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Million Drops of Love
19. January 2019 at 09:01
by Edrell Cabatbat
Every drop that falls from the heavens splashes God's unconditional love. In fact, He disguises Himself in the form of raindrops to overflow His million drops of love.
The rain came, washing my pains
The rain fell, unclogging my chains
The winds roared, soothing my blaze
The clouds cried, was exultant in praise!

Dawn was breaking when cats and dogs start pouring
Outside, the drops of rain and the roofs start kissing
The sound of kissing was a melody worth listening
And the raindrops began singing!

Unusual it is for the rain to wake me up
My eyes see a spirit buildup,
My nose taste an air moist and new,
My soul was rejuvenated, it was renewed!

Strange is the feeling brought by rain
The rain came, it washed my pain
The rain came, it unclogged my chain
The rain came and the Lord started to reign!

Every raindrop is a blessing from above
God disguised Himself in the form of raindrops
To shower his million drops of love
I thank God for I can now soar
And I never felt this bl...
Pilferers of fortune: of the girl-child and sexual predators
18. January 2019 at 15:26
by Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman
It was a shocker. An incendiary bomb was at the verge of exploding. It was an unprovoked outburst of emotions; a spontaneous show of a value-impoverished society. To be sure, I zoomed the content of the news I was reading as I worked my phone through the Cyberspace.
It was not a conflict situation, but much more. And most unspeakable of all. The headline sent a pulse, I shivered and trembled. It was about a catastrophe looming, waiting to explode if nothing is urgently done to reverse its unprecedented accelerating pace.

From time primordial, man has lived in the lair of his own conceit. Women are subjected to oppressive living. Doubly disadvantaged by gender discrimination and all sort of gender based violences. Their education are often compromised and are always at grave health risks, and threatened by violence. However, a lawless society is a sin-free society. Successive governments, over the years, have silenced our cries - an unruly sun that withered and robbed the compound petals of her fragrances, and the malfeasance that soiled our pride. Their views and concerns remained the incomplete ...
Nigeria Students: silent victims of ASSU strike
17. January 2019 at 09:03
by Nurudeen Akewushola Yahaya
The article is about the ongoing ASUU strike that disrupts the academic activities in all Nigeria universities and emphasises the effect of the strike on students.
When negotiations cannot solve the problem between two parties in conflict, the matter will be prolonged until one party bows to the pressure of the other or a third party intervenes. The above aptly describes the ongoing face-off between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

We should recall that the last meeting between the two parties ended without any resolution. Though issues discussed were not disclosed to the public, but those who know the action and its interpretative meaning could guess right that: the government may wish to re-enact its deceitful method to lure the angry lecturers, while the lecturers may not be ready to dance to the tune of government’s deception again.

The presidency even confessed to the public that the lecturers’ demands are valid, but thereafter adopte...
I don`t need YOU!
16. January 2019 at 22:52
by Mary Joy Orola
Have you ever heard or said things like these:'You can do whatever and go wherever you like, I don't give a hoot 'cos I can live without you!' 'I have had it up to the neck with you. You are an eye sore and I don't ever want to relate with you again!''Leave my life alone! I don't need your friendship, neither do I need you. Go your way and I will go my way!'Why should they be said? I wonder...
I was close by a queue one day and I overheard a conversation between two ladies(corps members):

‘I had to go and rent my own room so I could be far from any other corps member. I know myself; I am hot-tempered and I do not take nonsense. So it is better I stay on my own to avoid troubles and I can tell you I am doing fine without anyone”!

As I looked her way, I saw the sincerity and seriousness with which she was letting out her mind and it got me thinking.

