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A logically impossible process of learning
Active Mental Health Initiative
Antibiotics their use,misuse and mode of action
Anxiety in a Nutshell
Best time to restart is when you are on boot mode.
Can you sit still?
Does the Soul Exist?
Education System
Electronic health records: a diamond in qualitative primary health care
Family planning and women empowerment
Fundamental Rethinking
Girl’s education needs Sustainability
Humans Vs Humanoids
Illusion Of Knowledge
International Youth Math Challenge
International Youth Math Challenge: Winners of 2018
Internet Governance in Kenya
Is time travel possible?
Lie of 24 hours in a day!!
Maximizing the human abilities.
Plant Breeding And Food Security
"Medical Laboratory Science" and "Science Laboratory Technology"
"Simple Common Sense" is lacking in today's science
Rise and Fall of Bitcoin
Role of women in agriculture and its allied fields
Scientific temperament in India
Seismic Methods
Simple Positive Psychology
Speciation Of Soluble Titanium And Vanadium In Agricultural Drainage Water
Students: Brought Nearer to the Industry
Technologies changed our lives
The Beauty of Math
The Bottlenecks of Telecommunications in Nigeria - The Call for Internet Freedom
The effects of data collection in improving SMEs and Businesses in Africa
The fate of the Universe: Today and Tomorrow
The Impact of Technological Change on Labor Market in Developing Countries
The One Thing That We Should Do
The Role of Cooperation in the World of Solitary Geniuses
The state of Non-Communcicable Diseases in The Gambia
The Virtual Hygge Generation: One Pixelated World to be in
Time and Space
Top 5 Global Youth Science Entrepreneurs 2017
Towards the improvement of science in Kenya
Uplifting Nepal's rural smallholders farmers
Using Innovation to transform Sierra Leone
Wanna Cry? How simple hacking in today's time truly is
Who controls your inner mechanism?


21st century feminism: an unnecessary and evil misleading concept
Agriculture: a major source of pollution
Agrobiodiversity and climate change
Agroforestry in Nepal: Farming with Resilience and Multi-outputs
Bisaya I am
Business as unusual for Sustainable development
Capital Flight: An Impact of Corruption and Political Instability in Indonesia
Climate change and its impact on Nepalese Agriculture
Climate Change Awareness Camapign
Concretization is a big disaster
Dada: A community buried in its own death
Develop effective environmental education, Stay below 1.5 degrees of warming
Digital Entrepreneurship Today
Empowering Children For Better Future
Empowering Youth to Protect Mother Earth
Environmental Benefits of a Roof Garden
Environmental Pollution: Crisis for Earth
Examining the Environmental Laws in Africa: Nigeria as a Case Study
Finding local solutions to the global problems in Climate Change
Forests: To Tackle Climate Change
Ghanaian Youth Advocate represent Young Reporters for the Environment Ghana
Gift A Tree
Global Climate Change Impacts on Earth
Go to the woods it will teach you more than books
Holliston Health Agent in Hot Water Again
How far-reaching drought forges lives in Afghanistan
I don`t need YOU!
I have done a small effort from my level. Have you?
ICT in Agriculture
Importance of Clean Water in our Life
Indonesia’s Deforestation: One Map Policy and Transparency
Information about the new generation environment
International Youth Day Celebration
Investigative Studies.
Lamjung Model United Nation 2018
Let's walk the same step
Life at the African Leadership University
Maturity & Experience
Maximizing your default in-built human capacity
Measure Air Pollution with Laser
Message or Emotion?
Million Drops of Love
Monsoon Rainfall: A Necessary Evil in Nepal
Most popular Pheromone trap in Bangladesh controlling Insects
Mounting Prevalence of overlooked Mental Health Issues in Pakistan
My Anxiety and I
Need to unite for the common problems of the world
New Year New Commitments
Ocean Acidification : An emerging threat to environment
On the Binary Concept of Politics
Our Forests Crying For Help
Over-Cultivation: A big problem for environment
Pakistan Agriculture
Parliamentary Elections; another Test for Afghan Precarious Democracy
Philippine Tourist Destinations: Mini Boracay cases?
