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5 places which you need to visit to understand what Ukraine is
06. July 2018 at 17:13
Every country has its own appearance, soul and habits. To find out country’s soul we can read books, watch TV shows or read its news. To know more about habits you need to communicate with people, understand their values and lifestyles.
What about appearance of country? Of course, it’s its unbelievable landscapes, beautiful monuments and huge cities which take our breathe. Today you can read about 5 places that I strongly recommend you to visit in Ukraine to understand what this country is and why it is so special.

Nowadays, using the Internet we have an opportunity to explore different places. However, pictures can’t change your own view, they cannot show you all. So if you can afford to see something personal, don’t hesitate to go to Ukraine. I have taken three cities because they can show you what the life of Ukrainian is and two nature objects that can help you understand what Ukraine as a place is.
1. Kyiv
2. Lviv
3. Odesa
4. Synevyr lake (Carpathians)
5. Khortytsa

Kyiv is a capital of Ukraine. It is a city of almost 3 million population, business and cultural center of Ukraine. I can admit that this city is special because its different parts can show you Ukraine as it is. In central neighborhoods, you can see a lot of architectural and historical monuments, parks, squares and cathedrals which are full of Ukrainian spirit. Moreover, size of this city can also give you a chance to see how Ukrainian culture harmonize with modern life here. In Kyiv I recommend you to visit Maidan Nezalejnosty, Mariinski park …

Lviv is a city in western Ukraine. It impress you by the huge historical past and wonderful European culture. Architecture of this city can inspire you to create something great, to improve yourself, to strive more. I recommend you to visit..

Odesa is a big city on the south. It is special because of its cultural diversity and nature monuments which differs from other Ukrainian cities. People there has its own small mentality. They can really impress you with their sense of humor. This city can show you how people in different parts of Ukraine can be different. Boulevards, streets and beaches are full of Odesa’s spirit. To understand what this city really is to need to visit

Lake Synevyr is one of the most wonderful places in Ukrainian Carpathians. This object has many legends and tales. One of them is about Syn and Vyr a couple that was divorced because of Syn’s father. He made a decision to put an end to this relationship. The Count ordered his servant to roll a huge boulder down the mountain.

One day, as Vyr was peacefully awaiting Syn playing on his flute, the boulder rolled down unexpectedly. Syn and Vyr have met at one place. Once Syn came to that place and saw the boulder. Once she realized what has just happened, she cried her eyes out. The tears rolled down as a tiny stream of water to the edge of the forest until a lake formed. The lake is of the blue color as Syn’s eyes and the small island in the middle of the lake, is where boulder covered Vyr. The names were combined giving the name to the lake, Synevyr. Exactly this place can really show you not only the power of mountains but also Ukrainian values and traditions in this neighbor. This mysterious place can encourage you to explore ancient sides of Ukrainian culture. When I was there, I got unforgettable emotions that touched the strings of my soul.

Khortytsia is the biggest island on Dnipro river. It is one of the most important historical monuments in Ukraine. It is connected with one of the largest periods in Ukrainian history Kozatchyna. It is the place of living Zaporozhian Cossacks. Cossacks protected Ukrainian territory and originality during many centuries. Those courageous men have given their lives to protect motherland. Visiting this place, you can find out many Ukrainian values and especially on the most important is freedom. Ukrainians are in love in their freedom despite the fact that it was not with them during the history. They have fought for it.

So, you can see how different Ukraine can be. Here modern life, development and striving to successful future connected with respect to history, ancient culture and nature. Here you can find various people who can have another values and lifestyles. But there is something that unites them so much and make them closer – being Ukrainians. They respect and proud of their ancestors, they value their country and origin.
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