‘Why would we have so much troubles relating with others?’ Without a doubt, this kind of conversation might have been uttered by virtually every human being. The levels might be different; some could be milder than the other or even said playfully, but I tell you, almost everyone has had, at one point or the other moments when they had to conceive th...
Drug Addiction is Deadly
15. January 2019 at 09:11
by Mohamed Okash
Humans love drugs because of its addiction; they sell their health, their souls, and their physical organs even their own children just to get to their beloved narcotics. Globally, 3.3 million die each year for the use harmful alcohol and some 31 had drug use addictions (WHO, 208).Putting place a restrict rules is inviable to reduce and prevent the growing number of the young people effecting the drugs. Accessible Drug tests should be widely used in Work Places, schools and college and many others places in order to limit the drug usage and its addiction. Drugs are dangerous and deadly.
Humans love drugs. A statement so trues it’s almost an understatement. Humans love drugs because of its addiction; they sell their health, their souls, and their physical organs even their own children just to get to their beloved narcotics. The appeal of drugs is very difficult to ignore; they provide an escape from the troubles of the real world, from all the disappointments, failures and insecurities to a surreal almost abstract representation of the real world where punches on you don't land, insecurities vanish, your worries disappear and you simply are the king of the world. Mind-altering narcotics work in an extremely different variety of ways. Some are called depressants, they slow down the function of the brain by slowing down the messages going to and from the brain, and they give a mellow relaxed feeling. They include alc...
How far-reaching drought forges lives in Afghanistan
14. January 2019 at 09:00
by Abdullah Abed
While Afghanistan continues hitting the headlines for its decades long lasted armed conflicts, the misery has recently coupled with a severe drought harshly taking toll on people who are already known to the hell of loss. To picture the scale of the mishap, official entities, term the ongoing drought in Afghanistan unprecedented since 1971. Sake of severe lack of rain and snowfall in recent years, 20 out of the all 34 provinces, where roughly 15 million people depend on farming have been struggling with exceedingly strict drought.
It comes while that about all of the provinces affected by drought are already prone to murderous insurgency has been wrecked by different terrorist functions chief among them Taliban and ISIS militants. To measure the outcome of ongoing disastrous rebellion in the country, based on tallies released by the United Nations Mission in September, at least 8,050 Afghans were killed or maimed in the first 9 months of 2018 as result of ongoing armed conflicts across the country. U.N humanitarian agencies estimate that 1.14 million out of 2.2 million people who have been affected by drought in the country are in need of urgent food aid.

U.N figures suggest about 260,000 Afghans- most of them in north and west of the country - have been forced from their homes due to devastating drought. It follows the nationwide 2,000 people who have been int...
What An Abundant Life in Present
13. January 2019 at 15:57
by Muhammad Bilal Tahir
Living a meaningful life isn’t a goal to be achieved in future or an event from the past that gives us the feeling that we have lived an abundant life. Instead, the art of living an abundant life comes from the present. The question of living an abundant life is usually formed in a way in which the subject is asked if he or she will have lived the abundant life when they get old. Many human beings die a sudden, tragic death in a very young age.
Because the time of death is not fixed, instead of questioning if we will be able to live an abundant life, we should question if we are living an abundant life in present. The honor/identity that you are born with, the willingness of attaining knowledge, search of true love, and the struggle to achieve all of these things help a human being living an abundant life in present.

Human beings are born with certain identities that they continue to live with for the rest of their lives. Such identities include tribes, casts, religions, ethnicity, family background, and social status.. The honor of being born in a particular family or religion has shaped the way we view the world. It also brings for us the responsibility of achieving our dreams while staying honorable under the guidelines of our family ideology. While discussing the matter...
Globalization: The Process of Creating A Connected World With More Opportunities
12. January 2019 at 20:27
by Muhammad Bilal Tahir
Globalization is a process through which countries, companies and people interact across the globe. In the modern international system it would be really difficult for a state to stay stable without globalization. Globalization benefits the world by providing open economic opportunities, diversity in people and opportunities, cross-culture learning resources, to create a more connected world.
Globalization has helped the economic world in every aspect by creating new jobs, small and large business opportunities, and the presence of multinational corporations in different countries. It helps the developed states by providing an opportunity to invest in developing countries, and developing states by providing them new jobs and small business opportunities, claims Fredrik Erixon, the director of the European Centre for International Political Economy.

Erixon states that the openness of developing and developed countries towards globalization and the reduction of trade barriers after world war two are the main reasons why many countries’ economy boosted in between 1980 and 2010. (Erixon 4) Globalization also helped the working class on a large scale. A study for European Commision by World Bank estimates that the numbe...
Narrative of a Yali Beneficiary - A call for youth awakening in Leadership
09. January 2019 at 09:06
by Esimaje Michael Onoseme
My eyperienece as a participant of the Yali RLC Accra Program Online Chort 7 Experience.
Key take away from the program
My key take away from the program is never start a business to make money but to solve a problem and provide a solution. This I learnt from one of the sessions on entrepreneurship.

