from the corner of my eye, one of the policemen in the living room held my gaze. He shoved a thumb in the direction of our neighbor and mouthed, 'Huwag tularan.' Do not emulate..."  Read More

The Difference Between Feminism And Misunderstood Feminism Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, 01. July 2019OK, before I get chased by a group of women holding pitchforks, let me get one thing clear, I respect those who deserve it and I do believe that men and women should be treated equally. That’s the true meaning of feminism. Protesting against the ideology that men are superior or better than women, that’s feminism. Turning it the other way around by saying that women are better than men, that’s misunderstood feminism.  Read More

The Education We WantPranav Mohla, 21. June 2018Education is a fundamental human right to acquire knowledge, skills, values and beliefs in different aspects of our life and it helps to promote individual freedom, empowerment and propagates important development benefits. Today, education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. More than 73 million children of primary education age are not in school and aproximately 760 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children.  Read More

The Formula Of Being A G.O.A.T - Eminem’s Inspirationa...Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, 12. September 2019Born on 17th October 1972, Marshall Bruce Mathers III took birth in a broken home in St. Joeseph, Missouri. His father (Marshall Bruce Mathers II) left him and his Mother (Deborah R. Mathers aka Debbie Mathers) when Eminem was just a couple of months old. Marshall had, what you would call a very traumatizing childhood.  Read More

The girl known by many names.Apurva Mane, 08. March 2019But she wasn't really the normal girl. Big fuzzy hair, dark skin, no idea of what she is wearing and why, don't know how to talk to other people were some of her attributes. Clearly, she felt she is not the most beautiful girl in the room everyone can die for.. But she knew that there is something about her so much more attractive than any of others...  Read More

The Inspiring Story Of A Man Who Never Lost HopeMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 31. August 2019Vivian Fernandes, famously known by his stage name DIVINE is an Indian rapper and is one of the biggest names in Indian hip-hop today. You cannot leave him out while talking about Indian hip-hop or rap. With a rebellious voice, fire lyrics, and non-stop flow, DIVINE sure is a force to reckon with. DIVINE sure is a big name right now, however, things were not always like this for him.  Read More

The Israeli-palestinian conflictsAsfand Ali Goraho, 04. October 2018The conflict between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs has endured for a century. It centers on control of territory and, as common in such disputes, is characterized by conquest, destruction, and revenge, with all the animosity and sorrow that these actions bring. Because the land in question is terra sancta to three major religions, the conflict evokes powerful passions involving identity, honor, and the propriety of cultural claims.  Read More

The Momo Challenge Nasir Ali Khan, 29. September 2018Games were used to be for entertainment but now they are the cause of deaths. After the game bluewhale, which took lives of 130 teens all around the world, which was a big loss because they were not only 130 persons but 130 families were killed. Now past is going to repeat itself because another game has taken its place which is called <i>the MOMO challenge</i>.  Read More

The neglected kids in the dirty water.Adan Bulale, 29. May 2018The Somali children are currently facing all kinds of violations including sexual violence, abuse, exploitation, and discrimination, they became drug addicted and they are engaged in bad habits such as sniffing glue, chewing chat, smoking hashish and various pills from pharmacies, the street children from the minority groups in the IDPs are the most fragile ones.  Read More

The Other Facet of PrettyFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 09. August 2018Is Hollywood often the standard of beauty in society? How often do we hear about women changing their physical appearances to conform to superficial norms? Beauty is a multi-faceted diamond -- rare and built from the harshest circumstances. But there is another facet of beauty that we have often neglected to see.  Read More

The PromiseMd. Imroz Shahriar Shaik, 20. June 2018It was a story of a happy family. The father, the mother and the only son lived in the lap of a pictorial valley. The parents loved the baby most. The father wanted to bring up the child as he wished. Things were going on according to his will.  Read More

The "Us versus Them" NightmareIsiaka A Kromah , 11. August 2019The human mind has a tendency to categorize people into social groups. And often these social groups can create an “Us vs. Them” mentality toward people who may be different than us in some ways, whether it’s race, gender, age, nationality, culture, religion, or socioeconomic status.It is about time that we as people hold together if we want to forge ahead as a Nation , We will have to work together to achieve the common good for us all.  Read More

