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Are apples red or green?
10. June 2020 at 22:07
Journalism without fear. Honest Journalism is not a crime.World Press Freedom Day should be celebrated and practiced in spirit throughout the year. Being a insignificant part of this huge community, just tried to give a form to my obscurity about modern journalism.... Apples are red v/s Mostly apples are not green!!!No defence, no offence, nothing political, but surely practical... just a thought...

Apples are red v/s Mostly apples are not green!!!

So what conclusion can be drawn from this? Surely, asking for conclusion at the instance of introduction is too soon to shut the line of discussion.

Meaningless, ‘not yet completely’. Everything is a matter of perception and real intention behind presenting anything. Literally ‘anything’, even if it is meaningless.

Simplicity of the words, although failed to be in place, still convey the deep intention of the subject. Apples being red or not is no rocket science. Yet the apparently floating title speaks very little than what should have been.

Moulding issues to the advantage of one, to create mass agitation, sympathy, doubt, action and reaction driven desperately with the motive of glorifying or vilifying politics into the economy is what journalism stands for in today’s time.

Undermining the wisdom of the commoners by spoon-feeding with pre-planned questions and answers and still covering up by quoting; “Let’s question and think again, lets seek for answers”, is a thoughtful game of money and psychology. An independent and thoughtful reply is often overpowered and rushed by threats, incentives and prejudices conveyed by political parties and other several mightier influentials.

Taking social media platforms by storm, covering inaudible debates where everyone is shouting to prove something pointless and no one is to listen, level playing field of economy without probing deep into the insights of the subject and all sorts of hashtags going too far than essential...Is this what the real world of written and spoken journalism specified upto?

What’s beneath the white collars of learned men and women on the global forum platforms is hard to find from their intellect, expertise and experience as they too get themselves hopelessly helpless in the hands of ruling governance. The profound structure of administrative civilization flavoured by the spice of red-tapism and sweetness of bureaucrats spares a little space for healthy digestion.

Coming back to apples again, it is a fact that they are red. But who would sit to count onto the redness or variants of green in apples? Can’t vouching help? Or let us just ward it off as apple is not the fruit of majority, or rather I must say, not the fruit of poor. (And an added advantage is their ignorance and the fact that they really don’t even know whether apples also come in shades of green.) Dear people, all apples are not red and you must better get that as soon as possible!

Guys, “apples” are my subject in line but I’m not inebriated by its juice. Ok, let me end the topic with an interrobang and read it aloud, surely in confusion (as ‘they’ usually do),                                   

“Mostly apples are not green‽” Now this is what ‘they’ say, the art of presentation, though mischievous one. Or leave it unsaid with ellipsis, “Apples are red… (possible suggestion to make it more spicy – add ‘but’...). Or if you are too desperate to kill the subject right away, simply use a double dagger, so it would be, ”Apples ‡ are red, and the rest of it just do not matter, as footnotes really don’t. Hah “APPLES” ‘Journalism’!  

Cite This Article As: Siddiqa Magar . "Are apples red or green?." International Youth Journal, 10. June 2020.

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