Challenges or possible reasons for discouragement e.g the attitude of the organizers, your internship or community Service
My biggest challenge during the program was the uncertainty that enveloped the program from start to finish. From the postponement of kick off to the change in the layout--- that is we were promised that we have a 5 weeks of online and 1week onsite training at the Regional Leadership Centre Accra. It was really hard to plan around the program. But thankfully I was one of the few people who completed the program against the odds.

Future plans from here</...
Government Shutdown, Trump Showdown
07. January 2019 at 09:54
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr
For the records, this is the 21st shutdown since it's first occurrence in 1976 when modern budgeting and spending appropriation act was approved. It is also the third shutdown in 2018. The third which is currently in place with no clear end in sight. The shutdown which began on December 22, 2018, if allowed to stretch through January 12 will become the longest shutdown of government operations in the annals of US political history.
The history of shutdown since the adoption of the new budgeting procedures in 1976 has always been skewed in a regular pattern of gridlock progression. While a majority of shutdowns usually takes days to resolve, only a few since the annals of government shutdown stretches through the weeks. The first ever shutdown in 1976 during president Gerald Ford administration went on for ten days after he vetoed a $56 billion spending bill analysed as too expensive.

Shutdowns usually occurs when both congress and the president fails to reach an agreement about a spending bill for approval. A drag and frog conversation without a compromise or shift position on either side of the aisle usually results in a shutdown. During shutdowns, the most affected victims becomes the economy and over 800,000 federal workers who are either put out of service i...
Active Mental Health Initiative
05. January 2019 at 18:53
by Ishaan Sachdeva
In today’s society, we are focussing on complex solutions to the issues that our society faces everyday. One of the biggest challenges today is overcoming the mental health crisis in schools and universities in Canada. Research has shown that physical activity offers a simple solution to this global problem. This is the goal of Active mental health Initiative, a student run national organization in Canada.
In a society where we are surrounded by confusing, complex and convoluted remedies for even the most minor mental health concerns, it can be hard to remember the benefits that can be derived from the simpler aspects of life.

Ontario colleges and universities are currently facing a student mental health crisis that impacts the lives and academic performance of the students. The causes leading to this crisis are multifactorial, including the challenges of transitioning from high school to university, adaptation to a new social environment, financial difficulties, stress of academics and decreased support of family. The positive aspect is that universities are addressing the challenges of student mental health by laying down wellness strategies and opening student wellness centres, specifically catered towards mental health issues. Many...
Student Mental Health Crisis
03. January 2019 at 13:22
by Ishaan Sachdeva
Canadian schools and universities are facing mental health crisis. All mental health organisations are focussed on complex solutions to this burning issue. While doing so, the simpler solutions are being overlooked. One such easier approach which promotes mental health is physical activity and promotion of the awareness of physical activity mental health connection is the goal of Active Mental Health Initiative, a Student led National Organization.
In a society where we are surrounded by confusing, complex and convoluted remedies for even the most minor mental health concerns, it can be hard to remember the benefits that can be derived from the simpler aspects of life.

Ontario colleges and universities are currently facing a student mental health crisis that impacts the lives and academic performance of the students. The causes leading to this crisis are multifactorial, including the challenges of transitioning from high school to university, adaptation to a new social environment, financial difficulties, stress of academics and decreased support of family. The positive aspect is that universities are addressing the challenges of student mental health by laying down wellness strategies and opening student wellness centres, specifically catered towards mental health issues. Many...
NYSC and the folks of new age
03. January 2019 at 13:18
by Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman
As the literature goes, design is not making beauty. Beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration and love. Whatever comes around, goes around. Maintaining a solid phalanx has always been the surviving tonics of diverse entities.
The National Youth Service Corps, a brain-child of Gowon's no Victor, no vanguished poetry, was doctored as an integration Mechanism. Tailored to heal wounds sustained during the civil impasse that lasted for months, and wreck incalculable loses; thereby exposing the cleavages that ditched the Nigerian Federation. NYSC allows young graduate to be posted to locales other than their own with a view to eschewing intolerance and develop common ties among the Nigerian youths, and perhaps promote national unity and integration.

