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Attention: We do not accept any new applications at the moment!

Please fill in all fields below. After you send your application, it will be reviewed by editors and chief journalists of the International Youth Journal. We will inform you within two months if you qualify as Official Youth Journalist. If you have any questions or problems, please read the Frequently Asked Questions first!

Process and Costs: Depending on the number of applications, you will receive your results within two weeks. However, it may take up to two months to carefully evaluate your application. In case you become Official Youth Journalist, we will send you the certificate and journalist ID card (see here) via mail to your home address. There is no application fee, however, approved journalists have to cover the processing costs for printing and shipping which vary from country to country (see Processing Costs). You will receive further information on how to pay the processing costs if your application is successful.

Make sure to type all information (name, institute, etc.) correctly as it will be printed on your certificate and journalist ID card! Do only use alphabetic characters for your name and institute! (Do not use non-alphabetic symbols from Chinese, Hindi, Russian, etc.)
Personal Information
Your forename (Info: as on passport): Your surname (Info: as on passport): Your email: Your country: Your birthday (day-month-year):
Your career status: Name of your school / university / institute: Official email of your school / university / institute (optional):
Application Details
Please upload a photo of yours (Info: will be used for the journalist ID card! Following image formats are allowed: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF): Please upload your CV (recommended): Please upload a recommendation letter (optional): Please upload certificates, awards, and more (optional): Application text: What makes you an outstanding journalist? [Limit: 2500 chars] I agree to the rules, the data policy, and to receive journal related updates/news.

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