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Empowering People in the Academe to use Social Media on a Daily Basis
24. May 2019 at 00:28
by Francine Beatriz Pradez
In light of the #Cancelled trend and the toxic environment that social media posits, how do we encourage educators and students alike to utilize social media and technology to aid in delivering and extending the kind of education that we envision from inside the classroom towards the confines of our own homes.

Around the globe, over 60% of children aged sixteen years old and above have an account on a particular social network which encompasses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others.[1] This is not a surprising phenomenon. When you look around, schoolchildren are often preoccupied with their phones in an attempt to battle their fear of missing out on the latest happenings surrounding their lives and the lives of their peers. They spend 116 minutes a day sharing content and browsing images and videos on online platforms.[2]

         In most academes, social media is viewed as a menace towards the educational growth of learners thus the ban of its use with...

Nigeria's First National Conference on Adolescent Health: Implications
24. May 2019 at 00:28
by Victor Oyelade
History was made, in April, 2019, specifically 11th to 13th - Nigeria had her first national conference on adolescent health, courtesy of the Society for Adolescents and Young People`s Health in Nigeria. This in no doubts has set up a new rhythm for adolescent health and development in Nigeria which hitherto had yet to receive the attention that it deserved from stakeholders in Nigeria. Indeed, we can now say we are on the road to progress.
History was made, in April, 2019, specifically 11th to 13th - Nigeria had her first national conference on adolescent health, courtesy of the Society for Adolescents and Young People`s Health in Nigeria (SAPHIN – www.sayphin.org). The event tagged “Leaving No Young Person Behind: Advancing Adolescent Health in Nigeria in the SDG Era” was graced by the Honourable Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, The governor of Oyo state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi , The Global President, International Association for Adolescent Health, Prof Susan Sawyer, University students, Non-profit and School Owners, Academics, delegates from UNFPA, WHO, as well as Government Officials from other parts of Africa and the world at large.


This in no doubts has set up a n...

The Alabama Abortion ban vs. The Jane Roe historic judgments
24. May 2019 at 00:26
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
Placing an outright ban on abortion and criminalizing the act with a life sentence penalty to health practitioners, the state of Alabama negatively and unkindly invokes the Texas abortion ban which contradicts the fourteen amendment as well as the Bills of Rights. This policy makes it even harder for women with little or no resources to have access to good Medicare in time of want.

The constitution of the United States as fully enforced in 1789 by all standard and principles, remains the Supreme law governing the United States of America. Embody into seven articles, its set absolute precedence on the rights and protections of all Americans. It’s first three articles are deep rooted in the dogma’s of separation of powers which orderly spells out the functions and responsibilities of her three tiers. The bicameral congress otherwise known as the legislative arm (Article One),the Executive housing the president and the Judicial arm consisting of the Supreme Court alongside other federal courts completes Article Two and Three respectively. Apart from Article Seven which establishes the legal framework and procedural ratification of same, the others being Articles Four, Five, and Six examines brightly, and brilli...

When the Oceans rise and the Thunder falls
24. May 2019 at 00:26
by Francine Beatriz Pradez
This explores the often complex yet linear connection between the extensive flood crisis in the city of Dagupan which is situated in the quaint province of Pangasinan nested within the Philippines islands. It aims to give a rational insight on the cause of the crisis as well as how the local government unit is handling it amidst backlash.

Dagupan City is a well – known metropolitan community that is home to fisherfolks and is gifted with the subtle natural beauty of coastal beaches and distinct flavors of seafood cuisine immortalized through its famed milkfish. Housing over 171, 271 citizens in its banks, Dagupan City is the place to be for international students, budding entrepreneurs, adventure seekers and for those who wish to reside in an urban – rural landscape that exemplifies the highest values of safety and order alongside with youth development.

         Despite these immense positive aspects that lures in numerous visitors every year, the downside of living in the commercial hub of the North is the geologic landscape that is comprised of pliant soil and strong ...

Analysis: Despite reduction in admission quota, OAU unable to cater for student
20. May 2019 at 23:04
by Samad Uthman
In the past four years, the Obafemi Awolowo University admission capacity has been a piece of discourse. observations over the years with the yearly rise in the number of matriculated have shown that the institution is admitting more than the available infrastructures interms of lecture theatres and hostels. This report chronicles into the effect of the increasing admission figures over the years, the effect of the new accommodation policy and the sudden fall in the number of admitted students during the just concluded matriculation ceremony.

Looking into the varsity’s admission strength and capacity since 2014, it has been evident that the institution is admitting for than the available lecture facility, accommodation and the available basic learning-friendly amenities. In 2014, the institution matriculated 5,608 fresh students into the campus to fill in for their 2013/2014 100level academic year. This figure in 2014/2015 academic session took a turn with over 1,000 increase amounting to 6,500 newbie students that were matriculated in the institution.

