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Agriculture in our lives
30. January 2019 at 09:52
"once in our lives we need a doctor, once in our lives we need a lawyer, but everyday in our lives we need a farmer"
As I was walking all my way home I saw a signage with the words written "once in our lives we need a doctor, once in our lives we need a lawyer, but everyday in our lives we need a farmer" and that catches my heart. Agriculture supplies the basic necessities as a human . It provides us food that gives us energy to do anything we wanted and needed to do. My family and I is one of the Filipinos who consumes so much agricultural foods such as rice, chicken, pork, processed meat, fruits and vegetables since we do eat more than 3x a day and my brothers have huge appetite. Without those agricultural foods we can't get the right nutrition our body needed.

Agriculture are able to bolster income and savings, indeed I can really say that. Majority source income of people in rural areas are through agriculture. Agriculture can be learn even without formal education and that gives opportunity to people who are not given the chance to attend formal education or those people that are not given the chance to finish their studies to earn and support their family financially. Likewise in my family, my mother has a small piggery it was her past time to get rid of boredom. And as time passes when piglets became pigs it became a blessing in the face of money, that could provide our needs.

The society today is different to the society before . It is often said that agriculture is the basis for the development of societies. As everything surrounds us improves it also improves our knowledge, skills and capabilities and could result to the innovations of farming tools and methods to improve food supply,crop production and as a result, improves the economic growth of our country,since those innovations leads to a larger supply of products for exporting. And by that my family and I could benefit to the projects of the government. These are just some importance of agriculture to me, to my family, to the society and to the country.
Cite This Article As: Jubilee Floren. "Agriculture in our lives." International Youth Journal, 30. January 2019.

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