The reawakening evil of rape in NigeriaAbdulrahman Abdulganiyu, 02. February 2019It is unarguably, that everyone in this country( boys and girls, men and women, male and female) is entitled to self dignity, liberty and shall not be subjected to inhumane treatment and non should be deprived nor shunned, castigated and violated by any individual individual however high so ever or how low so ever placed.  Read More

The Rejection therapyBhagyashree Saini, 26. August 2020The power of Rejection, a self help card game, gamifies the lesson it's supposed to teach.  Read More

The Shataranji of RangpurMd. Imroz Shahriar Shaik, 16. August 2019The main ingredient to produce Shataranji is the thread from Jute. Shataranjis are used for various purposes, such as, as wall mat, jaynamaj or simply carpet. As for design, there comes face of women, animals, shepherd, women with pitcher, boats, natural scenarios and many more. Sometimes the design is done according to the wish of the buyer.  Read More

The Social and Cultural Determinants Of Mental HealthNithin Valsamma Rajan, 11. October 2018“Health is wealth”“If wealth is lost nothing is lost but if health is lost something is lost”.People of the present day confront many realities; pleasant ones such as the ever growing scientific progress on one hand and unpleasant ones such as the destructive elements of science on the other. Man stands perplexed between these.  Read More

The True Face Of Women Empowerment: Oprah WinfreyKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 12. February 2020One of the most influential people in the world today is Oprah Winfrey. Throughout these years, she has taken every chance she could get to inspire and motivate people by setting an example with her powerful words. And things like this come only from experience.  Read More

THE UNSOLVEDOmkareshwar Jha, 24. August 2019Mysteries are everywhere around us. Human mind always tried to understand it. Training of mind is very important goal which is hardly being focus of centres where we think we learn & educate. Such a capable & well prepared mind can do tons of things. We just need to realise on it.  Read More

The Unsung HeroesFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 26. July 2018Who are the unsung heroes of our generation? They are those who respond to the call of servant leadership. Silent yet inspiring, they are the game changers of today.  Read More

Things I learned from depressionKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 06. August 2019This is the story of the darkest time of my life. The time when I felt like I had nothing left. After I was left unloved and heartbroken. That time proved to be my best teacher. This was when I went through the most feared emotion of all… depression!!  Read More

Things that you should not be doing as a leaderKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 10. February 2020Long before I was a traveler and blogger, I used to work for a local newspaper. Although I didn’t like my job, I was pretty good at what I did. Considering my performance and dedication, the company promoted me to a higher level as a Team Leader. I was told what my duties will be, however, was not informed how to handle the team. I was still able to do my work with the same enthusiasm and manage my team’s work at the same time.  Read More

Tinder in Southern Italy Fiorenza Gemma, 09. September 2019Discussion about dating Apps and how are they usually perceived by people in the Southern Italy, where they're use isn't so popular. Why is it like that? Southern Italy may be quite backward, that's for sure. But regarding dating Apps and their influences on the way people establish sentimental relationships, is it positive that we don't actually use them, or rather we are missing something?  Read More

To be like youJubilee Floren, 08. August 2019While wishing to be someone better there is one out there wishing to be like you  Read More

To My BelovedFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 13. October 2018What if Mother Nature could suddenly speak? What would she say to us human beings?  Read More

Too much of anything is badMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 09. August 2019I wasn’t always the happy man I am today. There have been a lot of tragic incidents in my life and I’m not hesitant to share them with people. I was born into a poor family in Chandigarh. My mother was a housewife and my father worked in a medical store. Times were so bad that the monthly income of my whole family was hardly $75.  Read More

Turning your lust to loveMeshach Idoko, 07. August 2019Lust: fulfilling sin’s (flesh’s) desire…Love: fulfilling God’s desire…Main Texts: 2 Peter 1:7 and Luke 18:27 (NIV)“…and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.” (2 Peter 1:7)Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)You can channel those emotions to fulfil God’s desire instead of fulfilling the desires of your flesh. God gave you emotions for a purpose. Use it to fulfil His purpose.  Read More

