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17. September 2018 at 20:41
by Jubilee Floren
Since we're kids we are taught by our parents of about the beliefs they had, and as we grow older we will meet different kinds of people with different beliefs through that our differences can't be denied.
As they grew
Their minds widen.
They're taught,
On different beliefs

They became divided
Even if they say that,
"We are Friends" still,
No one can deny their differences.

And as,
Love began to spring
Their beliefs,
Putted the walls in between.
Seismic Methods
17. September 2018 at 20:39
by Joshua Oyeshola O.
Seismic methods are the most commonly conducted geophysical surveys for engineering investigations. Seismic refraction provides engineers and geologists with the most basic of geologic data via simple procedures with common equipment.
Any mechanical vibration is initiated by a source and travels to the location where the vibration is noted. These vibrations are seismic waves. The vibration is merely a change in the stress state due to a disturbance. The vibration emanates in all directions that support displacement. The vibration readily passes from one medium to another and from solids to liquids or gasses and in reverse. A vacuum cannot support mechanical vibratory waves, while electromagnetic waves can be transmitted through a vacuum. The direction of travel is called the ray, ray vector, or ray path. Since a source produces motion in all directions the locus of first disturbances will form a spherical shell or wave front in a uniform material. There are two major classes of seismic waves: body waves, which pass through the volume of a material; and, surface...
Is it possible to liberalize world order?
17. September 2018 at 20:30
by Muhammad Zain
Though realism has prevailed over liberalism in international relations yet there are some features of liberalism that make it more plausible for the stability and prosperity of international order along with individual involvement in decision making domestically and internationally.
After WW2, there was a brief resurgence of liberalism in international relations with the formation of the United Nations, as liberalism backs international governance system to whom all the countries of the world should be compliant. But cold war extinguished the sentiment of liberalism. After the war ended, the new world order again created a brief resurgence of the claim of liberalism but the tragedy of 9/11 brought realism in prominence.

As the United States and its allies are waging costly wars against different states and the groups within them, or outside them. So now the new world order comes into questions under the supremacy of US. Looking through the spectacles of liberalism there are some features that it provide for the betterment of world order by raising questions against existing world order.

Lberalism can...
Between Yoweri Museveni and Bob Wine: The Uganda tale
14. September 2018 at 22:57
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
"We are fed up of those who oppress our lives and everything that takes away our rights. Uganda seems to be moving backwards and this is almost making us hate our own nation. This is unfair for you to be misrulling us. Well, we know you fought a bush war. But imagine a child who was born when you came has also long became a parent. Somebody help us tell this to Mzee (Museveni)"- Bob Wine addresses the state of the Ugandan politics through a music titled "Freedom" released last year.
This was meant to protest against a constitutional amendment that proposed the removal of the presidential age limit of 75, making long-time President Yoweri Museveni eligible to run in 2021.Surly, it eventually got signed into law in 2017. "To view the opposition as dangerous is to misunderstand the basic concepts of democracy. To oppress the opposition is to assault the very foundation of democracy" - Aung San Suu Kyi

The government of Yoweri Miuseveni in recent years has indeed fell short of what beget democratic norms and nuts in clear terms. From showing resilient prior to 1986 to becoming the pride of western soothsayers on his leadership style and acumen in the 1990's, the administration of Yoweri Museveni has since snowballed into an authoritarian, unitary, and dictatorial form of ruler-ship which begets all the tra...
The Art of Living in the Present Moment
13. September 2018 at 22:29
by Valeriia Tsytsyk
Where are you now? How are you living, right at the moment? What is this moment about? Are you really living it here and now? Too many questions to begin with: the present moment. However, the importance of it is more than one might think. The point is that the vast majority of our modern “all the time in a hurry” society tends to see life as a marathon, where every person is in a race for achievements, realization of plans, dreams and goals, etc.
Eventually, upon arriving right there, at the finish of your life marathon, you start to understand that there is actually something missing. And the more you think about it, the bigger this something becomes. This is because that part is your entire life. The life that has been lost in the race. The life that will never be repeated, from the starting point.

