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8 Simple Exercises to Facebook Business Explosion
23. September 2019 at 09:00
Over 620 Million users are connected on Facebook. In the past, Facebook was a social site for teenagers. Now it's becoming a place for any type of business to dominate their field. Too many companies are struggling with their Facebook marketing campaigns. Numerous businesses do not even have a Facebook presence! And too many companies think Facebook is not worth the time and effort it takes to market their products.

If you know of a business that is still in doubt of the power of social marketing on Facebook, tell them to contact us and we can show them how to generate fans and widen a following in 60 days.

Here are some basic points on Facebook Marketing you should keep in mind:

1. Layout Expectations for your Fans

Setting up expectations for fans on news flash, deals, information, tips, or support, will maintain your fans interacting on your business or strategy. Interaction is the key to a flourishing Fan Page.

You must post on a 2-5 times per week to extend interactions of your fans. If your fans regularly see you post and then you do not over a week, they will tend not to forward or post on your wall. So being consistent is the keynote you should cultivate to keep your fan base strong and satisfied.

You can plan by having various posts ready to publish just in case you are heading out for a day of rest. Most Smartphones are equipped to post to your wall, letting you unite with your fan base in any place and on any occasion.

2. Brand Yourself

Because there are so many fan pages out there to join, you must stand out from the masses. people enjoy interacting with people, that's why Facebook is so famous. When creating a Brand, use your photo and make sure you are doing something fun and cheerful. Nobody wants to join a Logo or someone who is not smiling. Imagine if you are in an area where there are a couple of other people. One of them is joyful and full of life and the other is down because things don't go their way. Which one would you go and talk to? So make sure your page is amusing and appealing, this will frequently isolate you from the crowd.

3. Be Current with your text

Being current with any topic will keep your fans interactive with what's going on with your business, if it's your sales promotion, then talk about your promotion. Getting off-topic will create posts about whatever is being discussed and influence your fans away from what is most critical to you, your sales promotion.

So Post subject matter using the 80/20 rule: 80% should be informative or have a high entertainment value. Only 20% of the subject matter should be exactly about the product or services.

4. Be Yourself

Building relationships will set up trust and Facebook Fans cherish it. If you make an error, laugh..LOL, this displays your human side and your fans will forgive you and move on. This will ensure deeper relationships and brand faithfulness.

5. Reply to Comments

This distinct communication shows that you are active on your page and fans enjoy to extend information to their friends when you are active. When you recognize them, thank them for their comments and for being a fan. This can develop into a great network, because the average person on Facebook has between 150-200 friends. When you can get them to extend news to their friends, the news can explode into the thousands. Imagine if you have 1,000 people in your fan base, and each of them have 200 friends, you could possibly reach 200,000 customers in one campaign. Now that's marketing no Radio, TV, or Newspaper can offer you.

6. Support Friend to Friend Communication

People talk, so why not let them discuss with another about your advertisement? When you have your customers talking productively, this can only appeal to new fans and create a network that could extend as your Facebook Fan page expands. You could give a reward or acknowledge a Fan of the month, this could keep your fans interacting on an everyday basis and you know what that could mean, increased fans! Asking your fans to help can only bring in a wave of fans. While you can be clever with your fan page, having fun is the most captivating part about your page. Remember, your fans might give you your next big advertising campaign.

7. Offer Something for Free

Most companies don't feel like giving anything away, but giving your fans something is like giving them a present. This may be in the form of a Video or just advice they could use. customers remember if they got something from you, they will consider you and give back. Your mission is that they will give back by sending your posts to their friends.

8. Show your Product or Service

Nearly all businesses forget the most important action or overstate it, the sale of your product or services.

Ask fans to "Like" your page, and sign up for emails or newsletters.

Draw more visitors and current fans to your website where your product or services are. Be discrete but make sure you guide them where they could purchase your product or services. You have earned the right to present them your product or service, so why not ask them to look at it?

These are just a few tips to increase your impression on Facebook. 

If you like this editorial or know someone who can use this information, please pass it on. They may just get a lot of value and it helps them out with their business.

Cite This Article As: Kunal Bansal Chandigarh. "8 Simple Exercises to Facebook Business Explosion." International Youth Journal, 23. September 2019.

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