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The International Youth Journal offers talented youths, journalists, and experts the unique opportunity to publish and read interesting articles on many topics on an international level: Publish My Article
Become Official Youth Journalists and report exciting stories from around the world.
Official Youth Journalists
What are Official Youth Journalists?
Students around the world that are dedicated for writing articles, posts and news stories can become Official Youth Journalists. You can write about stories in your country or posts articles on general topics. Youths that become Official Youth Journalists are dedicated, talented, and inspire thousands of people every day. Youth Journalists receive a special IYJ journalists license which gives them the unique opportunity to publish and report as an official journalist: Information Flyer

Being Official Youth Journalist is a high honour and gives you many privileges and possibilities. Most importantly: You will receive an official IYJ journalist license which includes an official journalist certificate and journalist identification card! Only a few outstanding youths receive the possibility to operate as a journalist. Here you find a full list of benefits, advantages, and privileges of Official Youth Journalists:
  • Journalist Certificate: You receive an official journalist certificate, which proves your eligibility to report and your special position as youth journalist.

  • Journalist Identification Card: You receive an official journalist identification card, which enables you to identify as official IYJ journalist: ID Card Specifications

  • Journalist Platform: You will get access to the separate platform for journalists to increase your tools and productivity: Journalist Platform Login

  • No Review: If your application is successful, we trust your capabilities as journalist and reporter. Official Youth Journalists can publish articles with no (or fast) review by the journal editors.

  • Career Achievement: To become an Official Youth Journalist, you prove your skills and abilities as journalist and author. The journalist certificate will be a unique addition to your career and it will help you in the future.

  • Fast Publishing: Articles and news stories of youth journalists are being published very fast and you have the opportunity to mark your articles as urgent (e.g. for recent events, elections, etc.) to respond to live events and more.

  • National Groups: The Official Youth Journalists have the possibility to promote the International Youth Journal in their local community, to conduct local workshops, or to launch groups on writing and journalism in their schools, cities, or countries.

  • National Meetups: Regional and national meetups of youth journalists to meet, exchange, and collect ideas, can be arranged with the support of the IYJ team.

  • Videos and Podcast: Official Youth Journalists have the option to publish their stories in other formats, such as video or audio, to reach many people (e.g. interviews, broadcast, reports from certain regions). We will provide technical support to publish your idea.

  • Featured Articles: The stories and articles of Official Youth Journalists have the possibility to be featured on the front page (to remain at the top for important news) or in the paper edition of the International Youth Journal.

  • Exclusive Events: Youth journalists can participate in several exclusive events and conferences. Also: There are many programs and events that prefer Official Youth Journalists in the application process.

  • Recommendation Letters: If you are an active and passioned youth journalists, the editors of the International Youth Journal are open to write recommendation letters for you, in order to honour your commitment.

  • Direct Contact and Special Formats: You will have a close contact with the IYJ team and editors. This will enable you to post your article in special formats or design options if required, e.g. different colors for special news stories.

  • Special Information: Any changes, updates, or new features of the International Youth Journal, as well as new opportunities and news are being sent to the Official Youth Journalists first. They receive crucial information before others.

  • Journalists Award: The International Youth Journal awards every year one youth journalists the Best Journalists of the Year award in order to honour his/her commitment, active journalism, and quality writing.

  • Special Thanks and Gifts: Besides the journalist award, the International Youth Journal gives special thanks and gifts to active journalists for their achievements.

The Youth Journalist License
As certified youth journalists, you might get access to news conferences, press-conferences, announcements, and other special events with your journalist certificate or your journalist badge which are reserved for journalists like you. The events include internal IYJ events, as well as events from governmental institutions, organizations, companies, or other press announcements. You have many possibilities to actively report from your country and to share your opinions with the world!
Application Process
Who can apply? Everybody that is interested in reporting, journalism, or writing is welcomed to apply. You can apply from any country and with any background.

How to apply? You can apply online via this application form:

  Journalist Application Form

We highly recommend, that you create an author account first: Create Author Account

Process and Costs: Depending on the number of applications, you will receive your results within two weeks. However, it may take up to two months to carefully evaluate your application. In case you become Official Youth Journalist, we will send you the certificate and journalist ID card via mail to your home address. There is no application fee, however, approved journalists have to cover the processing costs for printing and shipping which vary from country to country (see Processing Costs). You will receive further information on how to pay the processing costs if your application is successful.
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