There is an amazing saying by Alice Morse which nails the whole meaning and the idea of life: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the PRESENT”. However, do people really appreciate this priceless gift, or do we rather tend to underestimate it, substituting for the daily wonder that which has not yet happened?

In one of the speeches that she devoted to the importance of the ability to live in the here and now, t...
Generational shift is happening in Afghanistan
13. September 2018 at 00:15
by Abdullah Abed
People around the globe have been hearing for decades plenty of failure stories concerning to the ongoing violence, chaos and conflicts in Afghanistan; a country prone to a longtime war. Though the enduring deadly war making no exception to any segment of the society but it reaps young people in an extremely merciless manner.
Just within August over 200 of young Afghans serving in national security forces lost their lives to the Taliban overran on Ghazni city and some districts in northern provinces. More over ISIS-Kurasan suicide bombing on August 15 in west of Kabul- densely populated by Hazara the most of our hardworking community- in a prep school claimed lives of roughly 50 well educated young females and males while wounded 67 more. Prior to this in Dec 2017 ISIS militants carried out suicide attack on a cultural center named Tibian in the same neighborhood in west of Kabul killed over 40 vast majority of them highly educated youths.

It is not mere long lasted war that has been engulfing mostly our young generation for years. Corruption, nepotism in administrative system, record high unemployment rate, lack of education opportunities and uncertainty ...
Drugs as fashion
10. September 2018 at 21:18
by Nasir Ali Khan
Drugs have spreaded in the nerves of most of our youth. Our youth consider drugs as a fashion. Most of the youngsters feel proud and overwhelmed while wearing Rolex, expensive clothes and taking drugs. No doubt drugs give the relaxation of time being but the consequences of forever. Drugs causes so many diseases like: mental illness, lungs cancer, mouth cancer and many more.
Despite knowing these consequences drugs are increasing steeply and deeply in nerves of our youth. Indeed, Drugs have become a parameter which are used to judge that how much person is independent or mature. Moreover, nowadays, the fashion is judge by the amount and kinds of drugs that one takes.

It is sad to tell you people that the future of our country(PAKISTAN) is at stake. Because the future of any country base on its masses. According to UN report, there are 7.6 million drug addicts in Pakistan. But the actual number of drug addicts are much higher than the UN report. Unfortunately, Drugs have spread in the nerves of most of our youth. Our youth consider drugs as a fashion. Most of the youngsters feel proud and overwhelmed while taking drugs. No doubt drugs give the relaxation of time being but the consequences of forever.

The Saudi-Led coalition and the reports of war crimes in Yemen
08. September 2018 at 21:47
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
“I was one of the first to arrive on the scene, seeking to rescue the wounded; I lifted a body and I found that it was Ahmed’s face. I hugged him, he was my son,” -.Hussein Tayeb. A parent who mourn the gruesome death of his two sons,14-year-old Yusef, 11-year-old Ahmed and nine-year-old Ali after a Saudi airstrike in Dahyan hit a school bus conveying children to school on 9th August, 2018.
"Under the laws of war, parties must do everything feasible to verify that targets are valid military objectives"- Human Rights Watch

From the city of Sana'a to southern Yemen in Aden, both the Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led coalition forces have continued to flay the rules of international engagements as stipulated in varied conventions of war. The resultant effect has been serial cases of humanitarian crisis which have preempted the global community chanting the songs of war crimes against humanity which have gone beyond the terrestrial. The engagement has been both ways, but in a scale of military balance and precise targets, the objectives have been uneven.

The Yemeni Civil war which started since 2015 has no doubt left the imprints of severe devastation and absolute annihilation across boards. With over 21 millio...
Who will tell our story? A journey into the world of addicts
07. September 2018 at 22:55
by Abiodun Jamiu
He wanted to tell his story, his grass to grace tribulations; the hope of a child determined to defeat all odds on his ladder to success. He wanted to tell the world how he skipped meals, a time of One-Zero-One or Zero-Zero-One, to become the Bill Gate of his time.
He wanted to put smile on his mother's face who heaped tough mounds to bring him up when death hastily took away his father at a prime age. He wanted to see a fulfilled life when the battle ends. But he lived not to tell his story, rather he became history whose story built a storey reminisced on cautiousness and obedience.