Arguably, the programme could be said to have attained her climatic moments given the context in which the country has managed varying differences, crisis paving way for troubles, that emerged from differing ideas.

A tiger does not shout its tigritude, it acts. Exposure to different cultures was believed to have h...
Trump and the border wall security equals a govt shutdown
02. January 2019 at 09:16
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr
This is the third time the Trump administration will be presiding over a shutdown in 2018.The first government shutdown began at midnight EST on Saturday, January 20, 2018, and ended on the evening of Monday, January 22. A second funding gap occurred on February 9, 2018.A third shutdown began on December 22, 2018, and is still ongoing which definitely may drag through the Christmas holiday
Friday midnight December 21 was a very long night for congressmen on both side of the aisle as they hurried-on to averting the doomsday. A very cold night at the capitol hill, yet the heat wave was constantly unbearable as the tension grew even high. Both within the congress floors and the corridors of the west wing, the momentum grew even mightier at the stake of events.

This is the third time the Trump administration will be presiding over a shutdown in 2018.The first government shutdown began at midnight EST on Saturday, January 20, 2018, and ended on the evening of Monday, January 22. A second funding gap occurred on February 9, 2018. Although the funding gap only lasted nine hours overnight and did not interrupt government functioning or services. Despite the quick recovery of this deadlock, it was largely regarded by the media a...
Lie of 24 hours in a day!!
02. January 2019 at 09:09
by Omkareshwar Jha
We all don't have 24 hours. It's a great myth. We all have two clocks out of which one is mechanical and the other one is biological. And that's what makes it different.
25th hour of the day I found it perfect for what I'm going to tell you because we all don't have the same 24hours. You might heard that we all have 24 hours in a day but that's not true. Really!! Yes. How is so as logically we can't deny the 24 hours in a day concept but think again.

We all have two clocks. One is running outside & the other is running inside. Outside clock uses the mechanical instructions of time. That's independent of what we do. But there is a clock running inside that I called Biological clock. That's connectted with planet's tune with body. Have you ever thought that how someone is so efficient at work & have a productive day and you can't even if you try hard.

The reason is the time variable that person added few extra hours in her/his day so for sure they have some extra ease of doing everything. Yo...
International Youth Math Challenge: Winners of 2018
30. December 2018 at 13:43
by Fabian Schneider
The International Youth Math Challenge of 2018 was a great success with about two thousand participants from all around the world! The interesting math problems of the qualification, pre-final and final round have been challenging: Nine students have achieved awards for their outstanding performance and additionally, nine schools have received special awards!
The International Youth Math Challenge is an international mathematics competition that enables students from all countries to prove their math skills and to unleash their creativity. Mathematics is essential for the understanding of the world, scientific achievements, and progress, and for engineering and prosperity in our society. There is no doubt that math education is crucial for students of all ages around the world.

The team of the International Youth Math Challenge aims to establish a global competition that is accessible to all students and teachers - youths receive the unique opportunity to challenge their skills, be encouraged and rewarded, and to enjoy the fascinating world of mathematics. This year's competitions took place from September to December and nine participants received awards for their outstanding performance....
And my heart bleeds
23. December 2018 at 14:14
by Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman
There is rampage in the land; an ocean of grief flows beneath it. My heart bleeds, but the closest of friends dare not console. When the head of an household dies, the house becomes an empty shell; when the land becomes hemmed in throng of sickness, not even the chief-priest can cleanse it. A dialogue between deafs will lead nowhere, but immured in indecisive decision.
There is rampage in the land; an ocean of grief flows beneath it. My heart bleeds, but the closest of friends dare not console. When the head of an household dies, the house becomes an empty shell; when the land becomes hemmed in throng of sickness, not even the chief-priest can cleanse it. A dialogue between deafs will lead nowhere, but immured in indecisive decision. I choose to remain salient, albeit my heart signalling the eyes to watch over the night - troubles sieged the land; an oozing Lamentations that show no sign of abating despite how unceasing dialogues between the two deafs - FG and higher institution trade Unions - carpeted the land.

