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Against what and how do people hold a meeting in Russia?
13. June 2018 at 22:03
It is fear and courage at the same time, it is pride and joy because you see infinite crowd of people who want to change the country. In Russia for the last year there have taken place at least three large meetings. And almost to everyone in big cities there were not less than 50000 people, on everyone there were detentions and arrests.
For the country where in principle a concept of the meeting emerges not so often, such indicators just shock average citizens. So, in what an essence of these disorders why people go outside and why they aren't even frightened by sad statistics on detentions.

Probably, many heard about corruption in Russia, but only for those who live there, it is possible to be realistic about the scale of this problem. Perhaps, it is the paramount reason of most of the problems in the Russian economics, policy and in general any sphere of life of society. And not only Russia but now the speech about it. All residents of the country perfectly understand that it is and is among those who are in government. But, perhaps, not everyone thought of scales. Yes, many spoke about it, about it is poor, but nevertheless wrote to media, but there was no spark which would engender fire.

And only at the beginning of last year when the movie-investigation by the Russian oppositionist Alexey Navalny narrating about the property of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has been released, people have woken up. The first appeal of the oppositionist later after a release of the movie to protest actions has been actively supported by hundreds of thousands of people through the whole country. They joined the groups on social networks, did reposts, distributed video. But the government didn't comment on this situation in any way, as if nothing occurred. All charges of corruption schemes were nullified, people heard only senseless justifications.

The first protest action has taken place on March 26, 2017, in 82 cities of Russia. It was the largest protest action for the last 5 years. She contacted a huge number of people, generally of course, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They demanded answers from the authorities, demanded to conduct an official investigation. The majority of actions hasn't been coordinated (without reason explanation), and many people under this pretext including organizers of an action, the police took away.

The second large action has taken place the same year on June 12, in the day of a national holiday - the Day of Russia. The consequence of it was proceeding ignoring by the authorities of a situation with corruption in the country, in particular, the movie about Medvedev and other large officials. That day even more people than on March 26 have come to protest actions. However, the scenario of a meeting has repeated exactly the same.

The third large campaign of a protest has had the next year, on May 5, 2018. It passed on the eve of an inauguration of Vladimir Putin for the second time in a row (the fourth generally) on a post of the President of Russia. Hundreds of thousands, millions of people through the whole country didn't agree with results of elections. Falsifications, throws, absence and not an admission of worthy competitors, - the short characteristic of last elections. With everything, these people weren't ready to be reconciled therefore they have taken to the streets.

As the witness of these events, I can tell that it is impossible to transfer the power and energy of such actions by anything. It is fear and courage at the same time, it is pride and joy because you see an infinite crowd of people who want to change the country. There were many youths, as well as I, students, school students, such statistics especially pleases because they will build the future.

But there were also adult people, elderly, pensioners. All of them went together, one organized and harmless crowd. Then we, on action classics, were dispersed by police. It was terrible, I never thought that the police, which called to protect people, can cruelly act this way with absolutely innocent people. Everything occurring that day in the center of St. Petersburg terrified and disappointed. All undertakings of people and attempt of their self-expression are just stopped, and it was so rigid. But one pleases - if all this with such rage and speed is suppressed with the authorities then it is afraid, it is afraid of people, is afraid of the fact that they will raise more, is afraid of dissemination of any information on television and on the Internet.

At the end I will tell that personally I have gone to this meeting because I’m not ready to live six more years in the country which is ruled by absolutely incompetent, false and degrading power, in the country where the Constitution was thrown out on a garbage can, where the word democracy has lost the true value, and, at last, in the country where government do everything in order to uncomfortable life, in all plans.
Cite This Article As: Kristina Bebiakina. "Against what and how do people hold a meeting in Russia? ." International Youth Journal, 13. June 2018.

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