Bola was a symbol of a typical Nigerian youth who in the hope of finding fortunes moved to city the where he ran into drug peddlers. They accommodated him, fed him and even promised to proffer him a job, a watering one, he thought. As promised, he became an agent of their drug network, after a fierce battle with his moral, as well as an addict himself. He was happy with the way fortune was smiling at him. But Bola did not notice the intrigues that lie beneath his new found hope; he could only see his dreamland, perh...
Bad Apples
05. September 2018 at 21:25
by Christopher Tawiah-mensah
I passed by 23 people in about 3 minutes. That is 23 different talents, at least; 23 different opinions, 23 different uniqueness and at minimum, 23 different gifts to the world. They all sure have something to say, an experience to share, an idea to materialize or a knowledge (no matter the depth) about a matter. Even the smoker has an advice under his nicotine breath. " Smoking kills, son. Don't even think of starting." one of their many counsels. Strange how wisdom sometimes lurks within the most guttered of corners.
Not to mention the police officer on the rickety motorcycle without his helmet on. He speeds pass other drivers and overtakes vehicles who can't keep up with his speed. A splendid example of a good citizen! "Afterall, who would dare question me, or even check my license or particulars? I am the law." he comforts himself with high shoulders and a wink, allowing his seven year old son to return his helmet to its hiding place. "That's his trouble" he pelts the helmet into a tool box in the garage. They pull over an oncoming vehicle. "Show me your license, turn on the trafficator lights. Lemme see your air conditioner... erhm, sorry.. your fire extinguisher" He missed the all-famous verse of the 'search anthem'. Too eager to sing the chorus and harp the bridge (if any). Without waiting for the entire concert to ...
Maximizing the human abilities.
04. September 2018 at 22:10
by Omkareshwar Jha
It all starts with our birth. When we born by the time we learn emotions, to crawl, to observe, expressions, demands, requirements of survival is inbuilt in our system or dna from very moment we got birth. Then one day comes and crawling baby tries to stand on feet may fall many times but efforts to stand makes enough courage & strength and we walk.
Then we start walking & no mistake till now. We learn language and start talking. That all things we learn requires a lot of effort & starvation to do it. But eventually we go to school some day where we learn to read and write. But wait tell me before I proceed how will you teach me the letter " A" . Is it by saying draw line and curve or something like that almost any of your word is "WORD" assume I'm fully illiterate and hardly 2 & 1/2 years you can't teach a letter by using a word?? Does that bother you. How can you even expect from me that??

Tell me do you have some other way.. But we all know we managed to teach & learn somehow. But that contradict our whole natural learning process into believe system. The most powerful tool in learning in the entire Cosmos is "Mind" is not that s...
Reality is Stronger than Imagination
03. September 2018 at 21:34
by Dodo Khan
We are living in a world where a 7-year-old girl is raped on one hand and a girl was killed by his brother because she started working for showbiz while pets have equal rights to live a stable life on the other.
We claim that we are a peaceful nation and follow a peaceful religion, while we are called terrorists and held responsible for every terrorist activity in the world. On one side, people are dying to have food to survive while on the other, we are determined to introduce 3D printed food.

For one human, the world is as small as a village, while for the other, the luxury of smartphones, internet, and planes have given them access to the whole of the planet. Looking at one side of the mirror, we see people dying because of improper sanitation and infected food, while on the other side, we see people dying because of over-consumption of alcohol and drugs.

On one hand, people are sick because of working too hard for a living, while on the other, it’s getting difficult for people to manage airport traffic. One side shows a mother wh...
International Youth Day Celebration
03. September 2018 at 21:34
by Kushal Naharki
Youth Thinkers' Society Lamjung conducted Panel Discussion on "Safe Spaces For Youths" on the occasion of International Youth Day 2018.
On the auspicious occasion of International Youth Day 2018, Youth Thinkers' Society-Lamjung organized Panel Discussion on "Safe Space for Youth" between the representatives of Local Youth Clubs and the representatives of the local government, District Youth Committee and different youth activist at Pipalbot Resort, Sundarbazar Lamjung. This program was supported by VSO ICS , District Youth Committee, Sarbodaya Sewa Aashram and COPPADES.