Like the collision of the hammer against the anvil, in the forging house of a new life, one needs to bend for the others, or where necessary, rust! The recurring face-offs between FG and hig...
The Bottlenecks of Telecommunications in Nigeria - The Call for Internet Freedom
23. December 2018 at 14:08
by Esimaje Michael Onoseme
The Far Cry for change in Internet sustainability has gone beyond words in Nigeria, Individuals and Companies are loosing data and money due to the scourge of Telecommunication inadequacies.
Teledensity (number telecoms line available to population ratio) which is used as a tool to measure growth of Telecoms.

If we employ our tool here, to calculate teledensity and prosperity, fell free to use your calculator like me too. Back then in 1960 we usually see a gross of 18724/40000000 x 100% =0.047%
450,000/100000000 x 100% = 0.045%. You will agree with me that it was a backward movement from 0.047% to 0.045% meaning the colonial masters were better at running the show than the leaders.

Was this to say Independence was bad? or Nigerians were dull?In 1992, the decree 75 gave birth to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) which oversaw the privatization process of the telecom sector. I remember how my grandma's house was always visited by her neighbors because she had a phone line in 1997, having a phone line was a b...
Trump, Putin versus earth
20. December 2018 at 10:37
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr
"Climate is not the only stressor on the Earth system—other factors, including resource depletion and ever-growing human consumption and population, are exerting enormous pressure on nature’s and society’s resilience to sudden changes"-NRC reports
From the west-wing in Washington DC to the Kremlin in far away Moscow, there is no gain saying the obvious given observatory data and basic follow-up trend as it involves the duo of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. The two leaders who has been on a bromance show of unusual friendship since the American president got elected in November 2016, the rest of the world has remained startled both in silence and folded arms.

On a larger scale, the two has become the immediate superstars of gross populism and contrived politics. Staunch hardliners on Generally accepted global norms, conventions, and practices. They have gradually turned into political aliens whose belief system and arguments do not fit into any commonsense value of liberal politics. Indeed, they are proven cases of global mutants whose programs and policies are only in compli...
Mounting Prevalence of overlooked Mental Health Issues in Pakistan
19. December 2018 at 09:00
by Zainab Ali Asghar
In this article I want to make the topic of ignorance in Pakistan as the topic of complete importance and consideration. Moreover, it's a small step towards enlightening those narrow minds and alarming them with the best of what deadly disease mental conditions hold in them and how devastating it can be for an individual. Hence, to overcome these mental issues some solutions are also discussed which requires attention in Pakistan.
A silent killer,itself surrounded with silence in Pakistan!
Tranquility surrounds mental health conditions and psychological disorders in Pakistan.The enfeebling mental issues; depression and anxiety are high, followed by; bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosomatic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder,psychosis, etc.

Why are these epidemic mental conditions termed as a silent killer?
Indeed, mental health issues are such a cruel punishment. There are no fevers, no rashes,no blood tests to send people scurrying in concern,just the slow erosion of self,as insidious as cancer. And like cancer, it is essentially a solitary experience;a room in hell with only your name on the door. It ruins the mental stability of an individual and eventually makes the individual dead.

Why all these disabling mental conditions been ignored over...
Crocs in the Philippine Population
18. December 2018 at 09:02
by Carmina Cordero
It has been a long and painful struggle for the Filipinos to obtain political equality and recognition not only from the neighboring countries but throughout the World. Even as of today, the struggle continues. The Filipinos are in a fight for democracy not with the other races but with their own brothers.
Renowned personalities in the past considered as heroes of today, stepped up to redeem this political power from colonizers for the welfare of the people. Not foreseeing that in the end, the war will all turn between the same people they fought for. It is indeed unfortunate that despite the struggle, democracy is still far from the reach of the Filipinos thus, only small portion of this welfare is distributed. Larger portion of the bounty is horded by groups of creatures having the same bloodline. Political dynasty as they call it. Because of its existence for quite a period of time, hopes are fading and a question arises. Will be there a way and a time for it to end?