Planet of earth: reinvigorating to planet of beasts
Rainforest Live: rainforestcam.org
Red Panda In Nepal
Reflection of emerging roles of Nigerian Youths to build a virile nation
Rice-cum-fish farming: opportunities in Nepal
Scope of Biodiesel Production in Bangladesh
Seeking Education in Pakistan Seems Quite Doable Now
She is family
Small Area Estimation: Study of Poverty and Income Distribution in the Province
Stop Polluting The Gambia
Strengths and Weaknesses of Zimbabwe as viewed by Sustainable Development Goals
Student Mental Health Crisis
Sustainable Agriculture
Thai Consumers Behavior towards Fast Fashion
The Agricultural Sector: Path towards achieving a wider range of CSR in Nigeria
The Call of Nature
The Fate of Girl-child and Education
The Fruit Mingled Tradition & Innovation: the Story of Acubots
The future of entrepreneurship
The Love that Constrains!
The Man, His Works, and His Ruins
The Rainforest Destruction Cam
The Source Of Poverty.
The Small Businesses in Somali
Theory of Self Sustainability of Nature
Water Conservation: Challenge for coming generation
We All Bleed Red
What life has in stock for me
Youth, Environment and Sustainable Development
Youth In Climate Action


Abolition of Capital Punishment.
Abortion Business Among Young People And The Way Forward
Achieving the Africa of my dreams: a healthy Africa
African leaders` role in financing continental development
Against what and how do people hold a meeting in Russia?
Analysis of EU Development Cooperation Agenda towards Pakistan 1990 to date
And my heart bleeds
Anticoruption: Nigeria is leaving adolescents behind
Are Lawyers representing asylum seekers “un-Australian”?
Bad Apples
Bangabandhu and Bangladesh
Between Yoweri Museveni and Bob Wine: The Uganda tale
Brett Kavanaugh endorsement and the morality of the Supreme Court
Confused seperation
Corruption as a canker worm to development: Nigeria as a case study
Crocs in the Philippine Population
Decline of the power of Pakistan People’s Party
Decoding India
Does Imran Khan is really Persistent on his previously given statements?
Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh: The heroic doctor who paid the ultimate price in Nigeria
Education budget and our needs in Pakistan
Endo contractualization: PH's ball and chain?
Era of ostentatious Jamboree
Evolution and development of the right of information in India
Filter by Filter
For The Gambia My Homeland
Formidable challenges to the upcoming government in Pakistan
Free speech on economic freedom for a new delta
Gender discrimination an insidious menace
Gender Equality is Immensely Important for a Developed Pakistan
Generational shift is happening in Afghanistan
Ghanaian YouthPower Advocate At OGP Global Summit At Georgia.
Global War Against Terror: A Systemic and State Level Analysis
Globalization: the effects on economy, culture and society
Globalization: The Process of Creating A Connected World With More Opportunities
Government Shutdown, Trump Showdown
Great Nations Win Without Fighting
Gujarat Elections- A Gamechanger In the Long Run?
Information Technology in Education and New Generation
Iron Fists in Velvet Gloves
Is it possible to liberalize world order?
Jamal Khashoggi: A death scar unto the Saudi Kingdom
John McCain: The president America never had
KMC: The Most Corrupt Institution
Kofi Annan: There was a man
Leadership: It is time to raise Farmers, not Hunters
Mid-Term Elections: A win for Political Liberalism
My Vision for Africa
Myanmar: Ann San Suu Kyi and the silence of war crimes against the Rohingya's
National Anthem and Flag: Status quo or abrupt change?
Negligence: The journey of West Africa education
N.S.S: An Under-Utilized Arm of Nation Building
NYSC and the folks of new age
One man can change the world - the Libertarian saga of Antony Fisher
One year after Charlottesville, has president Trump earned his redemption?
Political System of India: Need to be changed for the sake of humanity & mankind
Positive aspects of British Colonialism in Indian subcontinent
Relation between political science and politics
Should we be afraid of ISIS?
Some thoughts on Buddhism
State police: a panacea to security deficiency in Nigeria
Strategic Lessons from South Korea for the Development of Zimbabwe
Teenage Pregnancy, The Way Forward
The Effects of Political Violence on Social Development in Nigeria
The Golan: Peace in our Time?
The Lavish Life Style and Distortion of Development Policy
The role of food wasting on starvation-descriptive study
The politics of party defection in Nigeria
The Power of Volunteering For Sustainable Development
The Rhetorical Letter
The Saudi-Led coalition and the reports of war crimes in Yemen
The Seldom Heard Case for Mutualism
The Trumpian Ethics
The Venezuela Crisis and the dictatorial rule of Nicholas Maduro
Theresa May and the Brexiteers
To FIGHT for peace does not mean to CREATE one
Trump and the border wall security equals a govt shutdown
Trump, Putin versus earth
Wealth from Waste: Poverty-Environmental conservation nexus
What makes Kazim Shah stand out among all the candidates contesting for national
What youth unemployment could lead to
Who Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow?
