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Rising HPV in west africa`s largest city: research unravels cause
12. November 2019 at 09:57
by Victor Oyelade
Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa held their annual conference at Golf Course Hotel, Kampala Uganda, 14– 16th, October (2019) during the 25th year anniversary of the “University of Makarere”. One highlight of the conference was a presentation by Aderonke Akinyelure (a public health practitioner from Unibadan)“Knowledge of Cervical Cancer & Willingness to Uptake HPV Vaccine among Female Artisans in Ibadan North LGA, Nigeria”.

The Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa (ASPHA) held their annual conference at Golf Course Hotel, Kampala, Uganda, 14th – 16th, October (2019) – during the 25th year anniversary of the “University of Makarere”. One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation by Aderonke Akinyelure (a public health practitioner from the University of Ibadan) titled “Knowledge of Cervical Cancer and the Willingness to Uptake HPV Vaccine among Female Artisans in Ibadan North Local Govt. Area of Oyo state, Nigeria”.

The study was a cross-sectional study with 382 participants. An interviewer based questionnaire was used to illicit response from the participants such as demographic characteristics, knowledge, perception and willingness to uptake HPV vaccine. The average age of respon...

Add To Your Wisdom With These Quotes By Sadhguru
10. November 2019 at 12:23
by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, guru, and a best-selling author. Many people know his name and follow his teachings throughout the world. He is known for his wisdom and spirituality. Sadhguru is also known for the good things that he does for people and the advice and suggestions that he gives them. Many people believe in his teachings and many of them love reading his books.

His real name is Jaggi Vasudev and he is a 62-year-old man. At this age, he rides a bike and goes around spreading his thoughts and beliefs and he even interacts with people by answering their questions. It’s not a surprise that such a man inspires and motivates a lot of people to do better in life. Not only that, he’s responsible for the growing wisdom of a lot of people in this world.

He doesn’t only motivate and inspire with the things he does, but he also does it with the things he says. And that’s one of the things that just make him great and inspirational. Hoping that you’ll also be inspired by the things he has said, I’m sharing some of them and their meanings with you. So, here are some inspirational quotes by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev that will add to your wisdom:

Some Jeff Bezos Quotes That Are Gospel For Every Entrepreneur
10. November 2019 at 12:20
by Kunal Bansal Chandigarh
Jeff Bezos needs no introduction, but just for sake of it, here it is. Jeff Preston Bezos is the chief executive officer, president, and founder of Amazon.com. It’s not a surprise that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world. After all, the business helped Jeff Bezos in surpassing Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world.

Jeff Bezos collected all of his life’s work and put it into one thing, his dream to make things available for everyone. Online shopping is a big thing nowadays and Jeff Bezos can easily be crowned the king and I believe that everyone will agree with this statement. The best part about him is that he isn’t stopping and I don’t think that he ever will. It’s one thing being the richest in the world, but if you surpass someone to become the richest, that’s on a whole other level.

The chief executive officer of Amazon.com doesn’t only have the power to inspire his employees, he has the power to inspire the whole world with his legacy. The things he has done, is doing, and will do, will keep inspiring a lot of people. Not only his actions but even the things he says are filled with motivation and inspira...

Yet Another Tragic End To A Great Life: Cokie Roberts Passes Away At 75
01. November 2019 at 09:00
by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Mary Roberts was (it hurts saying ‘was’) an American journalist and a best-selling author. She was famously known as ‘Cokie Roberts’. She said that she got the name Cokie from his elder brother and it stuck with her. Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs (yes, this was her full name, however, it was still too short considering her greatness and knowledge) was born on 27th December 1943, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The reason why his elder brother Thomas Hale Boggs Jr. (an American lawyer who passed away on 15th September 2014 just 3 days prior to his birthday) called her ‘Cokie’ was because as a kid, he was unable to pronounce Corinne properly. Other members of her family were her father Hail Boggs, her mother Lindy Boggs and her elder sister Barbara Boggs Sigmund (the Mayor of the Borough of Princeton, New Jersey who passed away on 10th October 1990).

Both of her parents served for decades as domestic members of the house of representatives from the state of Louisiana. Cokie did her schooling from the Academy of the Sacred Heart which was an all-girls school in New Orleans, Louisiana. She graduated from the Stone Ridge School, Washington, DC in 1960 which was also an all-girls school. Roberts completed her ...

Dive Into Inspiration With These Quotes By Steve Jobs
31. October 2019 at 20:28
by Kunal Bansal Chandigarh
Steve Jobs is known as one of the best businessmen in history and there are a lot of reasons for it. We all know that he was the chief executive officer, chairman, and co-founder of Apple Inc. Throughout his life, he kept inspiring a lot of people with the things he said and he also set a lot of examples for young entrepreneurs.

The world lost a true visionary on October 5th, 2011. We lost a man who inspired the world with everything he said and did.