In 2016 during the 2015/2016 academic session, out of 19,147 admission seekers that sat for the school’s Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME), 7,500 were able to wear the matriculation gown and swear the oat. This same figure was also reported to be the amount admitted in 2017’s 2016/2017 ac...

The Leadership Scourge in Nigeria And Africa - A Push for a Better Democracy
20. May 2019 at 22:57
by Esimaje Michael Onoseme
The militarization of the electoral process is a disservice to our democracy and a throwback to the jackboot era of military dictatorship. In some areas of the country, such as, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Imo states, troops deployed for the elections turned their guns on the very citizens they were meant to protect. This is condemnable and should not be associated with our electoral process in the future.


Africa is dying. She is sick, directionless and visionless. Burdened with despots as leaders, the continent is in devilish but firm grips of deceitful educational systems, poverty breading economic policies, retrogression and accelerated self-destruction. Stating this, is simply lending voice to an already overstated ugly facts; it is no longer news. Worst is, it appears as if there are no solutions. Africans appear to be intelligent enough to discern problems, but at the same time, inhibited by hypnotism of some sort from desiring, finding and implementing solutions. 


The definition of African economy is chaos, madhouse and poverty. Most of our national economic policies are made and driven by people who cannot manage a local store in a remote vil...

Kendrick Castillo- Heroism at its peak
20. May 2019 at 22:56
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr.
While some may battle illness as a sign of their bravery even at the face of death with the intent of either dying or winning the battle to live again, others may have died on account of a good cause with little or no choice of their decision on such instances. No doubts, we have had cases of freedom fighters and activist who have died rallying a cause for the interest of others. However, very few have intentionally and purposefully died on the basis of altruism for others to live on account of their death.

"It doesn't surprise me. He cared enough about people that he would do something like that even though it's against my better judgment. I wish he had gone to hid- But that's not his character. His character is about protecting people, helping people. I know that because of what he did, others are alive, and I thank God for that. I love him. And he is a hero and he always will be. He just loved people that much."- John Castillo- Father of Kendrick Castillo

When a man dies for something, then he has died a righteous d...

There is Nothing Except You
16. May 2019 at 00:08
by Deep Solanki
This is a article describing the different stages a person acquire, when he starts a journey to the enlightenment, knowing, and learning patience. I observed the thinking, behavior and the circumstance faced by the character. Article reveals truth about how a person reacts when he is learning a way to Infinity. This is a fictional work.

The Universe is infinite, endless, limitless and unpredictable. Most of the treasures are hidden under the dark shadow of unconsciousness and unknowing of the Human Being, while secrets are kept open for the beautiful flowers which shower the fragrance of love even in the deserted garden. Contemplating over the flow of life, the way it flows, cause and reason of to be flown, will result in to have insight of something confusing. Whenever one has tried to understand the mysteries, and has gotten numerous conclusions that has made puzzled over the game of this life, which having good and bad mode too.

In every Walk of life, Men have always been trapped in the labyrinth of unknowing and undefined. One should ponder over the central force that drives the life. lets come, and find a way to the outside World, and sit by side, and then ...

16. May 2019 at 00:07
by Engr Saeed Ahmed Jattak
Balochistan is the biggest region of Pakistan, Consisting around 44 percent of the region of the state. It is likewise the most unfortunate and least populated. It is wealthy in mineral assets and the major provider of petroleum gas after Sindh. One of the world's greatest copper stores have been found at Reko Diq in the district Chaghi of Balochistan

Balochistan's shore additionally lies opposite to the Strait of Hormuz, which is an essential path for worldwide oil supplies. Therefore, it has the perception to develop into a center of international trade. Although the planned location of the province creates its importance in terms of large-scale trade, energy, gas, and oil pipelines, it has over the last six decades, not been provided its due share in terms of local budget allocation, developmental projects, road and rail infrastructure, education and health amenities.


This lack of interest operates Balochistan's tactical place because of numerous foremost causes leading being the tribalism i...

Music As A Mechanism for Social Change in Liberia
16. May 2019 at 00:06
by Janet M Kamara
There is a wave of social change sweeping across Liberia since the country ended fourteen-years of brutal civil wars through a comprehensive peace provision that was formerly synchronized by the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in 2003.

Liberia has since advanced its development programs and partially revitalized its priority sectors through a United Nations Mission(UNMIL); and a set of assistance provided by the United States, China, European Union, and other donor institutions, has buttressed the country in the rebuilding of its health care sector, education sector, and natural resource management sectors.

The country has also stabilized politically with two democratically-elected presidents since a 1980 coup that led to sequential eras of civil wars across the country. Liberia former President and 2011 Nobel Prize Winner, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, was elected in 2005 as the very first woman president in Africa’s p...

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