UDUS Management Bane Indecent DressingYasir Ibrahim, 14. June 2019One of the notable values of Africa is its rich cultural background, and as such, there is no time in our history that indecent dressing can be linked to our heritage. The depth of this ungodly and morally-repugnant attitude is sunk deeply in tertiary institutions.  Read More

Ukrainian mentality: advantages and disadvantages Anna Kontseba, 30. June 2018Every person is unique, has its own character, interests and values. However, some personal characteristics and even behavior depend on culture and society where the human lives. Common personal characteristics between people are called mentality. Beliefs, values and ideas of people bear their mentality.  Read More

Un-MeSuman Mercy Sundar, 02. April 2019Reality & Imagination have taken a toll already on Mental health & Physical health. These attributes highly reflect on our thought process and identify creation. Read this article to know what you are to Yourself. Before anyone else, what are you? To Yourself.  Read More

Upholding Societal ValuesMeshach Idoko, 05. June 2018We are living in the days whereby values and principles are regarded as obsolete. Ethics are no longer observed. Norms are now abnormal and integrity has lost its place. The punishment of social vices are now molted into disguised celebration. People rarely celebrate hard work. Most a times, people who played against social values to get to the level they are, are the ones mostly celebrated.  Read More

Upholding Societal ValuesMeshach Idoko, 08. June 2018We are living in the days whereby values and principles are regarded as obsolete. Ethics are no longer observed. Norms are now abnormal and integrity has lost its place. The punishment of social vices are now molted into disguised celebration. People rarely celebrate hard work. Most a times, people who played against social values to get to the level they are, are the ones mostly celebrated.  Read More

What about Us?Christopher Tawiah-Mensah, 21. June 2018In the Babemba tribe of South Africa, a 'reconnection' ritual is made for a wrong doer. The culprit is taken to the centre of the village, where the tribe surrounds him and for two days say all the good things he has done. The tribe believes that, man has a good heart but is prone to mistakes and wrong doings as well. The ritual therefore helps to reconnect him with his good self.  Read More

What An Abundant Life in PresentMuhammad Bilal Tahir, 13. January 2019Living a meaningful life isn’t a goal to be achieved in future or an event from the past that gives us the feeling that we have lived an abundant life. Instead, the art of living an abundant life comes from the present. The question of living an abundant life is usually formed in a way in which the subject is asked if he or she will have lived the abundant life when they get old. Many human beings die a sudden, tragic death in a very young age.  Read More

What does ‘it’ looks like?Siddiqa Magar , 18. May 2020The ever insatiable student who's constantly groped with criteria of making a well-lived life can only find true contentment from within and only that happiness stays. The depth that one carries is the only true beauty. Self-reflection and confidence will always be at your rescue so never let that fade away.  Read More

What Should You Expect From Doing An Internship?Ni Putu Maha Lina, 23. April 2020A significant change in education has led students around the world to obtain knowledge, either in the theoretical or the practical field. Generally speaking, many universities in the world have provided a good system in education with a purpose to improve the quality of education offered to their students.  Read More

What to do if something goes wrongAnna Kontseba, 08. July 2018If you sometimes are worried because of problems in your routine life and various difficulties, this article is for you! Find out the ways of successfully overcoming any troubles and reducing their impact on your life.  Read More

When I wrote less..Omkareshwar Jha, 08. May 2019It's been a mysterious for a while and that while takes so many lifetimes to understand. Human psychology is more complicated when they try to be easy. Less or more characters of my life with you and your are doing well and that you are interested in me's and not themselves. When you try to be me who will be "You"??  Read More

Who will tell our story? A journey into the world of addicts...Abiodun Jamiu, 07. September 2018He wanted to tell his story, his grass to grace tribulations; the hope of a child determined to defeat all odds on his ladder to success. He wanted to tell the world how he skipped meals, a time of One-Zero-One or Zero-Zero-One, to become the Bill Gate of his time.  Read More

Why am I not me?Mahmoud Fakhry, 20. June 2018Have you ever felt that you have no feelings, that you are alone, that you do not exist, that you are fed up with everything, disappointed or depressed? Have you ever felt that you wish to die? This talk could be a little creepy or not usual to be written but it’s okay if you felt any of these before, you are a normal person but living in non-normal life and society that drives you to be no feelings person. But why we have reached to this point, why we are who we are now?  Read More