A Filipino will not be able to deny how strongly bonded he is with his family. This strong sense of family ties is deeply rooted to the country’s cultural values. S...
Theresa May and the Brexiteers
15. December 2018 at 09:03
by Dickson Eyinmosan Jnr
After several attempts with EU leaders and recent visitations to the Hague and Brussels, getting all parties on the table and reaching a positive deal has remained a hard nut to crack as she struggle along with her Brexit policies even among her own MP who now find it difficult to buy-in on her deal.
The evening was crisp, as the atmosphere bears an avalanche of uncertainties given the odds been set at the table. It was a night filled with so much tension as anxiety rolled down the chin of Parliamentarians whose share of indifference ranks a different emotional poise. It was a moments which captured so much attention both within and outside the territorial bounds of the United Kingdom as all eyes became fixated on just one character - Theresa May

Behold, this became a moments of truth for both friends and foes alike as the hour of decision draws imminent. No doubt, either-ways, it eventually will be a day were the fate of Brexiteers and non Brexit adherents will be given a final close call at the heart of Westminster. Surly, there are bound to be just one victory laugh at the end of this process where emotional poise and policy dir...
Be happy
14. December 2018 at 09:02
by Mahmoud Fakhry
If you were looking for sadness then welcome to my world, if want fake smiles then welcome to my world, if you are looking for any un-honest, non-coming from the heart then hello to my damn world. Is that a little aggressive? I don’t care.
For every moment I spent sadly I write to you hoping you a great life. I don’t care anymore, every moment I spent sadly is because of you, don’t act like innocent cause you are faking my friend. Don’t make yourself as society’s victim cause you ’re not either me, we are ourselves, victims, we are the one who’s killing ourselves. And you know what.

I am not blaming you, my dear friend, the only one I am blaming is myself that had believed in the existence of good. No there is no in this world to be more specific no one is making the life good for you, you are fighting alone, in your life’s battle and in others battle. Even if you were 60 years old and you don’t know the truth of human being, then you are a kid.

So, listen to me kid you are the reason of your sadness and your happiness...
13. December 2018 at 09:02
by Malik Saad
This article is based on the status of women in our area. The enchanting scene of flowers in the deserts is eye caching due to the blending and contrast of the colors. The Kaleidoscope of desert would never pass into nothingness because of fascinating and vivid colors of flowers. It is the mystic phenomenon of nature.
As I think, children are flowers due to their attraction to every eye. We should care them because some cruel savages are crushing them for their fallen desires. Further, in a flower, the petals are harmoniously arranged along with the stem and other parts to make the flower beautiful. Similarly, we should keep up an internal harmony, by balancing activities of our body, and mind.

The flowers also stand for innocent children who had to undergo the crushing circumstances. The children are being burnt and ruined by the power-drunk crazy cruel. Bewildering sight of every place is still without flowers. Flowers keep the humans spell bound because body is valueless without soul. Flowers bring about bliss for both body and soul.

When I dived into the topic, I realized that woman is also the most beautiful and magnetic flower of this world...
Teenage Pregnancy in Nigeria: Implication for policy
11. December 2018 at 09:04
by Victor Oyelade
According to a 2013 report by Demographic and Health Survey, in Nigeria an estimated 23% of women aged 15-19 years have begun child bearing, of which 17% have had their first child and 5% are pregnant with their first child.
10% of teenagers in Nigerian urban areas have begun childbearing and 32% in the rural areas. Even, our urban areas are no longer safe from the shackles of Teenage Pregnancy. These figures have jumped in recent times due to factors like increased rape due to poor legislation, poor knowledge on contraceptive use, Lack of parental care in the family, polygamous family system, high rate of illiteracy and child marriage, to mention a few.

Funmilayo is the typical, prospective and promising 15 year old teenage girl raised somewhere in the Oluyole local gov`t area of Ibadan, in the South Western part of Nigeria until the worst happened! She was with child, a young barman in the street was the culprit. Her education was compromised, the culprit himself needed material assistance, raising a family was out of the equation. Funmilayo had to drop ...
Comprehending Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict
09. December 2018 at 09:00
by Tochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba
Sexual violence has been firmly placed in the internal theme of the humanitarian community. Regardless of the commendable advances in both practice and policy, there is still a continuous gap between the reality in the field and what is recommended.
In this Research Paper, It is emphasized that, despite the intense obstacles of working in a humanitarian emergencies, the deeper understanding of sexual violence in times of conflict is watered down to such a level that it hinders significant humanitarian Action.