Remembering him today, let's have a look at some of the things he said and talked about. I’ll share some of his best quotes and their meanings. Steve Jobs inspires me a lot and I am sure that you also will be inspired by his quotes. So, here are some quotes by Steve Jobs that will inspire you to the core:

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

A follower is someone who follows orders and a leader is someone who sets an example. We must learn the difference between the two and then decide who we want to be. If you want to be a leader, you must master the art of innovation. This is because you n...

When value beats connection
28. October 2019 at 09:00
by Ovbokhan Okuonghae
Nigeria as a country has positioned herself in a position where if you don't know 'top men and women who are well placed', you go nowhere irrespective of your qualifications. This has made millions of Nigerians to conclude that school is a scam! Hence, they're not going to school again. Is this the solution?

In a country where qualification(s) do not guarantee or qualifies for a white collar job with an enticing pay, what becomes of the numerous graduates produced every year? What repay their sleepless nights and dedication to their individual and group assignments in their various higher institutions? How can they look back and say thank God my sacrifices back then were not in vain? Will they ever feel they've wasted their time and resources seeing that one cannot get good job unless He or She has “good connection”? How can they satisfy their parents/guardian/sponsor who had to work day in day out to be able to pay their fees and make sure they are comfortable while in school? 

These are questions that have stolen sleep from the eyes of corps members, graduates in general over the years. Many have concluded that scho...

Learn The Art Of Enjoying Life
26. October 2019 at 09:00
by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
The most basic thing anyone wishes for is a life filled with happiness and joy, however, most people find this quite tough. Nowadays, people take a lot of pressure on themselves and this kind of forces them to not enjoy their lives. No matter whatever they try, everything seems to fail or backfire in some way.

I can relate to this a lot as, like everyone else, even I used to take a lot of pressure on myself due to my work and personal life. Not only is this unhealthy, but it also results in people losing their interests in things they like to do.

For example, I know that I have a sheer passion for photography, however, when I started to take stress, I noticed that I’m losing my interest in work. And photography is the only thing I love to do so that was a really hard and confusing time for me. In spite of the stress and pressure, I somehow managed to triumph over it and that’s when I learned a valuable lesson.

We have only one life and we must enjoy it to the fullest. And for those who are struggling to do so, I’m here to help in the best way I can. Here are some ways in wh...

Nothing About Us Without Us
24. October 2019 at 10:09
by Abednego Ishaya
Each time I hear of various complains made either on the newspapers, magazines, television, radio, social media, etc; it grieves my heart so much, such that it puts me on the thought towards finding a key and vital solution to the problem(s). And, in my quest towards answering for the above, I had an encounter with the Leadtots 2019 Youth Civic Engagement Program, which granted me the understanding that there is “nothing about us, without us”.

The world is a dynamic place, it is a changing environment. And, nothing we see, that is/was not influenced by a particular cause.

As time passes on, we continually hear of deranging circumstances that have bedeviled us either as individuals, a community, as a group of persons, as a state, as a nation, continent and of course as in the world at large.

The Nigerian nation (as indeed some other nations) has been faced with the scourge of insurgence, religious fanaticism, corruption etc; but we’ve taken little or no consideration on the fact that we are the cause.

Insurgence will continue to berate us for as much a time, until we learn to unite as a people, shunning away our various d...

Taste Success With These Quotes By Bill Gates
21. October 2019 at 09:00
by Kunal Bansal Chandigarh
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is the second richest person in the world and there are a lot of reasons for that. And if you have seen such immense success in your life, it’s normal for you to be wise. Bill Gates is also known for inspiring a lot of people with his legacy and the things he says. While being one of the richest, he is also one of the most quotable people in the world.

Bill Gates started coding at the age of 13 and this set an example for everyone who wanted to start early in their lives. I personally am very inspired by this great man and I want to share some of his quotes that inspire me to achieve immense success in life. So, here are some quotes by one of the richest people in the world that will inspire you to be greatly successful:

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”

Feedback is very important if you are providing any kind of product or service. While positive feedback can motivate you to work with more enthusiasm, negative feedback can have an impact equal to that of 20 positive ones. Negative feedback can make you understand where your product or service is lacking which in turn will help yo...

How I Turned My Life Around By Not Giving Up
20. October 2019 at 09:09
by Kunal Bansal Chandigarh
Today, I am an enthusiastic writer and an ambitious traveler, however, it wasn’t always like this. I was born in a poor house with a father who was struggling to find a high paying job and a mother who was a housewife.

I lived in a slum in Chandigarh as a child and often used to do small chores for people to get money for food or ice cream. Yeah, things were that desperate. I didn’t go to school until the time I was nine years old but I really wanted to learn.

So, I started saving up money at the age of eight to buy books for myself to study from. I was always fascinated by two kinds of books, Literature and Geography. Just knowing more and more about the different places in the world and their languages made me fantasize about living or at least travel to those places. By the age of twelve, I had gained enough knowledge to pass a scholarship exam for a good local school. I scored above 90 percent in that exam and I was awarded 100 percent scholarship as a result.

I was very happy to be enrolled ...

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