Why Danish People Are The Happiest People In The WorldKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 11. July 2019According to two recent scientific studies, the people of Denmark are the happiest people in the world. The media's attention to this issue has led the Danish people to talk about it. If you would’ve asked the reason for the happiness and satisfaction with life of Danish people three years ago, they would probably have looked at you in a glimpse of what this question is.  Read More

Why Every Pakistani Girl Needs At Least 12 Years Of Educatio...Athar Maqsood, 21. July 2018As we cannot clap with a single hand. In the same way, a society cannot make progress without educating girls. Our religion also focuses on girls education. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Every Muslim men and women are obliged to seek knowledge — Ibn-e-Majah”.  Read More

Why Indian Youth Is Going Through So Much Of Mental StressKunal Bansal Chandigarh, 03. June 2019Mental Stress is one of the biggest challenges faced by Indian youth nowadays. It can be due to studies, work, family, and many other reasons. Sure, working hard or excelling in studies will get you good results, but what good will it do if you won’t be happy with the way your life is going. Below is the list of the main reasons for mental stress in Indian youth.  Read More

why loving yourself is necessaryMandy Sharma, 06. June 2018I have been on this earth for the past 17 years and in these years, I have seen a lot of things happening around me and my surroundings. and what I have concluded from all this is that life revolves around you and it ends with you. we being the mere puppets of nature just do our respective jobs as assigned to us by her but humans are a bit ahead of others as they are the independent and advanced puppets of nature. so we experience and face a lot of things in our lifetime. so through this article, I will highlight the life of a human in general.  Read More

Why migration? Young people "On The Move"Francis Ametepey, 17. December 2017Africa will always be gratified about her young people, if only they understand the role they have to play in realizing the dreams of the continent.  Read More

Winning Balance for TeensFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 30. July 2018The health of the Filipino youth is a debatable topic in the Philippines and much of the debacle could be attributed to a lack of health education within the country. Through this article, we are enjoined to rediscover the importance of health education in shaping the lives of the youth.  Read More

Women Empowerment Anshdeep Kaur Ajmani , 23. May 2018Not every girl lives under a good condition. Many have to face difficult problems and tolerate very much all day.  Read More

Wonderfully madeGift Bubu , 26. April 2020You are UNIQUE You are SPECIAL You are BRAVEYou are WONDERFULLY & FEARFULLY crafted....Don't feel inferior about your looks and body. You have PURPOSE You have a DESTINATION  Read More

Workout and PositivityMohit Bansal Chandigarh, 27. July 2019If you have ever struggled with seeking positivity in your life, you know how hard it is to stay positive when your mind keeps hitting you with negativity. People spend years looking for a way to inject their minds with positivity and fail to understand that the answer might just be a few blocks away from their home. The permanent solution to this dilemma is… going to the gym!!  Read More

World Youth Forum 2019: Where civilizations meetA Zun Mo, 15. January 2020Overall, the World Youth Forum is a great opportunity for youth and students around the globe to build their capacity and open up their eyes, as well as for young entrepreneurs to present their projects and acquire crucial skills while exchanging their unique perspectives.  Read More

Writing for the WriterFrancine Beatriz Pradez, 29. July 2018WRITING IS TOUGH. A sincere, heartfelt open letter for those who are writers, who know writers or who would like to be writers.  Read More

Yet Another Tragic End To A Great Life: Cokie Roberts Passes...Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, 01. November 2019Mary Roberts was (it hurts saying ‘was’) an American journalist and a best-selling author. She was famously known as ‘Cokie Roberts’. She said that she got the name Cokie from his elder brother and it stuck with her. Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs (yes, this was her full name, however, it was still too short considering her greatness and knowledge) was born on 27th December 1943, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Read More

YPPO at DBU CongressFabian Schneider, 29. June 2018YPPO was represented at the Biodiversity Congress 2017 in Osnabrueck, Germany organised by the DBU and the German government. We raised financial support and are now officially sponsored by the DBU!  Read More
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