Firstly, the humanitarians reductionists approach towards sexual violence not solely disregard survivors/victims other than the stereotypical but also prevents perpetrators from questioning and the international humanitarian community itself in which vast sexual violence depoliticisation has erased the connection between violence and gender inequality.

Secondly, the Humanitarian International Community has placed itself as the western, white, heroic safeguard of vulnerable girls (and not boys and men) and women– a narrative that solely increases power differences be...
A look at Christopher Nolan’s twenty Hollywood Years
08. December 2018 at 09:02
by Muhammad Farooq Rasheed
Actors and singers having a global fan-following is a norm but if a film-maker is popular in the public domain, there is something to ponder here. Well, it is true for the British-American Hollywood director/producer Christopher Nolan who is among the most acclaimed and influential filmmakers of the 21st century.
This 30th July marked Christopher Nolan’s 48th birthday. This year will also accomplish his twenty years as a remarkable Hollywood director. The kick start to his career was his 1998’s self-budgeted and self-funded film “Following”.

This black and white film was made unlike all the traditional methods of film-making. The cast which was Nolan’s personal friends came every Saturday to shoot the scenes assigned to them and brought their own lunch with them. The film took over a year to accomplish and then was rejected by the Britain authorities to be premiered. Nolan had to turn towards the U.S where he got the license to release his film at a festival.

The next work that came out was “Memento”, a movie that was later copied by Bollywood(as usual) by the name “Ghajni”. After that, ...
Filter by Filter
06. December 2018 at 09:00
by Bianca Ysabelle Baldemor
“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.” Media is pervasive, and as time progresses, it appears to infiltrate our ideology and mind-setting, thus leading to an increasing influence to a chunk of our everyday actions.
This power encapsulated by media is often an end toward which politicians’ efforts are directed, using media as their instrument for their pursuit of prestige or self-preservation. Apparently, like what Andrew Heywood remarked, the media now constitute much more than a channel of communications; they are part of the political process itself, affecting, and not merely reflecting, the distribution of power in society at large.

The first step in dissecting media and its mobilizing power in the Philippine context is through a thorough analysis of the intricate framework of policies and structures via the “propaganda model”.

Advanced by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, the Propaganda Model is an analytical framework that attempts to explain the performance of media in terms of the basic institutional structures and rel...
Endo contractualization: PH's ball and chain?
03. December 2018 at 11:23
by Bianca Ysabelle Baldemor
This debauched contractualization scheme is the country’s ball and chain, the burden and hindrance that ties the country down and prevents it from having a rather equitable work arrangement. It misleads not only the Filipino constituents, but also drives down the entrepreneurial worldwide competencies of the Philippines.
Harping on his campaign pledge, President Duterte has issued a stern warning to businessmen practicing “endo”, the colloquial term for contractualization, an illegal hiring system which denies workers of regular employment. Under the law, a worker who completes the six-month probationary period qualifies to be a regular employee, who is entitled to benefits like vacation and sick leaves, maternity leaves, social security, health insurance, and retirement benefits. However, many companies deliberately skirt this regulation by limiting the duration of employment contracts of workers to fewer than six months.

Endo is our employment system’s ball and chain, the burden and hindrance that ties the country down and prevents it from having a rather equitable work arrangement. President Duterte must cease the country's abidanc...
Humans Vs Humanoids
03. December 2018 at 11:20
by Siddiqa Magar
Artificial intelligence is one of humankind’s truly revolutionary endeavours. As AI becomes more sophisticated and its ability to perform human tasks accelerates exponentially, we're finally seeing some attempts to wrestle with what that means, not just for business, but for humanity as a whole.
Faced with automated future, what moral framework should guide us? Optimizing logistics, detecting fraud, composing art, conducting research, providing translations and what not, intelligent machine systems are transforming our lives for the better. But the question is getting better by how far and to what extent?

The rudimentary form of algorithmic optimization for content and other numerous tech addictive methods are the new frontier of human dependency. When used right, this could evolve into an opportunity to nudge society towards more beneficial behaviour. However, in the wrong hands it could prove detrimental by directing human attention and triggering certain actions. These actions can compel us to think “are we heading to be a cyborg?”

Stacking information in an intently nuanced way with oligarchs under control h...
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