With the vision of interacting youth with the local bodies, the platform was so set that the youth can freely express the problem that they are facing despites all the efforts carried out. There was participation of 60 youths including the representation from 11 local youth clubs. The program was divided into two sections. The first half was Panel discussion and group discussion on th...
The Agricultural Sector: Path towards achieving a wider range of CSR in Nigeria
01. September 2018 at 13:31
by Abednego Ishaya
In a world of diverse needs (that calls for different actions to be taken by various corporate organizations), for which the government alone might not necessarily meet up to. There appears to be a gap between the understanding the community needs and what the corporate organizations take of their view.
Thus, in Nigeria, the responsibilities already taken by various corporate organizations can further be broadened if another focal is given to the Nigerian agricultural sector, which accounts for the means of livelihood of most of its citizens.

The happenings in different societies have place the need for innovative ideas that can help improve upon the social standard of different societies, within the Nigerian state. “…while income inequality between countries may have been reduced, inequality within countries has risen”. This would play out the importance of social initiatives, in achieving the goal of reducing inequality within countries, and improving upon social life.

So many social initiatives are been effected by different corporate organizations, especially in the oil and gas sector, such as: awarding of s...
Cultural Background of Indus valley civilians
31. August 2018 at 19:12
by Tajdar Adil Ali Mahar
A fascinating article that shows how old excavation records together with recent computer modeling techniques can be used to show how a constructed space changed over time, and how that evidence can speak to larger issues in a society. As the author puts is, "digital re-visitation of early archaeological datasets, enhanced with improved theoretical frameworks, can reveal the broad range of socio-political configurations that emerged among the world’s earliest cities and states."
Green zeroes in on a set of buildings whose public access appears to have increased through time. They were opened through entrances to adjacent streets and reconfigured in a way that, he writes, could indicate that they may have been something like an "office" or "hostel" as the original excavator, E.J.H. Mackay suggested.

Archaeologists have always had something – or rather, very much of – the detective in them. This article is a superb example of how investigative science can lead, if not to absolute proof, then to extremely interesting hypotheses that can be further tested to refine our interpretations. One of the values of this paper in particular is Green's ability to relate these findings to theorizing from other contexts, which helps us understand the origins of early city states and economic uni...
Moral decadence: trouble in labour, future in trouble
30. August 2018 at 21:51
by Abiodun Jamiu
The struggles of man begin at birth much as the ruins of a land and its people begin in their homes. The chemeleon is no food, it commands tears from eyes. Coming from the seat of the Caliphate, I thought my pen would be drown in the puzzle and buzzle of political campaign; the dilemma of old criminals in a duel with new saints.
The nib of my pen was already growling in Marx's "Capital Manifestoes", the blueprint of capital flight, only to be dump in the menses of Moral swash - a total disrespect of Moral and cultural values. When the head of a family dies, the house becomes an empty shell; when total erosion of value is the order of the day, the fate of the future remain blurry like the erratic power supply in Nigeria.

In a countless wandering, seeking peace and finding none, there is rampage now in the land, joy has broken and scattered. Peace, too, is on a journey to the land of our fathers. The flash dwindling in moral and cultural values has not only a debilitating effect on the socio-economic and political sphere but also rape the future of it's fertility. A common stereotype of the mass erosion of our values which resulted in explosive social...
John McCain: The president America never had
30. August 2018 at 21:51
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
"We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentments and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind the walls, rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideals, rather than trust them to the great force for change they have always been". -John Sidney McCain
"Americans never quit, we never surrender, we never hide from history, we make history" -John McCain. This were his very own parting words as he uniquely bids farewell to the American people unto the great beyond. John Sidney McCain, an absolute statesman to the core succumbs bravely to the cold hands of death after a long battle with an aggressive brain tumor as diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona in the summer of 2017.

