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Bitter nature of life.
30. September 2020 at 12:09
So many times the harsh lessons of your life are learnt by acting wise bitter. It hurts and that is what sometimes teach more then any way of compassion or love. Bitterness if it is present it can be use as stimulus or an agent.

The quality of our life depends upon the mentality of ourself. One can be happy by just having an ice cream and in other hand someone can have all possible luxuries and still be worried.. So the question is Why?? 

Love and compassion towards anything in life teaches us a lot and makes us comfortable but the life is nasty & bring up the situations where we loose happiness in those things which are around us. Our mental control can change such situations just by having two acts of life.. first is that we understand that something is worrying us. And second is the way out from that state of mind. It happens anyway its just that we can notice it to have some better control on us. 

"Where nothing stays permanent which is Life"

Sometimes when your words, motivation, grants & love & all are not working to actually wake you up for your work or life or Dreams how can you reach the goal. Sometimes we know what is right and its not working so try being defined bitter. Know that you are bitter by your act but by being in perfect control of your cool head. 

Without loosing your cool when you act bitter simply heart and as being a teacher cum student at the same time i know how this works on students. Just hurt it a bit and that creates a spark in people well this is how it works. Sometimes they simply work initially to prove you wrong but a perfect techer waits patiently for the right time and keep the proper dozes time to time sometimes like you are right and makes you feel that and sometimes you are wrong that makes you better.. 

If you are also a self experimenting person you can experience this pretty often while working or in day today life. 

"Win Win Situation"

Hurting the right way is the key to open the chamber of the series called Hardwork, passion, energy and acts just like an agent in your body which initiates you remember our body is also a chemical factory and if you are the maker of all those so when you decide to make good out of it you can just learning is important not bookish but about your self..

This article will go long so i keep my words shut here and leave you with a question that will help you in discovering the new dimensions..

When was the last time you felt hurt by bitterness of someone or your life after which you started working like never before?? Think of it..

Remeber its always "Me Vs Me"

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Bitter nature of life.." International Youth Journal, 30. September 2020.

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