Why do some countries remain poorer than others?
Why you should attend the Youth Connekt Africa Summit
Youth Agenda in Urban Planning in Yangon
Youth As Leaders of Today


5 places which you need to visit to understand what Ukraine is
A Bite of Friendship
A Life Shared By Many, Noticed By Few
A look at Christopher Nolan’s twenty Hollywood Years
Active Euthanasia - A moral conundrum
All Our Mistaken Identities
Analyzing the impact of Peer teaching on Academic skills of Beginners
Be happy
Biblical principals of prosperity
Black is Beautiful
Bullying as Dominance Behavior, or How to Run Away from the Animal Kingdom
Catastrophe Underlying Industrialization (The Rampal Project)
Child Marriage in Indonesia : Do We Have To Support It?
Child sexual abuse malediction of modern society
Comfort zone. Do you need to go out it?
Comprehending Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict
CONCEPT The great new YPPO Project
Cultural Background of Indus valley civilians
Cultural exchange of Ukraine and Nigeria: interviewing
Cyberbullying: the new global demon in public health
Difference between people because of the age: the problem of generations
Disability is not inability
Discrimination: A perspective on bigotry in Burma
Drug Addiction is Deadly
Drugs as fashion
Ecstasy through Empathy
Ecumenical Brothers
Enable, inspire, influence!
Face Reality, Need Wipes
Facebook as a symbol of Vietnamese Pop Culture
Family license
Fibres Of Nightmare
For God's Sake..!
From the Rock-bottom
Gender equality
Girls are the best gift for parents
Globalization – Negative or Positive
God and our free will
How the three years of MasterCard service changed the lives of the Somalis
Humanity - a mere word or responsibility?
If diction and captions are hard to believe...
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
If you have fire learn to become the sun!!
Image-Action: Fathers
Is "every child is special" a myth?
Is Youth Really Derailing?
Just don`t quit
Lamjung Climate Convergence
Leading Across Cultures Requires Flexibility and Curiosity
Let the Sun Shine
Letter To The Men and Women of Our Society
Love and compassion
Meet Fatmata Bintu Barrie
Mental Illness Among Kids and Teenagers in South Asia - A First Hand Perspective
Moral decadence: trouble in labour, future in trouble
Mysterious pyramids of Bosnia
Narrative of a Yali Beneficiary - A call for youth awakening in Leadership
New Official YPPO Country Representative: India
New Official YPPO Country Representative: Kenya
New Official YPPO Country Representative: Liberia
New Official YPPO Country Representative: Nepal
New Official YPPO Country Representative: Philippines
New YPPO Country Representative: Bangladesh
Nigeria Students: silent victims of ASSU strike
Nigerian students and social media explosion - gains and losses
No More Gender Discrimination
Not Another Statistic
Pilferers of fortune: of the girl-child and sexual predators
Reality is Stronger than Imagination
Recent Trends in Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria
Searching for God!
Social Media is unrealistic
Spill a coffee on yourself
Sports betting
Sports betting in Nigeria: the growing epidemics
Still The Way .... Fake Feminists
Still Virgin?!
Story of my Second Toothpaste!
Successful YPPO Nepal One Day Workshop
Sustainable business development in Africa
Teenage Pregnancy in Nigeria: Implication for policy
The Art of Living in the Present Moment
The Breach
The Caged Bird Sings: What Freedom Means to Me
The Call
The Change I want to make
The Concept of Economics
The Dead of Dawn
The Education We Want
The Israeli-palestinian conflicts
The Momo Challenge
The neglected kids in the dirty water.
The Other Facet of Pretty
The Promise
The Social and Cultural Determinants Of Mental Health
The Unsung Heroes
To My Beloved
Ukrainian mentality: advantages and disadvantages
Upholding Societal Values
Upholding Societal Values
What about Us?
What An Abundant Life in Present
What to do if something goes wrong
Who will tell our story? A journey into the world of addicts
Why am I not me?
Why Every Pakistani Girl Needs At Least 12 Years Of Education
why loving yourself is necessary
Why migration? Young people "On The Move"
Winning Balance for Teens
Women Empowerment
Writing for the Writer
YPPO at DBU Congress
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