He was the president America never had. A dogged fighter and a patriot whose conservative genes became uniquely branded as a Maverick. McCain soar and towered both as a war Veteran and an absolute great political machine whose oil became a needed grease in fine-tuning both political brilliance and great governance. His initiation into politics in 1982 after a thorough service to his co...
Antibiotics their use,misuse and mode of action
29. August 2018 at 20:00
by Sohaib Hassan
Antibiotics are effective against bacteria because they work to kill bacteria by stop the growth and reproduction of different harmful bacteria but in certain cases useful bacteria may also effect..
Actually there are two type of germs Bacteria and Viruses.
Bacteria are living organism that presents everywhere in the world. Some bacteria are useful like Lactobacillus, which is a bacteria that lives in intestine and helps the digestion of Food. But some bacteria are very harmful and causes different diseases.
On the other hand Viruses are not alive,they are particles that contain their genetic material wrapped in a protein coat. Viruses grow and reproduce only after they have invaded other living cells.

Use of antibiotics
Antibiotics are used in different diseases like flu,fever not only to treat humans but also animals. Veterinary doctors also recommend different antibiotics in different cases of animals. Antibiotics work in the way that they kill o...
Leadership: It is time to raise Farmers, not Hunters
28. August 2018 at 19:54
by Tosin Arebuwa
As we are moving closer to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, thus, it is meet and right to civically guide my fellow teeming youths...A hunter. Who is a hunter?Simply put, a hunter is one who hunts. And to hunt means to pursue and kill, basically, for food. A hunter nurtures absolutely nothing, but kills what nature nurtures. He only thinks of himself and the immediateness and nothing more. He is really never empathetic, nor compassionate.
However, in the case of a farmer, farming - be it in a subsistence or a commercial scale, requires a lot of labouring and hard works. From bush-clearing or cultivation, to bush-burning, to tilling the ground, to planting, to irrigating (in the case of drought), to weeding et al - before harvesting can finally take place. A farmer can never gather where he has not sowed - except it is by stealing. And no farmer can reap a tomato - when he only plants an onion. And every farmer who wants to reap bountifully, must be diligent in their doings.

From the foregoing analogy, we can see clearly the enormous difference(s) between a hunter and a farmer. One, in his dealings, only relies on a happenstance by the day - while the other is so diligent in his day-to-day activities. One continually robs nature and contributes to the endangerment of som...
Evolution and development of the right of information in India
27. August 2018 at 16:46
by Stuti Aastha
The Constitution of India has been around for 68 years now, and has since been amended a number of times to accommodate the changing mind set of developing India, and the interpretation of this document, especially of the Articles related to Fundamental Rights has been diverse.
One such interpretation in pretty recent times has been the Right To Information, which hasn’t been expressly stated in any portion, but can be derived from Article 19(1)(a) and Article 21 of the Constitution of India itself. We are all aware how “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and we can safely assume that it is not a mere philosophical phrase. The journey from a demand of information to it becoming a Bill to finally a lawful Right has been in phases – from resistance to disclose any information whatsoever, to state-level Right To Information Acts, to a roughly-made, protective of public authorities Freedom Of Information Act in 2002 and finally, arriving at what exists as the Right To Information Act today Having completed around 12 years in existence, it is notable is that it hasn’t been subjected to ...
Cyberbullying: the new global demon in public health
26. August 2018 at 13:38
by Victor Oyelade
The advent of the internet in the 90s has been one of the greatest inventions of modern history, if not the greatest. E-commerce, Blockchain, E-banking, Social media have certainly improved our lives.
“The Internet of Things” (IoT) is gradually taking form. The Social Media is probably the favorite child of the internet. Somehow, we have had to pay for these advancements, one way or the other and we are still paying.

According to “Bark Technologies”, Cyberbullying (also known as Internet bullying) dates back as early as 1999, it became popular in the mid-2000s in the U.S when 13-year old Tina Meier committed suicide after neighbours harassed her with an false Myspace account. The perpetrators were found guilty but acquitted later. This made the state of Missouri to pass a law against Cyberbullying.

In the late 2000s in Canada a teenager named Amanda Todd killed herself after describing in a youtube video, how a stranger convinced her to show her breast on camera and blackmailed her using it. The video ha...
Bisaya I am
25. August 2018 at 18:41
by Febeto Potutan Jr.
When a dialect is spoken by many, it'll eventually become a language as Bisaya in the Philippines.
In southern island
of an archipelago
called Philippines
I proudly live.

