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Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
International Youth Journal Author Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
 Official Youth Journalist
Strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) focused on Industrial Mathematics from Delta State University (NG). Armed with several years of writing experience and subsequent skills in quality content analysis, his works and proficiency spans across several genres of writings. Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr. is a member of Amnesty International.He is a Strategist, social/rights activist, writer, public speaker, blogger, and a student of society who shares the mystical view as above so below.

Author Information
Country: Nigeria
Status: High School Student
Institute: Bowems Integrated Services Limited

Member: Philanthropy University
Awards: YALI Human rights champion
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Articles of Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
Impeachment Inquiry - Will president Trump escape?
9/11 attacks- What has changed
The United States and her gun laws
Knife crime and sharp object related instrument offences: A bane to the moral fabric
Donald Trump and Chairman Kim: Is this really about DMZ?
June 12: A kind reward worth a democracy day achieved
Robert Muller breaks silence
The Alabama Abortion ban vs. The Jane Roe historic judgments
Kendrick Castillo- Heroism at its peak
The Muller Report: What if Donald Trump is impeached
Notre Dame: The fall of history most iconic architectural framework
Ethiopian pilots of the Boeing 737 Max 8 vindicated
Anti-Semitism: A growing threat in today’s world
The analysis of Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash
Nigeria Presidential Elections: A spectacle of honesty and credibility
The Venezuela Uprising
The uncertainty of Brexit
Government Shutdown, Trump Showdown
Trump and the border wall security equals a govt shutdown
Trump, Putin versus earth
Theresa May and the Brexiteers
Mid-Term Elections: A win for Political Liberalism
Jamal Khashoggi: A death scar unto the Saudi Kingdom
Brett Kavanaugh endorsement and the morality of the Supreme Court
Myanmar: Ann San Suu Kyi and the silence of war crimes against the Rohingya's
The Venezuela Crisis and the dictatorial rule of Nicholas Maduro
Between Yoweri Museveni and Bob Wine: The Uganda tale
The Saudi-Led coalition and the reports of war crimes in Yemen
John McCain: The president America never had
Kofi Annan: There was a man
Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh: The heroic doctor who paid the ultimate price in Nigeria
One year after Charlottesville, has president Trump earned his redemption?
The politics of party defection in Nigeria
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