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M5S - Lega Government at the end of the line
01. September 2019 at 09:01
Italy thrown into uncertainty by incompetence and personal aspirations. The most mocked country because of its ridiculous policies, is filled with shame and uncertainty because of the failure of the "Government of Change".

The 20. 08. 19 was such a dramatic and crucial day for the Italian Government and for the country itself.

Dramatic because the feeling of discouragement, to which Italians have lately become unpleasantly accustomed, has increased exponentially. Indeed, nowadays Italians mostly feel indolent and discouraged due to the political and cultural drift of their country, which has only got worse during the last few years, no matter all the false promises of the so called “Government of Change”; crucial because from yesterday on Italy will be the background of a new challenge: finding a new government. Indeed, having been dissolved the previous one by the Prime Minister, who resigned from his office by giving a speech full of recriminations and invective directed to Salvini, the Interior Minister, emblem of the most vulgar right  wing populism. The speech given by the Prime Minister mostly concerned an accusation to Salvini's attitude hostile to his own government in the past two weeks, moreover and even more regrettable because of his desire to pursue personal interests, instead of those of the Italians. Indeed, Salvini started this government crisis saying that he was no longer sure about his political allies', made up by M5S parliamentarians, and the Prime Minister's governmental actions.

Things are getting really nasty here in Italy: at the moment, the uncertainty is the most widespread feeling, What will happen?, the most wondered sentence by a disillusioned and disappointed population. Now, indeed, there's need to create a new government, as shortly mentioned before. Everyone's trying to guess who's going to be part of it, while Salvini keeps on using Facebook or Instagram's directs to boast of his electoral majority, even if no one has any real and objective proofs of it. Salvini has proposed to M5S to confirm the alliance, basically pretending that nothing has happened, just until October, in order to complete the reforms they have been dealing with up to yesterday and then, make the elections again, which he's sure he's going to win. On the other hand, M5S are an unknown, the most dangerous one. Because they could also decide to stay on Salvini's side, no matter his attitude against them. They could stay because of their desire of power and lack of preparing. Are they going to choose to lose the little credibility that remains to them and thus openly proclaiming themselves Salvini's lackeys? Or, are they going to opt for an alliance with the Democratic Party, with whom M5S's exponents had sworn not to?

We can just keep on waiting and hope for better times for our democracy, threatened by right  wing, racist and xenophobic populism and the Ignorance and the Recklessness of a group of totally unprepared greenhorns, who became politicians only by chance.

Cite This Article As: Fiorenza Gemma. "M5S - Lega Government at the end of the line." International Youth Journal, 01. September 2019.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/m5s-lega-government-at-the-end-of-the-line

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