It is green, wide
and magnificently

Bisaya I consider
no dialect but
surely a language.

We talk in distinct
language but we stand
in one feet.

And when northern
people talk behind
our backs or spread
nasty rumors about
us, we simply call
them ignorants!

Because this
is our island
they know so
little about....
Anxiety in a Nutshell
24. August 2018 at 19:32
by Valeriia Tsytsyk
Since creation human beings have been given a whole set of emotions and feelings. Disregarding whether the feeling is bad or good has its own reason and design. In an article published by Barbara L. Fredrickson titled “The Role of Positive Emotions in Positive Psychology. The Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions”, there is a report on detailed research into the roles and effects of positive emotions.
However, setting aside the positive feelings which make us more spiritually alive, it is important note that such negative feelings as fear, panic, pain, etc. have their functions as well. One of the most basic imperatives they serve is protection and the instinct for self-preservation. However, it is no less evident that if an individual becomes overly obsessed by one of those negative emotions, the flow of life, as well as all vital activities, may be in jeopardy.

One of these negative feelings is anxiety. Basically, anxiety is a completely normal feeling which we experience from time to time. To some extent, this may be helpful since it keeps us “awake” and stimulated. Yet, there are many examples of people who are suffering from continuous anxiety concerning past, present, future or even, in some cases, unrealistic con...
Kofi Annan: There was a man
23. August 2018 at 22:26
by Eyinmosan Dickson Jnr
"These often unsung heroes understand...that poverty, disease and famine are just as deadly and destructive as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. Individuals ...are taking on these challenges in their communities, volunteering to make a difference. They remain the true champions of our work towards the Millennium Development Goals." -- Kofi Annan
The world stood still as the wave of sorrow superimposes her crest unto the faces of millions of person across the globe. It was a day where the flag of both the United Nations and that of the Ghanaian nation became lowered at half its mast level. It was an occurrence no one saw coming as top diplomats around the world was taken aback by the sudden turn of events. From Kumasi to the world, Africa biggest export and foremost internationalist Kofi Annan dies at 80.
The news which filtered through the spine of the Kofi Annan foundation sent immediate cold shivers down the spine of global leaders who received the sad news in an absolute perplexity.

“It is with immense sadness that the Annan family and the Kofi Annan Foundation announce that Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Laureate, passed...
Ghanaian YouthPower Advocate At OGP Global Summit At Georgia.
21. August 2018 at 20:13
by Francis Ametepey
Francis Ametepey, a youth advocate from Ghana represented Restless Development at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit (OGP) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Read about my reflections from the event and about how summits can act as springboards for youth involvement in policy-making.
Last month I went to the OGP Summit in Georgia, alongside Restless youth advocates from Kenya, Sierra Leone and the Philippines.

Firstly, let me brief you on what OGP is all about. OGP stands for Open Government Partnership which is a multi-stakeholder initiative focused on improving government transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to citizens. The long-term aim is to help governments become accountable and, ultimately, eradicate poverty.

The summit brings together 78 national and 20 local governments, ensuring that they are more accountable to civil society groups. We led a workshop on Youth and the Future of Open Government, an event which brought together 15 young and passionate youth advocates from across the globe. Sat alongside government ministers, civil society advocates, we shared how we are tackling the biggest ...
Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh: The heroic doctor who paid the ultimate price in Nigeria
20. August 2018 at 20:41
by Eyinmosan Dickson Jnr
She is known for preventing the Nigerian index case from leaving the hospital at the time of diagnosis, thereby playing a key role in curbing the spread of the virus in Nigeria. On 4 August 2014, it was confirmed that she had tested positive for Ebola virus disease and was being treated. Adadevoh died in the afternoon of 19 August 2014.
“The last time I saw her face-to-face was the day I went to the centre to give her footwear and her iPad. She was physically very weak. This was someone I had never seen fall sick in my life. I took all the stuff to her and put it through the door, she had to go and collect it because I couldn’t go into the room. We spoke through the window, I was crying. But she was adamant, she said: “Don’t worry, son. This thing is not going to kill me, but I am very proud of you.” Those were the last words she told me. This was about 10 days before she died. The WHO Doctor Dr. David told us that it was just a matter a time before she dies, that we should expect the call the next day or in the next week. We were waiting for the call. But he kept telling us that it was a matter of time. It was worse than receiving the actua...
Girls are the best gift for parents
19. August 2018 at 19:31
by Aditya Kumar
We often hear about girl’s struggle that how they are discriminated in society and family. But this is that side of the coin which we know and there is no need to describe the history of it. I would like talk about another side of the coin which may bring change in the mindset of people.
There are many people who discriminate between a girl and a boy even in this modern world. But there are also some great parents who treat their children equally. We must have heard that when a boy child is born then their family celebrate and think that the boy is pride of their family but when a girl is born; she is not welcomed in such manner by their family. I have heard about many great parents who never discriminate between a girl and a boy. They have supported their daughters and now these girls have become their pride.

