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Abortion Business Among Young People And The Way Forward
07. August 2017 at 17:18
As a campaigner with excessive passion for young people’s sexual procreative health and right issues draw my courtesy to share with you all my comprehension attracting young people on their sexual reproductive health and right
Teenage gestation and abortion both have become a contemporary issue on the desk of legislator’s, policy makers, parents, community leaders and all stake holders responsible. Generally, we all agree that the theme of young people having sex when they are not hypothetical to is nothing imaginative and how to do abortion customarily is already known to them. Where do they learn this habit from? Theoretical says it’s because of the novelty, newness, the mystery and the hearsay about sexuality. According to my research conducted in Nsawam community in the Eastern region of the Republic of Ghana on why and how we do abortion as young people.

My commitment with 58 young people (36 girls and 22 boys) between the ages of 15-24 about why we do abortion? Out of the 58 young people, we had 39 young people (28 girls and 11 boys) saying “the state at which we enjoyed sex without condoms are not equivalent to the condom usage” we feel happy and comfortable having sex without condoms but not really familiar with the contraceptives well which leads to teenage pregnancy among us.

Secondly, we have been enforced to understand that sex at the early stage is bad omen and people who do it are seen to be ghastly children so when it happened to us, unfortunately we can’t approach anybody for assistance. 19 young people (15 girls and 4 boys) said the churches don’t talk about sexuality and only accused them of fornication so they are tempted to know what at all it is they keep accusing them off. We are habitually inexperienced and can’t seek for guidance from anybody so we get ourselves pregnant. Three young girls shared experience that their first attempt in having sex was what gets them pregnant.

We are very so often terrified and don’t have trust in the traditional medication to abort a baby which compelled us to use the drugs which doctors don’t prescribe for pregnant women. We assume that they are likely to abort if used so we apply and they work very well for us. For instance ergot, menstrogen, cytotec black power and medaboard are some of the drugs we apply though they are meant for different disease such as Cytotec for ulcer. We know they are very perilous to our health but we have no option safer than that. In some cases we apply grinded broken beer bottles to some traditional herbs for abortion.

We also have spotted some women within the community who does abortion at a fee with high working experience on the subject matter.
Pharmacy shops & abortion pills
According to a pharmacist, most of the people who buy the abortion drugs are below 24 years and are accompanied by their mothers to the pharmacy shop. They are influenced by hearsay so before they get to the pharmacy they already know the drugs they want to buy. When the pharmacist asked they lied to them by saying they were sent by somebody. A pharmacist said “I have never sold out abortion pills to anybody because my religion don’t allow though young people especially girls and married couple demand them highly.

Traditional Abortion
I engaged a woman directed by young people within Nsawam community who does abortion for them at affordable prize. According to her “I have more than 32 years of experience in abortion operation and have never recorded death in my operations. She had her experience from his late husband who was a doctor. She learnt all this from him and applies it traditionally. She does abortion for both young girls and married ones. On weekly basis, she receives 5 clients (4 students and a married woman). “I teach my clients how to apply the drugs for abortion themselves to reduce the pressure coming on me” said by the woman.

The way forward.
My intelligence convinces to magnify about guidance and counseling unit as instances of the strategic ways to avoid teenage pregnancy and unintended abortion in the high schools. This would help converging much on our media theatre curricula to create awareness about or provide resolution to the high level of teen pregnancy and its effect of abortion. Am very much sure that participating in prevention messages in collaboration with our media industry as a way to re-introduce the messages that young people are hearing to better change the mindset .We know from public opinion polling and other research that, although teens prefer to hear about sex and pregnancy prevention from their parents, they most often learn about it from the media. While entertainment media leaders do not see themselves as teachers, many can understand the enormous potential they have to educate, deliver helpful messages and shape behavior.

Secondly, Church’s must comprehend authenticities and respond to the needs of young people to address the root of the Abortion Delinquent and teenage pregnancy. Churches must embrace Contraceptive Mentality that lives within young people. Until that is addressed from the grass root, abortion problem is going to remain. Pope Paul VI warned us what would happen if society began to embrace the use of contraceptives? His predictions have come to pass and are with us now. The Church must not be afraid of the contraception conversation. The teaching against contraception is on the books, but the words on the books have no voice if no one speaks of them. I believe that our churches need to make abortion an ethical and spiritual debate and come out solidly what they think can be the best solution to teenage pregnancy and unsafe abortion method among church youth.

Finally, we must engage the traditional abortionist to make referrals to the hospitals at a fee. These will ensure that they are able to play the role as bread winners to their family. Providing them with set up capital to start different business will let them stop the abortion ventures.
Cite This Article As: Francis Ametepey. "Abortion Business Among Young People And The Way Forward." International Youth Journal, 07. August 2017.

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