Malala Yousafzai is one of those lucky girls who has got great parents. Ziauddin Yousafzai is one of the best fathers which I have seen. He is the one who has set example in the whole world.As far as I have seen, many girls are close to their fathers because he always takes side of her and saves her from all the...
Holliston Health Agent in Hot Water Again
15. August 2018 at 20:21
by Hksolution Sol
The Massachusetts Attorney General has been asked to investigate the Town of Holliston after receiving numerous complaints against a town employee. Reports indicate that on multiple occasions, Holliston Health Agent, Scott Moles, entered residents’ property and illegally seized personal items. According to sources, Moles told any resident who resisted to “get a lawyer”.
It seems that at least one alleged victims took Moles’ advice. An attorney for a local resident contacted the Holliston Police and, after making them aware of the situation, the items were immediately returned. Additionally, one victim alleges that she was repeatedly harassed by Moles and once even found him outside.

Photo courtesy of Town of Holliston her bedroom window upon exiting her shower. Holliston has been served with a Presentment Claim, a required prerequisite to a lawsuit against the town, as well as a demand for restitution in the amount of 8 million dollars. The claim seeks damages against Moles as well as against the town of Holliston for its failure to supervise its employee.

Prior to working for Holliston, Moles worked for the Town of Millis, Massachusetts. It is unknown if similar behaviors were the reason...
One year after Charlottesville, has president Trump earned his redemption?
14. August 2018 at 19:50
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
The city of Charlottesville remembers with fresh wounds the elevation of Fascism against absolute democratic principles clearly orchestrated by white supremacist Saturday 11th-12th August 2017. One year after, has president Trump earned his redemption?
With memories still fresh and wounds yet to be healed, Americans rekindles in a candle light session with utmost nostalgia as they remember the very unfortunate events that later erupted into a scene of needless bloodshed, violence and racial bigotry resulting in the deaths of three Americans.

Established in 1762, the city of Charlottesville took its name from charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who later became queen consort of Great Britain after a royal nuptial to King George III in 1761.

Known for its pristine-like candor unlike most of Virginia, the city was spared the brutal brunt of the American Civil War. Besides, the only known battle to have taken place at Charlottesville was the Skirmish at Rio Hill, an encounter in which George Armstrong Custer briefly engaged the local confederate home guards before retreating.

Not Another Statistic
13. August 2018 at 22:37
by Francine Beatriz Pradez
A poem highlighting the problems encountered by teenagers and families within the Philippines.
A hundred six million people
Each living under a high steeple
I don’t know when this will ever end or if there is even a sequel
I feel as if we are beetles
In a jar swept under a rug
Until someone reaches underneath looking for a teddy bear to hug
Because the truth be gone, short talk aside
The youth made a stride
Took it to the streets
Painted it black and white
When judgement abounds
Hope for the motherland spins round and round
But please remember this – we are not another statistic
Used by politics, depicted as rebellious and horrific

I remember the girl
Studying Medicine and hanging from her neck a single pearl
Life’s going fine
She even treats her friends to brunch
Getting the bill, saying “This one’s mine.”
Then her perfect world goes down the drain
She feels the pain &ndas...
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